Moving FOURward

Moving FOURward
Interesting people and places in and around Pottstown, PA

11 - Kiki VodkaBar and The Alley on High Street
Oct 27 • 21 min
Anthony Giordano came to Pottstown for the first time last year, took one look around and said “Hey, this is great. I can do something in this town!” Take a listen and hear why he found our borough to be so promising!
10 - Honey’s Homebrewed Cafe
Oct 10 • 31 min
Stop down to the High Street Terminal and meet Mindy and Melanie at Honey’s Homebrewed Cafe. Try their delicious sticky buns and coffee drinks!
9 - Seed and Soil
Sep 26 • 26 min
Check out this plant-based eatery inside the High Street Terminal in Pottstown. Delicious food with a purpose!
8 - Barristers Bagels
Sep 12 • 18 min
Pottstown has been waiting for a decent bagel for a long time! Wait no more, and these are delicious! One of many new food vendors in the newly rebranded High Street Terminal, check them out!
7 - Rivsters on High
Sep 5 • 25 min
Check out Rivsters on High - changing the world, one cone at a time!
6 - Beverly’s Pastry Shop
Aug 23 • 32 min
Sweet talk and more with Kristen Sirbak of Beverly’s Pastry Shop, one of the forerunners of Pottstown burgeoning culinary scene!
5 - Four Elements New Age Center
Jun 18 • 24 min
Michelle Bassett teaches me about crystal and sage, and gives me my first ever psychic reading!
4 - Blue Zen Wellness Collective
May 28 • 27 min
Pamela Gormish of Blue Zen Wellness Collective talks about finding her zen space right here in Pottstown.
3 - Balanced Living Nutritional Foods
May 9 • 34 min
Meet Susan Ely of Balanced Living Nutritional Foods and learn why shopping local can be good for your health!
2 - Samana Holistic Center
Apr 26 • 41 min
I had a great time chatting with Jennifer Fischer of Samana Holistic Center, a new business in Hanover Square, Pottstown (old Mrs Smiths site). Check it out, and then check out all the cool services offered at Samana! Ohhhhhmmm….
1 - Matt Green
Apr 2 • 38 min
Welcome to my very first podcast! In this episode I interview my good friend Matt Green about growing up in Pottstown, raising a family here, and the business of selling Pottstown.