Paranormal Tales from the Tower

Paranormal Tales from the Tower
Stories of the Paranormal from around the world. Told from Paranormal Tower in Asbury Park NJ. With 30 years of experience, I still get surprised by the weird stuff I see and do. Come listen to our stories.

Spirit Board Session 4 Origins Heather
Oct 8 • 22 min
WHat makes Heather tick?
Spirit Board Session 3 - The Investigation
Oct 4 • 17 min
Details on the investigation of the museum September 6, 2019
Tony ‘Chop Chop” Costa
Oct 1 • 21 min
Spirit Board Session 2 Origins TJ Hardy
Sep 24 • 13 min
The origin of TJ Hardy’s passion for the paranormal
The Morro Castle
Sep 17 • 14 min
The ship came to rest at Asbury Park, but the spirits never did.
Paranormal Tales from the Tower Mini 1
Sep 9 • 8 min
Just a brief catch up since we were under the weather., What is in the pipe line and what have we been up to?
The Legacy of Mingo Jack
Aug 20 • 25 min
In 1886 a crime was committed in Shrewsbury NJ. The community response to the crime was to commit a more heinous and longer-lasting crime. One that left a mark not only on the community but on the very land itself.
Spirit Board Session 1 - August
Aug 13 • 43 min
Meet members of the Paranormal Team and hear them discuss their experiences in our haunted space. Today we’re talking about our favorite moments of weirdness in the building. Make sure to sen in your suggestions on what we discussKathy…
Museum Artifacts
Aug 6 • 20 min
How The Paranormal Museum gets its stuff
Asbury Park- The Wreck of The New Era
Jul 30 • 16 min
A shipwreck long forgotten that still leaves a lasting impact
The Golem of Prague
Jul 23 • 16 min
The famous Golem of the city of Prague. The creature of magick and Judaic lore.
Episode 13 Update - Occult Library
Jun 15 • 6 min
Occult Library Announcement and Patreon Update!
Ghosts of the Berkley Oceanfront
May 9 • 13 min
Why are we investigating the Berkley?
Pest Chapel Bavaria Germany
Apr 19 • 13 min
In December of 2018 we seek out a hidden Pestkappelle in Bavaria- long reputed to be haunted by hundreds of spirits.
Paranormal Pride - 2019
Apr 19 • 11 min
Paranormal Pride in Asbury Park
The Spirits of Chichen Itza
Mar 30 • 23 min
The ancient city of Chichen Itza gives up its ghosts…
Why is the Jersey Devil in Asbury Park?
Mar 29 • 7 min
Why the Jersey Devil Festival is in APNJ
Episode 2
Mar 26 • 18 min
Episode 8 - The Road to Ptown
Mar 26 • 16 min
An unusual encounter on a quiet road at 5 am leaves me unnerved.
Ghosts of Prague
Mar 26 • 22 min
An investigation in an old cemetery outside of the city of Prague