So to Speak

So to Speak
Welcome to So To Speak with your host Vishnu Hedemark. This podcast was inspired by the stories of individuals who’s mark on the world I admire. Each conversation will delve into guests background & upbringing, their setbacks and hardships, passions and creative journeys. Ultimately, we explore the tales that make these lovely people who they are and their hopes & dreams for the future.

Ep. 07 x Lily Johannah Nicholson
Jun 13 • 42 min
Lily Johannah Nicholson is an artist based on the Far South Coast of NSW, where she and her partner Jono are raising their two sons, Dusty and Skip, on a remote seaside property that is completely off grid and self sufficient. In this week’s episode, Lily…
Ep. 06 x Justyna Sroka
May 9 • 49 min
Justyna Sroka is fiercely independent and driven in a way that I have rarely encountered in others. Whether its creating music videos for her husbands band, or mastering lighting design, nothing is ever is too much for this woman. On this episode, we…
Ep. 04 X Tarajia Morrell
Apr 19 • 43 min
On this week’s episode, we discuss how a stint at the French Culinary Institute inspired her to start The Lovage, a blog about her my lifelong love affair with food, which lead to her career as a food writer. How a journey to shift her own perspective of…
Ep. 05 x Georgia Potter
Apr 19 • 49 min
George Potter is a force to be reckoned with. She is the lead singer in the Byron Bay alt-rock band Moreton, which just released their new hit, “Circles”. Their second EP, The Dog Years, which will releasing in July, was produced by Matthew Neighbour…
Ep. 03 x Yasmine Ganley
Apr 3 • 47 min
Yasmine Ganley is an independent publisher, curator, and brand consultant based in New Zealand. She is ever in pursuit of the exploration and exchange of ideas, and attracts and inspires a circle of women from around the globe who contribute to her…
x Ep. 02 Kat Bak
Mar 27 • 61 min
Originally from Melbourne, Kat Bak is an artist that whose work is Stripped down and bare, elegant and inspiring. She currently resides in Byron Bay and facilitates the weekly Drop In Life Drawing sessions ’which features live music and allows artists to…
x Ep. 01 : Lindsey Trout Hughes
Mar 20 • 38 min
Lindsey Trout Hughes is a writer and performer in Brooklyn, New York. She is the author of plays, poems, and essays and is a proud member of Actors Equity Association and the Screen Actors Guild. On today’s episode, we discuss her life now, living…