No Planet B

No Planet B
A chaotic look at the catastrophe of climate change. Education about the basics, provided by two unprofessionals just trying to learn.

Amazon Fire (Not the Tablet)
Oct 7 • 27 min
Yeah hey come on in and get comfortable, but don’t get too comfortable because the ground is, in fact, on fire. In this episode, we’re guest-less, and talking about the fires still going on in the amazon. We also revive the wheel of sustainability, talk…
Hot Planet Summer: A Galactic Perspective
Sep 19 • 60 min
Alright everyone, it’s finally time we talked about space. This is a VERY special episode with Dr. Aaron Lee - PhD astronomer, educator, and cruise-line star party host. So get out your space blankets, turn on your planetarium projectors, and put in some…
Biodiversity and The Disappearing Bananas
Aug 26 • 48 min
Goood morning, noon, afternoon, evening, or night! This week we’re talking to Dr. Stephanie Pau, a researcher in the fields of biodiversity and ecosystem functions! We’re discussing biodiversity, deforestation, banana clones, climate change deniers…
How Can You Be Sustainable?
Aug 19 • 35 min
Oh hey there, you! A lot of folks ask us: ‘what can I do about climate change and the environment?’ So to answer that burning question, we decided it was time for some good ol’ fashioned calls to action here at No Planet B. Bre gives her favorite…
Climate Change, Mental Health, and The 1975
Aug 10 • 25 min
Well hello! We’re back from our record-breakingly sweltering summer vacation. Turns out with July being the hottest month ever recorded on Earth, it truly is a hot girl summer! We’re talking about climate change’s effects on mental health, future climate…
Awwww Shucks, It’s Climate Change
Jul 8 • 51 min
Howdy everyone, this week we’re talking to Matt and Dillon, two legendary oyster farmers from Estuary Oysters. We’re asking the tough questions about sustainable aquaculture, the effects of climate change on oysters, the best way to eat oysters, etc. So…
Interview - La Palma y El Tucan
Jul 1 • 64 min
Oh hey. Happy Monday! This week we interviewed Felipe Sardi, the co-founder of La Palma y El Tucan! La Palma is a coffee grower known for their quality products, ecological initiatives, and innovative social programs. We discuss the importance of…
Hot Bean Water Just Got Hotter
Jun 10 • 40 min
Sooooo this week we’re sitting down with our mugs o’ joe and talking about the effects of climate change on coffee production! We’re talking research, tweets, listener questions, and AMSR this morning. We hope you enjoy and uhh… don’t talk to us until…
Best of NPB
Jun 3 • 32 min
Alright everyone it’s time for the flashback episode. We’re including some of our favorite answers, discussions, and listener questions in one discrete package. We hope you enjoy!
Garbage Patch Kids
May 28 • 31 min
Okay so this time, no interviews. No experts. No nonsense. One of those was a lie. This week we’re trying a new format and we’re talking about garbage! Garbage in the ocean, garbage in your house, garbage on shores, and garbage in the news. Don’t worry…
Resiliency and the Mercy of the Tide
May 20 • 30 min
Hello and welcome to another episode of NPB. This is an interview we did quite some time ago but we loved interviewing Mr. Morris and we loved channeling our inner water benders for this one!
Greenhouse Gases and Elephants in the Atmosphere
May 13 • 38 min
This week on No Planet B, we’re talking to Dr. Katy Sparrow about greenhouse gases! We’ll end up talking about causes and effects of greenhouse gases, the danger of farts (both human and non-human), and the importance of talking to your neighbors about…
Climate Modeling and Skepticism
Apr 24 • 32 min
This week, we put on our psychic hats and talk about climate modeling with Dr. Vasu Misra. We also discuss climate change skepticism and how to address it. We unfortunately did NOT discuss the idea of climate wearing Supreme fashion on a runway. That’s a…
The Pleistocene and Generational Apologies
Apr 19 • 20 min
Hello. It’s us again. Today we’ll be your Pleistocene captains! Here to guide you through your Pleistocene-learning experience, and our only rule is no singing. Today we’re talking about the Pleistocene, natural warming and cooling processes, and changes…
City Adaptations and Swimming Wolves
Apr 14 • 42 min
In this episode we’re talking about smart cities, swimming wolves, climate change adaptation, and how much we love birds.
Sea Level Rise and Your Swim Trunks
Mar 30 • 37 min
In this, our very first episode, we discuss causes of sea level rise, swim trunks, ocean topography, effects of sea level rise on Florida, and the lost city of Atlantis.