Paw'd Defiance

Paw'd Defiance
Welcome to Paw’d Defiance, where we don’t lecture but we do educate. This podcast comes to you from the University of Washington Tacoma. Our show is about more than campus. During each episode we’ll highlight a different person, program, area of res

The Scholar Activist
Nov 7 • 6 min
Sustainability and environmental activism with Ellen Moore
Climate Change in the Pacific Northwest
Nov 6 • 40 min
The impacts of climate change on the Pacific Northwest
Learning Lushootseed
Sep 18 • 14 min
UW Tacoma student and Puyallup Tribe member Shelby Cross documents her experience in the Lushootseed Language Institute.
Water is Life
Sep 11 • 11 min
A field recording of students and staff in UW Tacoma’s MSL program as they explore Mt. Rainier.
It’s All Happening at the Zoo!
Aug 28 • 43 min
A discussion about the modern role of zoos.
A Green Cookie Monster?
Aug 14 • 35 min
A discussion about how companies use nostalgia to get consumers to purchase their products.
The Language of Genocide
Jun 25 • 6 min
Assistant Professor Ben Meiches discusses his research about the term genocide.
Room for Debate
Jun 19 • 32 min
A conversation about how debate builds skills and can open doors to spaces once closed to people of color.
Grit City Music History
Jun 13 • 31 min
A musical history of Tacoma
Hair That Won’t Be Quiet
Jun 5 • 57 min
A discussion about the history of Black hair in the United States.
The Fifth Season
Jun 3 • 29 min
A discussion of wildfires including the role climate change plays and what we can expect in the future.
Using a Robot to Measure Stress in Teens
May 21 • 31 min
The process of designing and building a robot that can measure stress in teens.
Puzzles, Puzzles Everywhere!
May 15 • 2 min
In this podcast extra, UW Tacoma Senior Lecturer Julie Masura discusses her love of puzzles.
Searching for Microplastics
May 15 • 28 min
UW Tacoma Senior Lecturer Julie Masura and two student researchers discuss their work collecting and analyzing microplastics in the waters of the Pacific Northwest.
Building a Prison to College Pipeline
May 10 • 45 min
Assistant Professor Chris Beasley and alumnus Omari Amili share their experience with incarceration and discuss how they’re working to help get more formerly incarcerated individuals into college.
Credible Fear
May 1 • 40 min
A UW Tacoma professor and graduate student spend a week helping women and children at the family detention center in Dilley, Texas.
Constructores de la Comunidad
Apr 28 • 2 min
Una conferencia sobre inmigración organizada por estudiantes de UW Tacoma tiene como objetivo ayudar a los miembros de la comunidad conectándolos a los recursos.
Community Builders
Apr 27 • 18 min
An immigration conference organized by UW Tacoma students aims to help members of the community by connecting them to resources.
Blame Edgar Allan Poe
Apr 19 • 4 min
Edgar Allen Poe is somewhat responsible for the English Ivy taking over your yard.
The Ultra-Marathon Educator
Apr 19 • 34 min
Assistant Professor and ultra-marathoner Ellen Bayer is committed to helping students have a true outdoor experience.
A Podcast Episode 65 Million Years in the Making
Apr 3 • 30 min
Two educators discuss how the original Jurassic Park film cultivated their interested in science.
Generous and Welcoming
Apr 2 • 54 min
A discussion about the Indigenous history of the Tacoma area.
Be the First
Apr 2 • 35 min
A discussion about what it means to be a first-generation college student and the ways universities can support those students and help them succeed.