Casey Talks to People

Casey Talks to People
After years of doing interviews and meeting so many amazing people with so many amazing stories, Casey Li thought the best way to share his experiences would be through a podcast.

9. Casey talks to Sarah Daniele
Jun 23 • 63 min
Sarah Daniele, CEO and founder of Mydoma stops by to talk about her early days as an interior designer and converting her consulting business into an international SAAS product. Useful links Mydoma Studio: Unpaid Advertisements…
8. Casey talks to Jayson Peltzer
Jun 16 • 63 min
Jayson Peltzer, founder of U7 Solutions talks about his transition from the government to founding his own business and his passion for building systems to scale his company. Useful links U7 Solutions: Unpaid Advertisements…
7. Casey talks to Elias Hage
Jun 9 • 69 min
Elias Hage, CEO & Founder of restaurant app App8 stops by to talk about planning his life out to reach his goals from working at EY to building his own company. Useful links App8: Unpaid Advertisements…
6. Casey talks to Jeff White
Jun 2 • 61 min
Casey spends an hour talking to Jeff White about being a storyboard artist in the animation industry and his new art form - masking tape sculptures! Useful links Jeff White’s Instagram: Unpaid Advertisements…
5. Casey talks to Rally Stanoeva
May 26 • 64 min
Casey talks to Rally Stanoeva about being a solo marketer for Ottawa Startups and then moving to her latest gig being in charge of Partnerships at Rewind. Useful links Rewind: Unpaid Advertisements Heroku:…
4. Casey talks to Norm Daigle
May 19 • 63 min
Casey catches up with Norm Daigle, CEO and founder of Splice, a market place that brings consultants, agencies, and clients together. They chat about Norm’s early days in the Air Force and going from big corporate company to starting his own business.…
3. Casey talks to Jason Connell
May 12 • 64 min
Casey chats with Jason Connell - marketer, video game enthusiast, and creator behind ‘No Pain No Game’ - a YouTube channel where playing video games leads to real life consequences. Useful links No Pain No Game YouTube Channel:…
2. Casey talks to Eric McRae
May 5 • 62 min
In this episode, Casey sits down with founder and owner of My Byward Office, Eric McRate, chatting about his early days as an entrepreneur and the early days of his successful co-working space. Useful links Eric’s Twitter: @mcrae_eric My Byward Office:…
1. Casey talks to Aaron Sadhankar
Apr 28 • 60 min
In this premiere episode, Casey talks to Aaron Sadhankar about startup culture, leaving the regular 9 to 5, and working at Shopify. Useful links Aaron’s Twitter: @aSadhankar Shopify: Unpaid Advertisements AnchorFM: Music Radio…
Casey Talks to People Trailer
Mar 26 • 5 min
It’s time to announce my brand new personal project, Casey talks to people - a podcast where I talk to people. Check out this trailer and subscribe to get that first delicious episode in your podcast app.