Living with John Totten

Living with John Totten
Writing, life, and society hosted by John Totten

7: Music by Ryan King & J.M. Cole + Poetry reading by Valissa & Symarceau
Jun 20 • 38 min
I was extremely honoured to put this episode together. Lots of great original music (by Ryan King & JM Cole /mydystopia) and poetry (by Valissa/ Valisaurus/ graphic violets) + some classic coverage of Plath by Sy Marceau (who has a beautiful voice).…
6: Poetry and music by Ryan King & Sylvia Plath poetry read by @symarceau
Jun 12 • 33 min
In this episode, Ryan King reads his work and also kindly shares one of his songs. The beautifully spoken Symarceau reads some of Sylvia Plaths very best work. I throw in a little bit of food for thought and read a poem by Ted Hughes. Feel free to get…
5: Artists and Angels featuring Sy Marceau, Seasoundsc, Tara Nicole Writes, and Graphic_Violets
May 27 • 52 min
In this episode, Sy and Cynthia reflect on the past and contribute some amazing pieces of poetry. Also, there is a great piece of writing from Tara Nicole writes and a piece from Vali_saurus (aka graphic_violets). All great artists #john2ttn #poetry #art
4 Angels and Poetry: Featuring Vayouking, Angel Writer, Pi and Anne, Tara Nicole Writes, and Sy Marceau
Apr 28 • 41 min
Poetry this week is from Vayouking, Angel Writer, Pi and Anne, Tara Nicole Writes, and Sy Marceau. There’s also a reading of Gary Snyder’s poem “Riprap”. The kids pop in for a moment to wish Angel Writer success with her new book ‘Once Around the Halo’…
3 Parental Alienation & Poetry: Featuring Cargo Ship Poet, alicewroteit,, Des, and Pi and Anne
Apr 14 • 35 min
I briefly touch on parental alienation and the family court system at the beginning of the episode. We then move onto the poetry with a quick reading of Bukowski. Cargo Ship Poet also reads for us in his highly entertaining and unique clever style.…
2 Trauma and Writing: Featuring reading by Pi and Anne
Apr 7 • 22 min
In this weeks episode I read my poems, ‘Exit’ and ‘Dad’. Pi and Anne also read an earlier piece of my work based on a real life event. There’s a reading of Craig Raine and Bukowski too. Hope you guys have a great week. John #john2ttn @john2ttn
Mar 30 • 20 min
Casey and I reading poems and experimenting to get better at public reading. Turn up the volume! William Blake, Christina Rossetti, Dr Seuss, and others.
Poetry reading - The Whole Mess… Almost
Mar 21 • 2 min
A reading of Gregory Corso’s poem ‘The Whole Mess… Almost’. Read by John Totten