The Jurassic Collective Podcast

The Jurassic Collective Podcast
A podcast discussing everything Jurassic, movie cars, and so much more, Hosted by Jurassic Vic. Welcome…to the Jurassic Collective Podcast! ➨ Check out my great perks over on my patreon! ➨ Instagram Jurassic_Vic ➨ facebook ➨ My build website Support this podcast:

8: Building the most screen accurate Jurassic Park Tour Vehicle in the WORLD w/ Brandon Constant
Oct 30 • 86 min
Today’s episode I sit down with Jurassic Park builder pioneer Brandon Constant and talk about how he accomplished to build the most screen accurate crazy custom Jurassic Park Tour Vehicle in the world, visiting the screen used sick Triceratops from the…
7: Jurassic Park Jeeps, Ghostbuster cars, and the Lost World vehicles w/ Derrick Dorman
Aug 14 • 82 min
Jurassic Vic here! In episode number 7 I talk with Jurassic Park Motor Pool member Derrick Dorman about his movie cars, plasti-dip vs. automotive paint, and building a vehicle from The Lost World! Leave me a review on iTunes and I will give you a shout on…
Jul 17 • 65 min
Jurassic Vic here! I talk with James Smith who has been an extra in HUGE films and shows like Jurassic World, Stranger Things, and Jack Reacher with Tom Cruise! He talks about his time on the set of Jurassic World and landing a short and sweet roll in the…
Jul 8 • 17 min
Jurassic Vic here! In episode number 5 I talk about my Jurassic Park engagement, adding a new movie car to my collection, and an unforgettable trip to Orlando! Check out photos and more information about this episode on the website…
4: What It’s Like Living At The Real Jurassic Park With Sydney Okamoto
May 2 • 48 min
Jurassic Vic here! In episode number 4 I talk with Sydney Okamoto about living in Jurassic Park, his time working at filming locations, and that one time Chris Pratt drove his Jurassic Park Jeep! This is a goooood one so give it a listen! Leave me a…
3: Celebrities taking photos in Jurassic Park Jeeps with Troy Krichmar
Apr 18 • 24 min
In episode 3 I talk with Jurassic Park Motor Pool Member Troy Krichmar about how he smooth talks celebrities at conventions to take photos with his Jurassic Park Jeep! Troy Krichmar’s social: Instagram: the_dude_jurassick Facebook:…
2: Revisiting The Lost World RV with Jurassic Park Motor Pool Founder, Ari Morris
Apr 9 • 44 min
Hello and welcome to my second episode of The Jurassic Collective Podcast! Today I talk with Ari Morris about the creation of the jurassic vehicle builder group the Jurassic Park Motor Pool, his time with the screen used The Lost World RV, and near death…
1: Welcome….. To The Jurassic Collective Podcast!
Mar 30 • 13 min
In my first ever episode, I introduce the new podcast, talk a little about who I am, and the future and goals for the Jurassic Collective Podcast! So saddle up, and let’s get this moveable feast underway! —- Support this podcast:…