Consumer Focus

Consumer Focus
Consumer Focus is a one to one discussion between Martin Newman and industry leaders from a range of sectors, backgrounds and channels, championing what businesses, councils and technology experts should be doing to create a customer centric landscape …

How can brands engage better with customers with ‘invisible’ disabilities?
Jul 17 • 25 min
Serena Bhandari joins Martin Newman to discuss her experiences around having Tourette’s syndrome, and how stores and restaurants can make sure that staff can assist customers with ‘invisible’ disabilities.
How could cosmetic brands engage better with minority customers?
Jun 25 • 32 min
Jasmine Kato and Rabia Mirza are women from minority backgrounds. They join Martin to discuss where brands are going wrong (and right) when it comes to representing and caring for a diverse range of consumers.
Is online behaviour evolving?
Jun 12 • 28 min
Clicktale’s Liraz Margalit joins us all the way from Tel Aviv to talk through the latest breakthroughs in online behavioural research, and what her data suggests about the way we shop, consume and share online. One of the foremost experts into onlin…
What can store assistants teach us about our customers?
May 15 • 38 min
This episode covers the anecdotal experience of two women working in some of the UK’s biggest chain retailers, and what they think would help the companies they work with develop a better service for their customers. Saskia and Sophie reveal what th…
Can you ever really understand your customers?
Apr 30 • 49 min
Martin is joined by customer behaviour expert Philip Graves, author of the bestselling book ‘Consumer.ology’ to discuss the value of data uncovered by market studies, and question whether it can provide insight into what customers really want.
What does AI mean for today’s customers?
Apr 16 • 42 min
In our second episode, Martin Newman talks to Felix Farley, data ethics expert and AI developer at Intel. Previously the President of the Annual Artificial Intelligence in Business & Ethics (AIBE) Summit, featuring with the likes of Amazon, Goog…
What does Brexit mean for business?
Mar 26 • 41 min
In our first episode, host Martin Newman talks to Alex White, partner of political consultancy firm, Flint Global. Previously the chief political analyst at JP Morgan, director of nationwide intelligence at EIU (The Economist Intelligence Unit) and …