Summer Camp Programming Podcast

Summer Camp Programming Podcast
A weekly discussion of summer camp programming ideas with Curt “Moose” Jackson and Chris Kallal.

87: Teen Leadership Programs
Oct 19 • 32 min
Maybe you have a CIT or LIT program or Jr Counselors or whatever you call it at camp, but it is essentially a teen leadership program. It seems that each camp does it differently, and Curt and Chris have definitely seen and run them very differently.…
86: Starting a Podcast Program at Camp
Oct 14 • 26 min
If you’ve ever considered doing a podcast for your campers this episode has lots of tips that need to be considered before starting that fun idea! From mics to tech tips to show format ideas, Curt and Chris go through it all.
85: Revenue Beyond Registration
Oct 7 • 32 min
On this episode, the guys discuss something that probably has affected most camps this year: Revenue! Chris and Curt have a ton of great ideas, some that worked and some that didn’t work for them but may work for you! During a pandemic season, these are…
84: Virtual Escape Rooms
Sep 27 • 24 min
Keeping with the theme of 2020, Virtual, the guys discuss the where, how and what of Virtual Escape Rooms! There’s lots out there and lots of different varieties of rooms available and the guys talk all the good and bad of them. Even more exciting is Curt…
83: Programming Resources
Sep 20 • 24 min
Not sure where to find the best resources for your camp? Tired of searching endlessly on Google for something good? Well, Curt and Chris have the answer for you: This Episode! They talk about all the resources that they use (not just a Google search)!…
82: Virtual Conferences
Sep 7 • 30 min
With everything going virtual this year, it was only a matter of time before camping conferences did too. Curt has been doing a virtual conference for a couple of years now and is ahead of the game with ideas for it! This episode, the guys discuss all the…
81: Camp Cancelled? Let’s Talk Ideas for a Plan B
Sep 1 • 35 min
A serious, but needed topic this week. What if we can’t have Camp next summer? The guys give some great ideas that you and your Camp need to start working on now as a “Plan B”, just in case! With all the camps and directors Chris and Curt have talked to…
80: Brain Breaks
Aug 25 • 29 min
A Brain Break is a short 2-3 min pause in whatever you are doing to give your brain a break and a chance to reset so it can continue on. In fact, if you are in classes or learning something new, you should take a break every 15 minutes! It actually helps…
79: Pinterest Finds
Aug 18 • 30 min
Finally, Curt has agreed to talk about Chris’s favorite thing: Pinterest!!!! The guys share some great finds, and some not-so-great finds. Also, did you know that Summer Camp Programming Podcast has its own Pinterest board? We have links for all of our…
78: Matt Henry and the Take Two! Program
Aug 11 • 39 min
The guys talk with Matt Henry about the cool things his camp are offering families and groups during these challenging times. The overall program is called Take Two! and it involves mini camp days, pool rental times for family groups, dinner adventures,…
77: Online Apps, Sites and Software to Help with Your Virtual Programming
Aug 5 • 37 min
Curt and Chris (or maybe they should just be called the Virtual Camp Guys at this point) discuss all things online this week. Great ideas of apps, games, sites, etc. that can help with your Virtual Camps (or even your normal camps provided you have a…
76: Virtual Camp Success Stories part 4
Jul 31 • 21 min
Chris and Curt interview 10 different camp directors on the success of their virtual camps. The interviews are divided into 4 different episodes this week. The guys ask the same questions to each person in a 10 min time limit, so bring your notebook…
75: Virtual Camp Success Stories part 3
Jul 30 • 21 min
Chris and Curt interview 10 different camp directors on the success of their virtual camps. The interviews are divided into 4 different episodes this week. The guys ask the same questions to each person in a 10 min time limit, so bring your notebook…
74: Virtual Camp Success Stories part 2
Jul 29 • 30 min
Chris and Curt interview 10 different camp directors on the success of their virtual camps. The interviews are divided into 4 different episodes this week. The guys ask the same questions to each person in a 10 min time limit, so bring your notebook…
73: Virtual Camp Success Stories part 1
Jul 28 • 33 min
Chris and Curt interview 10 different camp directors on the success of their virtual camps. The interviews are divided into 4 different episodes this week. The guys ask the same questions to each person in a 10 min time limit, so bring your notebook…
72: Lessons from Running a Virtual Harry Potter Camp
Jul 21 • 37 min
Curt talks about his virtual Harry Potter camp. He speaks about what went well and the changes he made along the way. Listen in to get some ideas as well as lessons learned from an already completed virtual camp.
71: Interview with Allison Miller and Steve Slavkin with Happy Camper Live
Jul 14 • 32 min
Curt and Chris talk with the creators of Happy Camper Live, Allison Miller (Founder/CEO) and Steve Slavkin (Executive Producer). Happy Camper Live is the OG of virtual camp. They have been working on this amazing website for over 2 years!!! There are TONS…
70: Programming Through Different Lenses
Jul 6 • 27 min
This week, Curt and Chris talk about how to look at programming through the lenses of each type of person at your Camp: First Time Camper, Returning Camper, Parent, Staff, Board Member, Marketing, etc. Thinking through each of your new programming (or…
69: Bingo Variations
Jul 6 • 23 min
B4….B4…..BINGO! This week the guys take a cool old-school program of Bingo and spice it up! Hear some great ideas on how to do Bingo at your camp. With both virtual and in-person suggestions, you’re sure to hear something that would be perfect for you!
68: Being More Racially Inclusive at Camp
Jun 28 • 33 min
The guys discuss their thoughts and experience with the racial inequality of summer camp. They don’t have the answers to tackle such a huge issue, but they understand that discussions are the first step and they hope that most summer camps take action to…
67: Virtual Camp Snack Ideas
Jun 17 • 24 min
Another episode to help you out with your virtual camps. We talk about some great ideas that you can use to teach campers virtually how to make their own snacks at home! As well, the guys added a Pinterest board to link to all the cool stuff they talk…
66: Interviewing The Dynamic Duo
Jun 9 • 40 min
Curt and Chris have some VERY SPECIAL guest stars on today to be interviewed; themselves!!! The guys ask each other all the questions you’ve surely wanted to know! From personal lives to future dreams, this episode will tell you everything you’ve wanted…
65: Virtual Camp Kits and Boxes
Jun 2 • 33 min
Is your camp considering doing Kits or Boxes this summer? Chris and Curt discuss some great ideas for them and how to make them awesome! If this is something you are considering “instead of Camp” or even if you are considering in “addition to Camp”, this…
64: An Interview with Matt Ralph of Summer Camp Culture
May 26 • 36 min
The guys talk with Matt Ralph about his awesome site! This is the site that has literally everything in pop culture that talks about camp. Literally everything! If you want to see how much Camp infiltrates the world, this is the…
63: Virtual Camp Ideas 2.0 - Part 2
May 19 • 39 min
This is part two of two. If you haven’t listened to episode 62, you should start with that one. Curt and Chris continue to give great ideas you can use for your virtual programs this summer.
62: Virtual Camp Ideas 2.0 - Part 1
May 19 • 38 min
Check out all the new stuff that Curt and Chris have picked up from others and learned from their time doing Virtual Camp. This is part one of two. In these two episodes, you’ll be getting a ton more great ideas to implement into Online Camp this summer.…
61: Virtual Camp Storytelling - An Interview with Meghan Gardner from Guardian Adventures
May 4 • 47 min
Curt and Chris have a very awesome and timely conversation with Meghan from Guard Up. She runs an incredibly amazing camp on a normal year, but this year, she has created the coolest Virtual Camp ever!!! From Zombies, to Knights, to Wizards, she and her…
60: Cooking with Campers
Apr 27 • 24 min
The guys talk about some great ideas for a cooking program at camp. From Fruit Kabobs to Pudgy Pies, your tastebuds will be watering this week. So fire up the grill and put a fork in whatever else you’re doing so you can listen to this episode
59: Native Americans - What’s Appropriate at Camp with Paul Gowder
Apr 21 • 28 min
Curt and Chris interview Paul Gowder about Native American culture at camp this week. This is a great eye-opening episode to learn from Paul about the proper way to include Native American culture into camp. The guys ask lots of great questions that you…
58: Better Camp Crafts - Part 2
Apr 13 • 31 min
In part two, Chris and his crafty wife, Carrie, teach even more super awesome contemporary crafts! This two-part episode is also available on the Scamp Life YouTube channel to watch and see exactly how each craft is made. If your craft room needs an…
57: Better Camp Crafts - Part 1
Apr 7 • 35 min
In this episode, Chris and his crafty wife, Carrie, teach some super awesome contemporary crafts! This two-part episode is also available on the SCamp Life YouTube channel to watch and see exactly how each craft is made. If your craft room needs an…
56: Virtual Camp Ideas
Apr 1 • 38 min
Curt and Chris discuss lots of great ideas for hosting your own virtual camp. In this current craziness of covid19 and quarantine, creating a virtual camp will help keep you connected to your campers and give them some fun campy things to do! This is a…
55: Hometown Stomping Ground Virtual Camp with Jack Schott
Mar 25 • 42 min
In this timely episode, the guys have a chat with Jack all about Hometown Stomping Ground, a virtual camp. Jack and his team have been creating tons of great stuff for their campers to do during this quarantine. This is a very new experience for all of…
54: Beekeeping at Camp with Kevin Johnson
Mar 23 • 36 min
Have you heard the buzz? The guys invite Kevin Johnson on this week to discuss beekeeping at your camp. If this is something you’re considering, or mayBEE you weren’t until now, this is a great week to listen! Kevin shares a lot of the pros and cons…
53: Cool Tweaks to Make at Camp
Mar 22 • 35 min
Need to update some of your current stuff to make it cooler or just different. This week’s episode has the guys talking all about Twerking…I mean Tweaking Current Activities! (And if you know anything about Chris, you know he’s going to go over the top…
52: Hatchet Throwing Programs with Drew Demery
Mar 9 • 27 min
Curt and Chris celebrate their 1 year anniversary with their guest, Drew Demery, who is on the show to talk about all the coolness that is Hatchet Throwing! Drew is even available to come to your camp and help you set it up!! Listen to this episode for…
51: Creating Mystery Trails
Mar 2 • 30 min
Curt and Chris discuss a fairly new concept this week. Mystery Trails are like Escape Rooms on a Hike/Walk! The guys talk about what’s all involved in these and some great ideas to figure out your own. They also share a little preview of the Escape Room…
50: What Would You Do at Camp with a Little Extra Money?
Feb 25 • 38 min
Did you get a check in the mail for some cool new camp programming? Well, the guys have some great suggestions on how you can spend it! They have lots of new ideas and even some things that they’ve never done but would like to try themselves! If you’ve…
49: Around the World Theme
Feb 17 • 36 min
Join the Camp Programming Pros this week as they travel around the world for an immersively cool theme! From decorations to crafts, to music, to games, you’ll get great ideas to take your campers on a trip they will never forget! The guys also talk about…
48: Disney Theme
Feb 10 • 25 min
Looking for a new theme to be “Part of Your World”? Maybe you have another theme that’s a “Tale as Old as Time” and you just need to “Let It Go”. We’ll “You Gotta Friend” in Curt and Chris as they talk this week all about a Disney Theme! “You’re Welcome!”…
47: Destination Hikes
Feb 3 • 22 min
Curt and Chris talk all about Destination Hikes this week. What are they? What are you supposed to do? Should you have one at your Camp? Who let the Dogs Out? The guys answer MOST of these questions and more! Listen to this episode to hear about an…
46: Programming Binders
Jan 27 • 38 min
When you started at your camp, don’t you wish you would have had a book with everything you needed to know? Yeah, pretty much everyone does! Curt and Chris talk about making program binders for yourself, your staff, and your future replacement! They come…
45: Olympics Theme Ideas
Jan 20 • 33 min
2020 is the year of the Summer Olympics. Chris and Curt spend this week discussing some great ideas on how to use this year to bring an Olympic Theme to your camp! From competitions to decorations, to even food, the guys give some epic ideas for this…
44: The Hero’s Journey for First Time Campers
Jan 13 • 47 min
This week we talk about the journey a first-time camper goes through at camp. How can you and your staff help new campers be the hero? This is an excellent episode to send to your counselors pre-camp and have them listen to and prep for a discussion…
43: Star Wars Theme
Jan 6 • 33 min
The Camp Programming Guys are back again this year with the first podcast of 2020! This episode has some great ideas for a Star Wars theme for your camp! Whether you’re looking for new ideas, looking to spice up some old ones, or just want to ride the…
42: Evening Activities for Summer Camp
Dec 30, 2019 • 32 min
Right before the new year starts, listen as Curt and Chris share some epic evening activities. Ring in the new summer evenings with some World Record or Minute 2 Win it games. Hold an evening Video Game night. Host a carnival or Trivia night. As you…
41: Program Ideas for Teens
Dec 24, 2019 • 28 min
The guys give you a great Christmas present this year of on fleek ideas for Teen Camp! Here are some great things to start working on now to be ready for this coming summer! Yeet ideas like a Coffeehouse or Thrift Store Scavenger Hunt. YOLO ideas like…
40: Best Things We Did Last Summer
Dec 17, 2019 • 35 min
Chris shares the top 8 best things he did last summer at Camp Good News, and Curt shares some great things he learned from other camps last summer!
39: S.T.E.M. Programming with Tara Laidlaw
Dec 10, 2019 • 32 min
Curt and Chris interview Tara Laidlaw this week about adding STEM into camping. Tara has immense knowledge of STEM learning and a crazy amount of great advice for camps looking to do this. This week’s episode is a great listen for not only the…
38: Movie Themes
Dec 2, 2019 • 26 min
Looking for new theme ideas for 2020? Take a listen to this episode for some great themes that the guys share from upcoming movies. These are the movies that all the campers will be talking about already, so why not bring the movies to life and create…
37: Tips for Hosting Retreats with Andy McClung
Nov 25, 2019 • 30 min
Chris and Curt have a great chat with Andy McClung from about his retreat center. Andy shares some great tips and tricks about how he’s able to fill every weekend of his retreat center. This episode is a great listen for those camps…
36: Our Favorite STEM Activities
Nov 19, 2019 • 34 min
The guys discuss STEM learning this week and how you can implement that into your Camp! They share some great ideas like catapults, egg drop, bridge building, zoology, roller coasters, solar ovens, and so much more. STEM would make an awesome addition to…
35: Scavaganza with Jenn Ward and Amanda Borbee
Nov 11, 2019 • 35 min
Chris and Curt talk with Jenn and Amanda all about Scavaganza! Scavaganza is where you combine Scavenger Hunt Awesomeness with Extravaganza Fun! This is a great activity you can do with your campers, or staff, or even a bunch a camp professionals like…
34: Things We’d Like to See Happen in the Summer Camp Industry
Nov 5, 2019 • 33 min
Curt and Chris discuss some great ideas of things we would love to see happen in the camping industry. So if there is anyone out there that has some skills to do some of this stuff, you’ll have at least 2 customers! From more podcasting, to online…
33: The Exciting World of Pali Adventure Camp with Stephen “Snacks” Smigielski
Oct 28, 2019 • 31 min
Curt, minus a sick Chris, talks with Snacks this week about some of the incredible amount of programming that Pali Adventure Camp offers. They have literally a little bit of everything! Magic, Stunts, High Adventure, Circus, Comedy, Street Art, Aviation,…
32: Ideas for your Superhero Theme
Oct 22, 2019 • 35 min
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…two guys behind a mic?! Er…I mean…Here they are to save the Day!!!! Well not really, but our dynamic duo do have some Super ideas for a superhero theme! From decorations to crafts to games to even the inclusion of villains.…
31: Planning for Inclement Weather with Cricket Snearing
Oct 14, 2019 • 38 min
The guys chat with Cricket Snearing about how to best plan for inclement weather. Cricket has been in camping for a long time and has some great info on how to best plan! Bet you didn’t know that buying some big ‘ol Ziploc bags is a great start, or that a…
30: Anytime Activities
Oct 9, 2019 • 31 min
Chris and Curt discuss random small programming at camp. This is stuff that doesn’t require daily set up or staff supervision. Great ideas for some fun anytime activities that can help fill up time or keep campers busy while waiting for something else.…
29: Halloween Events at Camp
Sep 30, 2019 • 27 min
The Camp Programming Dudes discuss an often overlooked opportunity for camps, the Halloween event! They give some great ideas that can be a lot of fun and add some revenue to your camp as well as new campers! Give this week’s episode a listen if you don’t…
28: Horse Programs with Christy Landwehr of CHA
Sep 23, 2019 • 45 min
Curt and Chris have a great conversation (well actually 2 because they forgot to hit record the first time) with Christy from CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association). If you’re thinking about starting a horse program, already have a horse program, or…
27: Themed Specialty Camps with Ilana Schlam
Sep 17, 2019 • 38 min
Curt and Chris talk with Ilana Schlam of MJCCA Summer Day Camps on the subject of Themed Camps. Ilana has an enormous amount of themed weeks for her campers and an incredible amount of insight. Check out this week’s episode for great ideas and how-tos for…
26: What is Color War?
Sep 9, 2019 • 34 min
The guys discuss Color Wars this week. If you’re like Chris and have no idea how to run one or even what they actually are, then this is the week for you! Curt gives some great advice and great ideas on how to make your Color War awesome!
25: Listener Questions
Sep 2, 2019 • 35 min
Curt and Chris use their expertise to help answer some questions from their listeners! Listen to this episode for some helpful tidbits to questions you may have too. This will be an episode that will be recurring, so if you have any questions that the…
24: Nature Watch with Jeff Salzman
Aug 28, 2019 • 34 min
Chris and Curt talk with Jeff from Nature Watch about their origin story, all the cool stuff they offer and new items that are coming soon.
23: SCampCon Talk
Aug 19, 2019 • 36 min
The guys take a behind the scenes look at SummerCampCon this last winter. And give some great ideas on how the next SCampCon can benefit you and your staff this coming November! If you’re looking for an awesome conference that isn’t going to break the…
22: Outdoor Ed
Aug 14, 2019 • 43 min
The guys dish up a huge list of Outdoor Ed ideas and activities. This episode is more to give you a starting place and not a complete how-to lesson. Take some of these awesome ideas and make them your own to fit your program and location!
21: Would Chris Try It?
Aug 7, 2019 • 35 min
This week’s episode sounds like a new game show! Curt asks Chris about some fun ideas to see if he would try them at his camp. Spoiler Alert: Chris has tried or is willing to try almost all of them.
20: Team Building
Jul 30, 2019 • 33 min
Curt and Chris talk about some of their experiences with leading Team Building, as well as some of their favorite resources.
19: Treasure and Scavenger Hunts
Jul 23, 2019 • 23 min
Join Captain Curt and First-mate Chris on this swashbuckling podcast in search of treasure! The guys give out some arrrrrguably great ideas to help make your camp a cannon blast! Ignore these great ideas and you might be forced to walk the plank.
18: Campfire Programs and Game Shows
Jul 16, 2019 • 26 min
In this episode, the guys talk about Campfire Programs and Game Shows and who knows what else!
17: Recognition Programs
Jul 8, 2019 • 30 min
Curt and Chris would like to take this opportunity to recognize Recognition Programs for your camp! They talk about some great ideas to give your recognition program a Gold Star!
16: Animals in the Nature Center
Jul 1, 2019 • 29 min
The guys talk all about Chris’ Nature Center and what you need to do to have something similar. Get ready to go wild in this all animal episode!
15: Making Day Camps Feel More “Campy”
Jun 25, 2019 • 25 min
Are you running a day camp in a park, at a church or in a community center? Do you wish it felt more like a traditional overnight camp? Curt and Chris discuss ideas on how to make day camp feel much more like “campy”.
14: Escape Rooms at Camp
Jun 18, 2019 • 31 min
This week Curt and Chris lock themselves up in a room to come up with the best ideas for your escape room. Learn what an escape room is and some great ideas for it!
13: Camp-Wide Games
Jun 10, 2019 • 25 min
Curt & Chris talk about Camp-Wide Games and a bit of Icebreakers.
12: Games in the Dark with Judd King
Jun 4, 2019 • 31 min
The guys talk with Judd from Starlux Games about the awesome game Capture the Flag REDUX and about the other great games that Starlux Games offers and will be offering soon, including their newest one Wizards and Werewolves.
11: Spicing Up Your Rainy Day Plans
May 27, 2019 • 29 min
Rain Rain Go Away! The guys have some sweet ideas to help spice up those rainy (or too hot) days when you’re stuck indoors.
10: Spicing Up Your Arts and Crafts
May 20, 2019 • 37 min
This week the dynamic duo (dynamic seems like too strong of a word here) get a bit crafty in giving you great ways to spice up your arts and crafts areas!
9: Spicing Up Your Aquatics
May 14, 2019 • 27 min
This week, Chris and Curt and giving you some great ideas on how to make your aquatics spicier!
8: Spicing Up Your Target Activities
May 6, 2019 • 40 min
This week’s episode is all about Spicing up Target Activities. Curt and Chris each shared some great ideas…with Chris sharing WAY too many!
7: Specialty Summer Camps
Apr 30, 2019 • 39 min
Curt and Chris talk about Specialty Camps, where the entire camp is all themed aroundone main idea. Decorations, games, activities, even registration all fits into that theme. ThinkImmersion Camp!
6: Theme Meals at Camp
Apr 22, 2019 • 31 min
The guys discuss having theme meals to help make mealtime a memorable experience. They talk about the pros and cons and their favorites.
5: Our Favorite Summer Camp Themes
Apr 15, 2019 • 30 min
Chris and Curt talk about their favorite themes and what makes them so special.
4: Pros and Cons of Camp Themes
Apr 9, 2019 • 27 min
Curt and Chris talk about the pros and cons of weekly and summer long themes at camp.
3: Giving Counselors the Opportunity to Make the Most of Camp
Apr 1, 2019 • 43 min
Camp counselors get a lot out of camp; they gain experience in leadership, responsibility, communication, persuasion, and much more. However, they can get even more out their summer experience, if they are given the chance. In this episode Curt and Chris…
2: Time Fillers
Mar 25, 2019 • 48 min
Curt and Chris talk about some of their favorite time fillers that counselors can do when they have a few minutes with their group. Instead of just sitting and waiting for lunch or the next activity, it’s better to engage our campers with a quick game or…
1: An Introduction
Mar 25, 2019 • 28 min
In this introductory episode the hosts, Curt Jackson and Chris Kallal, introduce themselves and talk about what the podcast is all about and thing to come.