Tomorrow People

Tomorrow People
A show about building a better tomorrow, today. We want to invite you on a journey throughout Europe, in search of people who work tirelessly for a better, sustainable future. In search of tomorrow people. We’ll cover topics like the environment, mobility and energy of course, but also health, food, politics, gender, economics, language and much more.

#7 Season One Wrap-up
Jul 2 • 9 min
A quick recap of our first season with some updates, a few questions from listeners, and a brief look into the future of Tomorrow People.
#6 Europe: United in Diversity?
Jun 18 • 31 min
In search of the European identity. Are we united in diversity, as the official motto claims?
#5 Blue Space
Jun 4 • 30 min
After neglecting and hiding the waterways in our cities for decades, we’re slowly rediscovering their benefits and potential.
#4 Rebuilding Religion
May 21 • 27 min
About how we’re dealing with some of the most significant spaces in our history: religious buildings – giving old ones a new future, and building new ones for the future.
#3 Save Space for Food
May 7 • 26 min
We go looking for unexpected places and methods to sustainably produce food – resource-efficient, and closer to the destination.
#2 Forward Fashion
Apr 23 • 25 min
The fashion industry is one of the most resource-intensive industries in the world. But some are rolling up their sleeves and moving the needle.
#1 Street Smarts for Smart Streets
Apr 23 • 37 min
Cars have taken up a lot of space in our growing cities. But are they a good answer to the question of mobility?
Introducing Tomorrow People
Apr 5 • 1 min
A brand new podcast about building a better tomorrow, today.