You Never Studied

You Never Studied
Two moderately-informed pastors try and make sense of church, media, and culture.

Passing Notes: Time Management and the Christian
Dec 16 • 30 min
In this episode we address a listener question about how we should be spending our free time.
030: Frozen People, Frozen Chosen, Frozen Sequel
Dec 9 • 31 min
It’s a cold kind of episode as we discuss a new way to bury people, RC Sproul on what we can know about God, and Frozen 2 coming out.
029: Disney + Marriage = Mandalorians
Nov 25 • 34 min
This episode brought to you by nostalgia.
028: Ask the Expert with Dr. Bart Stykes
Nov 18 • 31 min
It isn’t that often that we get to chat with a sociologist—twice! After recording our first “Ask the Expert” with Bart Stykes (who is a member of Genesis with Hans) we decided to re-record so that you could get even more expert precision! We hear ab…
027: (Re)Animated Performers, Thoughts from a Reformer, and Cinema’s Mourner
Nov 11 • 33 min
James Dean is back, along with Calvin and Cinema.
026: Removed Pastors, Reformed Families, and Recovering Terminators
Nov 4 • 33 min
James MacDonald is DQ’d from serving as a pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel ever again (not a surprise), family worship sometimes has a high bar, and the Terminator makes drapes.
025: Minority Rules & 13 Bar Blues
Oct 28 • 30 min
Political tweets and folk music make this episode one for… this week.
Passing Notes: Ministry Experience & Criticism
Oct 21 • 29 min
This week we tackle a topic that hits ministers often: critique.
024: Abbey Road Turns 50, Big Eva’s History, and Arthur Fleck’s Misery
Oct 14 • 33 min
Abbey Raod is 50, Evangelicals are crazy and so am I, and the Joker is … well.
023: Online Giving, Christian Finances, and $pider-Man
Oct 7 • 35 min
A money episode: church money, personal money, and movie money.
022: Cancel Culture, Christian Conscience, & Feige Star Wars
Sep 30 • 34 min
We start with how culture can’t consistently forgive, chase that with a talk on conscience, and finish up with new Star Wars talk.
021: Kanye Does Church, Science Destroys the Earth, and Rodman For Better or Worse
Sep 23 • 37 min
Kanye is taking on the church scene, AI is taking on the world, and Rodman is … Rodman.
Passing Notes: Thoughts on the Modal American
Sep 16 • 29 min
Listen in as we take concepts from NPR’s “Modal American” and apply them to the church.
020: Benny Hinn’s Remorse, The Hate U Give, and Fun VFX
Sep 9 • 38 min
This episode covers Benny Hinn (and how to respond to his recent statements), a novel on police shootings, and, finally, how movies are made.
019: Chicken Sandwich Wars, Church Books, and Andy Mineo
Sep 2 • 35 min
Chicken sandwiches, churches, and hip hop make this episode something you won’t want to miss.
YNS After Hours: Spider-Aww Man!
Aug 28 • 31 min
Evan gives Hans the details concerning last week’s bad news surrounding Disney/Marvel’s Partnership with Sony to use Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In short—it is not looking great.
018: Rethinking Meritocracy, Bad Ecclesiology, and Gaffigan Comedy
Aug 26 • 30 min
In this episode we discuss the negative consequences of a merit-based world, a church version of the Screwtape letters, and, of course, Jim Gaffigan.
017: Publicly Leaving the Faith & The Apostles Creed
Aug 19 • 35 min
What can we learn about ministers who leave the faith, and how we look to history to help us with our perspective?
016: MoviePass’ Misrepresentations, Un-indoctrination Through Education, and Mysterious & Exotic Locations
Aug 12 • 35 min
This episode is what you get when you combine MoviePass’ bad business practices, a Mormon de-conversion, and a fun show about exploring.
YNS After Hours: How Firm A Foundation
Aug 5 • 22 min
Hans takes us through a brief journey on living in his house, fixing his house, not living in his house, fixing his house, and what he has learned through it.
015: Ask the Expert with Brad Munson
Jul 29 • 38 min
Come hear about two of your favorite things, Chick-fil-A and the StrengthsFinder assessment, as we ask our expert, Brad Munson about the best of both worlds so that you can become the best version of yourself.
014: Marriage Sanctimony, Holy Matrimony, and Stranger Things - Holy Moly!
Jul 22 • 32 min
A recent article in The Atlantic was questioning marriage. We chime in with what we thought was true from the article and also how the gospel gives a better response. We finish it up with a brief (and spoiler-free) chat on Stranger Things.
013: Trusting Each Other, Trusting the Gospels, and Trusting Spider-Man
Jul 15 • 37 min
A journey from the internet, to the church, the the Gospels, and Spider-Man—all in the name of trust.
Passing Notes: Glorifying God & Hobbies
Jul 8 • 23 min
This week we take another dive into the mailbag to answer another listener question: How far is too—with my hobbies?
012: The Flexible Worker, the Lifelong Learner, and the Backwards “MURDER”
Jul 1 • 33 min
When is being an expert no longer necessary, what does Ben Sasse have to say about it, and a sequel to a scary movie.
Passing Notes: What About Self Promotion?
Jun 24 • 30 min
We take a question from a listener to dive into the world of Christians and self promotion.
011: MiniDiscs in the Closet, Hey-Ya Habits, and A Difficult Watch
Jun 17 • 30 min
Dive into the world of Radiohead’s MiniDiscs and the pastoral application of their cool decision, stick around for talk about habits and music, and end with a brief chat on Chernobyl.
010: Platt’s Trump Situation, Church and State Separation, and Aladdin’s New Interpretation
Jun 10 • 32 min
What does a president’s visit to a church service teach us about how crazy evangelicals are, and what would Aladdin do about it?
009: 144,000 Steps, The First Lady Reflects, and Picard’s New Treks
Jun 3 • 31 min
New research says 10,000 steps might not be needed, Hans finished up the new Michelle Obama memoir, and Evan and Hans checked out the new Picard trailer.
008: Space Exploration, Retaining Information, and DMB Exceeds Expectations
May 28 • 33 min
In this episode we check in on the final frontier and our attempts to go there, a book on teaching better, and a review of the DMB concert.
007: Ask the Expert with Jeff Manna
May 20 • 27 min
In this episode, a meteorologist of almost thirty years—Jeff Manna—shares with us his love for weather AND 80s and 90s Christian rock.
006: Lonely Men, a Lofty God, and a Scary Clown
May 13 • 29 min
In this episode we discuss (1) whether or not men really are more lonely, (2) a new book on God’s attributes, and (3) the It Chapter 2 trailer.
005: Pastor Assessed, Poverty Addressed, and Twilight Zone Refreshed
May 6 • 30 min
Hans had his Acts 29 pastoral assessment conference and finished the book Maid on the way up while Evan finished episode one of the new Twilight Zone.
004: Extended Study Break—Avengers: Endgame
Apr 29 • 25 min
Listen to the reaction episode with this extended study break on Avengers Endgame.
YNS After Hours: Star Wars Crash Course
Apr 24 • 17 min
This is not the episode you want about all things Star Wars, but it is the episode you need.
003: Cool Kicks for Christ, Dating Advice, and the Skywalker’s Rise
Apr 22 • 29 min
From pastor fashion to dating advice to Star Wars movies—this episode has a little bit of everything.
002: Wade-ing Through Therapy, Lament, and Killing Bear Grylls
Apr 15 • 25 min
In this episode we delve into post-retirement therapy, suffering spouses, and choose your own Bear Grylls adventure.
001: Rabbits, Habits, and Villains in Purple Jackets
Apr 8 • 25 min
Come with us as we discuss Easter, a book Hans recently read about habit-making (and breaking), and Evan shares us with his take on the Joker trailer.
000: The Prologue
Apr 1 • 19 min
Welcome to the show! How’d we get the name? What are you in for? How is this thing gonna work? How familiar is Hans with the Marvel Cinematic Universe? All this is and more are coming to you in our zeroeth episode: The Prologue!