The Church Digital Podcast

The Church Digital Podcast
Church Online is relatively new, and while many churches are broadcasting services online, few are developing a digital strategy using Church Online. What if your church looked at Church Online as a digital mission field? What if church online was used to create biblical community? For church planting? For launching multisite campuses? Can discipleship happen online? What if we used Church Online to make disciples, empowering them with Gospel to reach their family and friends? All of a sudden, Church Online isn’t an afterthought. It’s vital. This, and more, through The Church Digital Podcast.

EP037: Joe Radosevich & “Small Church” Church Online
Dec 2 • 59 min
Stat time, are you ready? Here we go. The average church in America has 73 people attending a week. 80% of churches in America today are under 200 in weekly attendance. These are shocking stats for me. As a guy who spends so much time working with…
EP036 - Evan Connelly - Redefining Chat Hosts & Community
Nov 25 • 47 min
I’m (Jeff) going to be honest here. I’ve never really enjoyed chat hosting. Maybe I never did it right. Recently, I had a conversation with Evan Connelly, where he went into detail about how the systems he was rolling out through his Church Online for…
EP035: Brandon Catoe & Pop-Up Church
Nov 18 • 53 min
I’ve been hearing whispers of this new concept in church. Jeff, you got to talk to these guys. They’re doing Pop-Up Church. Honestly, I had no idea what Pop-Up Church was? My best imagination was something involving Ego Waffles. So, I called a friend of a…
EP034: Jim Tomberlin, Trends of Multisite & Church Online
Nov 11 • 58 min
The idea of the multisite church was born in the 1990s as church attendance was growing faster than the church buildings could sustain. Even in those early days, there were questions about the validity of the Multisite Church Model, Time has worked in…
EP033: Rob Wegner & the Mission of Microchurch
Nov 4 • 72 min
I (Jeff) believe this to be true: In the future, bigger churches will continue to get bigger; but smaller churches will continue to get smaller. And that may not be a bad thing. The mega churches will find a way to succeed. Despite recent attendance…
EP032: CITN & Redefining the Why of Church Online
Oct 28 • 68 min
Why do we do Church Online? I’m willing to bet that you’ve asked this question of yourself, and of your church’s leadership… maybe even asking some of your high-level volunteers. I’m also willing to bet that there’s some discrepancy among the three…
EP031: Jennifer Miles & Marketing Church Online
Oct 21 • 50 min
How do you market Church Online? I used to think SEO, SEM, SMM. Gotta love acronyms! All of these are valid, and helpful in ministry, but at the end of the day I could never shake the idea that God’s called us to something other than writing a check to…
EP030: Andy Mage & The TikTok Revolution
Oct 14 • 48 min
I love a church that takes a risk. That’s what Bay Hope Church has done. Evidently, there’s this thing called TikTok. It’s currently the #1 app downloaded from the iOS App Store, and with over 80% of teens currently owning an iPhone, it’s quite obvious…
EP029: Mark Venti & Churchome’s Digital Culture
Oct 7 • 60 min
One of my favorite podcasts to date, Mark Venti from Churchome lays it out. “We’re experimenting…” “We’re following the Holy Spirit, but learning from Silicon Valley…” Mark and Churchome are on a mission to impact people in their homes as much as in their…
EP028: Seth Muse & Redefining Engagement
Sep 30 • 54 min
Engagement is one of those words that no longer has meaning. It’s been used and misused so often in recent years that the heart of the word has been lost. However, engagement is the heart of Church Online… it should be the heart of anyone who does…
EP027: CITN & the Community and Camaraderie of Ministry
Sep 23 • 39 min
Working on a Church Staff has been one of the greatest joys and greatest burdens in my life. Confession: I spent many years on staff feeling alone and frustrated. While I was friends with the people I worked with, my ideas in ministry really separated me…
EP026: Tom Pounder in Apple, Innovation, & Discipleship
Sep 16 • 32 min
Remember when Apple was an innovative company? Steve Jobs would be speaking at a keynote, flash that sly grin, and then say to the audience: “Oh, one more thing…” Those days are sadly behind us it would seem. For the entirety of my life, I’ve been Apple…
EP025: Ryan Sharp & The Value of an Individual @ Life.Church
Sep 9 • 45 min
This episode we’re honored to talk with the organization who essentially created Church Online. Life.Church is one of the pioneering churches out there creating a movement in digital church. Having watched the Life.Church movement grow over the years, I…
EP024: Ken Schafer & The Challenge of Equipping Using Online Technologies
Sep 3 • 40 min
Church Online definitely has strengths and weaknesses, but the power to train and to equip someone is unparalleled. But why do we struggle with the concept of equipping and discipling someone using Online Technologies? Enter personal friend, Ken Schafer,…
EP023: Tom Pounder and Developing a Digital Missionary
Aug 26 • 51 min
Before my wife and I got married, we were praying about becoming missionaries. Challenges like learning new languages, adapting to new cultures and new food came to mind. We quickly realized that we would be on separate hemispheres from our collective…
EP022: Jeff’s Mom & the Heart of Online Groups
Aug 19 • 44 min
I love hearing stories from people who have been impacted by Church Online. Sometimes it feels like the stuffy shirts and the academics argue about what “church” can and can’t be, meanwhile normal people are just doing it. Thus the point of this week’s…
EP021: Danielle Hicks & Elevation’s Watch Parties
Aug 12 • 48 min
The challenge before Church Online is that it is guilty of being church in isolation, allowing people to abandon biblical communities. These views are often short-sighted, not realizing that technology is capable of allowing biblical community to still…
EP020: Jeff Moore & The Strategy of Discipleship
Aug 5 • 53 min
We’ve talked a lot about Church Online and the potential power that it has to be a strategic force for the church. Today’s church online has many obstacles to overcome. Arguably, in today’s culture, so does the church. The church has an opportunity to…
EP019: Church Anywhere & Discipleship
Jul 29 • 44 min
We’re in Week 3 of this deep dive into the Online Ministry at First Capital Christian Church. Church Anywhere, as it’s called, utilizes its Church Online broadcasts as a way to cluster people together into communities and disciple their members and…
EP018: Randy Kirk, Church Anywhere, & Not My Kingdom
Jul 22 • 50 min
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EP017: Stories from Church Anywhere
Jul 15 • 58 min
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EP016: Anthony Coppedge & What Exactly is Online Church Membership?
Jul 8 • 44 min
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EP015: Rey DeArmas & How To Impact The Workplace
Jul 1 • 33 min
The world is changing. It’s time for the church to as well. Like it or not, we’re moving into a post-christian society. As a church, we can lament what was, or we can adjust our strategy to better work with the world around us. Church, this digital…
EP014: DJ Soto & Planting a Church in Virtual Reality
Jun 24 • 52 min
Here’s my question: “Can ‘church’ work in virtual reality?” To be honest, I (Jeff) went in a skeptic. To find out the truth, we interviewed DJ Soto, the first Church Planter in Virtual Reality, for a conversation on the theology of Virtual Reality. Midway…
EP013: Jate Earhart & Creating Disciples While Playing Video Games
Jun 17 • 56 min
Love video games? Love discipleship? Sharing your faith? Thinking outside the box? This is your episode. Until Jate Earhart, I (Jeff) don’t think I’ve ever seen the words “discipleship” and “video game” in a sentence together. Jate, in his 20s, runs a…
EP012: Living As One & Advanced Church Broadcast
Jun 10 • 52 min
You’ve been broadcasting your church services for a while now, but for one reason or another you feel stuck. How do you improve quality? How do you increase engagement? How do expand your reach? In this episode of The Church Digital Podcast, Jeff is…
EP011: Steve Kaminsky & Church Broadcasting 101
Jun 3 • 39 min
As we’ve discussed, there’s more to Church Online than broadcasting services online, but broadcasting services is a necessary piece. And while technology has become simpler in recent years, most churches out there have no place to start. In this episode…
EP010: Eric Geiger & Talking to Leadership About Church Online
May 28 • 30 min
Plenty of people can see the positives of Church Online, and how Church Online can complement their church’s ministry at physical campuses. Some can see of Church Online can even expand their church’s influence to disciple a whole new group of people. But…
EP009: Eric Geiger & The Theology Of Church (Ekklesia) Online
May 20 • 29 min
What started as a simple podcast with the goal of a strategic conversation on Omnichannel Communication and Unified Commerce quickly went another (and far more interesting) direction. On the podcast Eric Geiger, Lead Pastor at Mariners Church,…
EP008: Ben Stapley & Communicating via Church Online
May 13 • 54 min
The strength of Online Technology (and Church Online) is in our ability to communicate. But are we communicating effectively? Throughout the service portion of Church Online there are several key positions that communicate volumes to the audience: 1)…
EP007: Kevin Lee & The Arguments Against Church Online
May 6 • 45 min
The number one argument we hear about why Church Online isn’t Church is that it causes the abandonment of Ekklesia, the gathering together of Church. But what if Church Online isn’t the abandoning of Ekklesia… what if it’s the birthing of Ekklesia. On the…
EP006: Jason Morris & Discipleship Pathways for Church Online
Apr 29 • 48 min
What does it mean to disciple someone Online? Let’s back up and ask another question first… what does it mean to disciple someone? In this Episode we talk with Westside Family Church’s Global Innovations Pastor, Jason Morris, in what is one of the most…
EP005: David Urzi & Defining the Online Pastor
Apr 22 • 47 min
What exactly does an Online Pastor do? This episode explores in greater detail the life and ministry of Online Pastors, people who wrestle with pastoring, shepherding people in different spaces. The skills to properly manage a fully-functioning Church…
EP004: Tyler Sansom and Church Anywhere (Small Church, Micro-Locations, and Church Online)
Apr 11 • 39 min
I (Jeff) first heard of Church Anywhere about a year ago, meeting Tyler on Facebook. I immediately fell in love with his Church. First Capital Christian is many things. Big is not one of them. Cordon, Indiana is a town of about 3000 people, yet the church…
EP003: Jay Kranda and Creating Healthy Biblical Community thru Church Online
Apr 11 • 54 min
Can Biblical Community exist in Church Online? We sit down with Jay Kranda, Online Pastor at Saddleback, and asked him that question. He may be a little biased, as Saddleback currently has over 2400 Online Groups meeting regularly meeting is both digital…
EP002: Rey DeArmas and Six Things You Wish Pastors Knew About Church Online
Apr 11 • 33 min
There’s no way around it… Church Online is a new concept. With the newness comes uneasiness and doubt, especially from people carrying organizational responsibility. How is this going to hurt attendance? Giving? Things right now are good with our church.…
EP001: Rey DeArmas and the Strength of Church Online
Apr 11 • 31 min
Welcome to The Church Digital Podcast! We’ll be hosting an ongoing dialogue here on Church Online, sharing stories and challenges surrounding doing ministry in digital spaces. What is the strength of Church Online? What the Church today perceives at its…