The Church Digital Podcast

The Church Digital Podcast
Church Online is relatively new, and while many churches are broadcasting services online, few are developing a digital strategy using Church Online. What if your church looked at Church Online as a digital mission field? What if church online was used to create biblical community? For church planting? For launching multisite campuses? Can discipleship happen online? What if we used Church Online to make disciples, empowering them with Gospel to reach their family and friends? All of a sudden, Church Online isn’t an afterthought. It’s vital. This, and more, through The Church Digital Podcast.
EP004: Tyler Sansom and Church Anywhere (Small Church, Micro-Locations, and Church Online)
Apr 11 • 38 min
I (Jeff) first heard of Church Anywhere about a year ago, meeting Tyler on Facebook. I immediately fell in love with his Church. First Capital Christian is many things. Big is not one of them. Cordon, Indiana is a town of about 3000 people, yet the church…
EP003: Jay Kranda and Creating Healthy Biblical Community thru Church Online
Apr 11 • 53 min
Can Biblical Community exist in Church Online? We sit down with Jay Kranda, Online Pastor at Saddleback, and asked him that question. He may be a little biased, as Saddleback currently has over 2400 Online Groups meeting regularly meeting is both digital…
EP002: Rey DeArmas and Six Things You Wish Pastors Knew About Church Online
Apr 11 • 33 min
There’s no way around it… Church Online is a new concept. With the newness comes uneasiness and doubt, especially from people carrying organizational responsibility. How is this going to hurt attendance? Giving? Things right now are good with our church.…
EP001: Rey DeArmas and the Strength of Church Online
Apr 11 • 31 min
Welcome to The Church Digital Podcast! We’ll be hosting an ongoing dialogue here on Church Online, sharing stories and challenges surrounding doing ministry in digital spaces. What is the strength of Church Online? What the Church today perceives at its…