The Cordial Catholic

The Cordial Catholic
A podcast for non-Catholics, new Catholics, or anyone interested in digging deeper into the Catholic faith. Hosted by K. Albert Little, a non-denominational Evangelical convert to Catholicism.

020: Why Become Catholic? (w/ Marcus Grodi)
Aug 14 • 89 min
In this episode, I talk to Journey Home host Marcus Grodi and what he’s learned in his 20 year experience listening to the stories of Catholic converts.
019: Is Jesus Just a Myth? (w/ Trent Horn)
Aug 7 • 37 min
In this episode, I’m joined by Catholic Answers apologist Trent Horn to discuss finding the real Jesus amongst the imposters – was He just a myth?
018: Feminism, Gender, and the Catholic Church (w/ Dr. Abigail Favale)
Jul 31 • 81 min
In this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Abigail Favale to talk about feminism, gender identity, abortion, and how to explain it all through the Catholic worldview.
017: Understanding the Authority of the Catholic Church (w/ Jimmy Akin)
Jul 24 • 58 min
In this episode, I’m joined by Catholic Answers Senior Apologist Jimmy Akin to talk about the authority of the Catholic Church and its relationship with the Bible, the pope, and theologians.
016: St. Thomas Aquinas and the Five Ways (w/ Dr. Robert Delfino)
Jul 17 • 59 min
In this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Robert Delfino to talk about St. Thomas Aquinas’s Five Ways for proving God’s existence.
015: Typology and the Catholic Church in the Old Testament (w/ Dr. Lawrence Feingold)
Jul 10 • 59 min
In this episode I’m joined by Dr. Lawrence Feingold to talk about the study of biblical typology and the one, holy, and apostolic Catholic Church as it was prefigured in the Old Testament.
014: Protestant Reformation or Revolution? (w/ Steve Weidenkopf)
Jul 3 • 62 min
Steve Weidenkopf joins me to talk about the Protestant Reformation: was it a reformation or a revolution?
013: Is the Eucharist Just a Symbol? (w/ Steve Ray)
Jun 26 • 66 min
Catholic evangelist Steve Ray joins me to talk about the Eucharist as a sign and symbol, like he believed as a Baptist, or something much, much more.
012: What Catholics Believe About Salvation (w/ Dr. Michael Barber)
Jun 19 • 52 min
Dr. Michael P. Barber joins me to talk about what the Catholic Church really believes and salvation, how we’re saved, and what we’re saved for.
011: How (Not) to Become a Catholic (w/ Dr. James Tonkowich)
Jun 12 • 64 min
Former Presbyterian pastor Dr. James Tonkowich shares his 9 rules to follow for avoiding a Catholic conversion.
010: The Shroud of Turin – Everything You Need to Know! (w/ Dr. Cheryl White)
Jun 5 • 43 min
Dr. Cheryl White joins me to discuss the incredible and miraculous Shroud of Turin, the ancient burial cloth of Jesus Christ.
009: How the Saints Can Help Us Be Holy (w/ JonMarc Grodi)
May 29 • 65 min
JonMarc Grodi joins me to talk about some of the misconceptions about the saints and how they can help us live more holy lives.
008: Out of Islam and Into the Catholic Church (w/ Dr. Derya Little)
May 22 • 73 min
Derya Little joins me to share her incredible journey from Islam to Atheism to Christianity and into the Catholic Church and discusses how we can share our faith with Muslims.
007: Debunking the Great Apostasy (w/ Rod Bennett)
May 15 • 76 min
Author Rod Bennett joins me to discuss the idea that the Church that Jesus founded fell in to a “great apostasy” almost immediately after He left?
006: How to Dialogue With Non-Believers (w/ Dr. Randal Rauser)
May 8 • 61 min
Dr. Randal Rauser joins me to discuss how we can effectively dialogue with atheists, agnostics, and apathetic non-believers.
005: The Problem With Sola Scriptura (w/ Ken Hensley)
May 1 • 57 min
Ken Hensley joins me to discuss the idea of Sola Scriptura and that all we need is the Bible to understand our faith and the view of the Early Church on this important idea.
004: Why Do Evangelicals Become Catholic? (w/ Dr. Doug Beaumont)
Apr 24 • 50 min
Evangelical convert Dr. Douglas Beaumont talks about how and why evangelical Christians become Catholic.
003: 6 Myths About Easter
Apr 17 • 38 min
In this episode we tackle six of the so-called myths about Easter that pop up every year.
002: What is the Church?
Apr 10 • 37 min
Did Jesus establish a collection of invisible believers or a unified, visible, and apostolic Church on earth?
001: Scripture and Tradition
Apr 2 • 39 min
Which is more important in the life of a Christian, Scripture or Tradition?