Summer Camp Programming Podcast

Summer Camp Programming Podcast
A weekly discussion of summer camp programming ideas with Curt “Moose” Jackson and Chris Kallal.

26: What is Color War?
Sep 9 • 34 min
The guys discuss Color Wars this week. If you’re like Chris and have no idea how to run one or even what they actually are, then this is the week for you! Curt gives some great advice and great ideas on how to make your Color War awesome!
25: Listener Questions
Sep 2 • 35 min
Curt and Chris use their expertise to help answer some questions from their listeners! Listen to this episode for some helpful tidbits to questions you may have too. This will be an episode that will be recurring, so if you have any questions that the…
24: Nature Watch with Jeff Salzman
Aug 28 • 34 min
Chris and Curt talk with Jeff from Nature Watch about their origin story, all the cool stuff they offer and new items that are coming soon.
23: SCampCon Talk
Aug 19 • 36 min
The guys take a behind the scenes look at SummerCampCon this last winter. And give some great ideas on how the next SCampCon can benefit you and your staff this coming November! If you’re looking for an awesome conference that isn’t going to break the…
22: Outdoor Ed
Aug 14 • 43 min
The guys dish up a huge list of Outdoor Ed ideas and activities. This episode is more to give you a starting place and not a complete how-to lesson. Take some of these awesome ideas and make them your own to fit your program and location!
21: Would Chris Try It?
Aug 7 • 35 min
This week’s episode sounds like a new game show! Curt asks Chris about some fun ideas to see if he would try them at his camp. Spoiler Alert: Chris has tried or is willing to try almost all of them.
20: Team Building
Jul 30 • 33 min
Curt and Chris talk about some of their experiences with leading Team Building, as well as some of their favorite resources.
19: Treasure and Scavenger Hunts
Jul 23 • 23 min
Join Captain Curt and First-mate Chris on this swashbuckling podcast in search of treasure! The guys give out some arrrrrguably great ideas to help make your camp a cannon blast! Ignore these great ideas and you might be forced to walk the plank.
18: Campfire Programs and Game Shows
Jul 16 • 26 min
In this episode, the guys talk about Campfire Programs and Game Shows and who knows what else!
17: Recognition Programs
Jul 8 • 30 min
Curt and Chris would like to take this opportunity to recognize Recognition Programs for your camp! They talk about some great ideas to give your recognition program a Gold Star!
16: Animals in the Nature Center
Jul 1 • 29 min
The guys talk all about Chris’ Nature Center and what you need to do to have something similar. Get ready to go wild in this all animal episode!
15: Making Day Camps Feel More “Campy”
Jun 25 • 25 min
Are you running a day camp in a park, at a church or in a community center? Do you wish it felt more like a traditional overnight camp? Curt and Chris discuss ideas on how to make day camp feel much more like “campy”.
14: Escape Rooms at Camp
Jun 18 • 31 min
This week Curt and Chris lock themselves up in a room to come up with the best ideas for your escape room. Learn what an escape room is and some great ideas for it!
13: Camp-Wide Games
Jun 10 • 25 min
Curt & Chris talk about Camp-Wide Games and a bit of Icebreakers.
12: Games in the Dark with Judd King
Jun 4 • 31 min
The guys talk with Judd from Starlux Games about the awesome game Capture the Flag REDUX and about the other great games that Starlux Games offers and will be offering soon, including their newest one Wizards and Werewolves.
11: Spicing Up Your Rainy Day Plans
May 27 • 29 min
Rain Rain Go Away! The guys have some sweet ideas to help spice up those rainy (or too hot) days when you’re stuck indoors.
10: Spicing Up Your Arts and Crafts
May 20 • 37 min
This week the dynamic duo (dynamic seems like too strong of a word here) get a bit crafty in giving you great ways to spice up your arts and crafts areas!
9: Spicing Up Your Aquatics
May 14 • 27 min
This week, Chris and Curt and giving you some great ideas on how to make your aquatics spicier!
8: Spicing Up Your Target Activities
May 6 • 40 min
This week’s episode is all about Spicing up Target Activities. Curt and Chris each shared some great ideas…with Chris sharing WAY too many!
7: Specialty Summer Camps
Apr 30 • 39 min
Curt and Chris talk about Specialty Camps, where the entire camp is all themed aroundone main idea. Decorations, games, activities, even registration all fits into that theme. ThinkImmersion Camp!
6: Theme Meals at Camp
Apr 22 • 31 min
The guys discuss having theme meals to help make mealtime a memorable experience. They talk about the pros and cons and their favorites.
5: Our Favorite Summer Camp Themes
Apr 15 • 30 min
Chris and Curt talk about their favorite themes and what makes them so special.
4: Pros and Cons of Camp Themes
Apr 9 • 27 min
Curt and Chris talk about the pros and cons of weekly and summer long themes at camp.
3: Giving Counselors the Opportunity to Make the Most of Camp
Apr 1 • 43 min
Camp counselors get a lot out of camp; they gain experience in leadership, responsibility, communication, persuasion, and much more. However, they can get even more out their summer experience, if they are given the chance. In this episode Curt and Chris…
2: Time Fillers
Mar 25 • 48 min
Curt and Chris talk about some of their favorite time fillers that counselors can do when they have a few minutes with their group. Instead of just sitting and waiting for lunch or the next activity, it’s better to engage our campers with a quick game or…
1: An Introduction
Mar 25 • 28 min
In this introductory episode the hosts, Curt Jackson and Chris Kallal, introduce themselves and talk about what the podcast is all about and thing to come.