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Nerds of Oz
A bunch of Australian nerds talk about comics, video games, movies, toys and other stuff!

Episode 11 - Batman Begins Review
Aug 22 • 117 min
This week, The Nerds of Oz talk about the potential Disney/ Sony Spiderman Divorce proceedings and dissect the Christopher Nolan film, Batman Begins.
Episode Ten- Top 5 Favourite Movie Characters
Aug 9 • 170 min
In this episode, the Nerds of Oz look at the new Thanos Hot Toy, Jane Foster Valkyrie, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid and we all countdown our top 5 favourite movie characters of all time.
Nerds of Oz Episode 9 - San Diego Comic Con Wrapup
Jul 25 • 103 min
This episode we check out all the cool stuff from SDCC, including the MCU Phase 4 list, the DC animated films and a bunch of cool trailers. Shane also talks up his dwarf D&D character Shaeneth Dwarfenstein, Justin watches Ecchi and Josh buys a new Dr…
Nerds of Oz - Episode 8 - Beerguardians of the Galaxy
Jul 12 • 122 min
This week, the Nerds check out Pussy Willow, Raven, Cover, Supergirl: Being Super, Visceral, DCeased, and think about the Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy.
Episode 7 - Nerds in Black!
Jun 28 • 123 min
The Nerds of Oz report on 2019’s Supernova, look at the film Men In Black form 1997, review cool stuff like Undisputed Street Fighter, The My Hero Academia Funko Loot Crate and Batman: Death in the Family… and we get to hear Shane sing… sorry. #nerdsofoz…
Episode 6 - Suicide and Codpieces
Jun 14 • 110 min
The Nerds check out Black Cat issue 1, Qposkets, a Froppy statue, a Big Barda bombshell, and Grease Funko Pops… then Josh beats up the Suicide Squad movie from 2016.
Episode 5 - is This Thing On?
May 31 • 120 min
This episode suffers from similar problems as the last: too much fun and some idiot forgot to press record. We also review the comics My Hero Academia, Batman Earth One, Bèlit and Jughead the Hunger vs Vampironica, and then we look at the Dc Animated…
Nerds of Oz - Episode 4: I’m Batman… in 1989
May 17 • 126 min
The Nerds talk about clowns, Batmans, the Joker, and discover that pressing ‘record’ is the best way to record a podcast.
Nerds of Oz Episode 3: Now… the Endgame
May 3 • 107 min
Three nerds excitedly talk about Endgame, and other nerdy stuff. Warning: spoilers all the way through including: Batman no longer an Avenger!
Nerds of Oz Episode 2: Infinity War
Apr 19 • 96 min
The NoOZ take an in-depth look at Infinity War before Endgame hits t he cinemas, talk about the source material Infinity Gauntlet, drink beer and pray they don’t disappear in the *snap*
The Nerds of Oz Episode 1
Apr 5 • 112 min
The launch episode of the Nerds of Oz Podcast! In this episode, Josh, Justin and Shane talk about Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Detective Comics 1000, Into the Spiderverse, She-Hulk pornography and label the Vision a toaster with genitalia.