Alewives Podcast

Alewives Podcast
A podcast about beer, history, beer history, and celebrating the women who make them.

10 – Interview with Jasmine from Sweet Cup
Aug 13
Jasmine Chida of Sweet Cup Gelato Originale joins the Alewives to talk gelato and beer and the marriage of the two. We also get serious talking about what it is to follow your passion, and to be a female business owner. Also: Alewives Joyful Almond…
9 – What’s a Session Beer?
Jul 30
What does “sessionable” even mean? This week, we try to demystify this commonly used beer phrase. Grab a session beer and join us.
8 – Mary at Thistle Draftshop
Jul 15
Karma and Fury head out to Spring TX to talk to Mary Thorn, owner of Thistle Draftshop. We had such a fun time talking to her that we threw out our normal format (for this episode at least) and will come back next time with the usual
7 – Saisons
Jul 1
In Episode 7, the we learn about Karma’s favorite style, the saison. Then we try Saison des Fetes, a dry hopped saison with guava brewed in Lake Charles LA by Crying Eagle.
6 – Farmhouse Ales
Jun 17
This week, Karma and Fury talk about the history of Farmhouse Ales and drink something with pretty much the coolest label art ever, Meowsonry from Jester King.
5 – To Nitro or Not to Nitro
Jun 3
This week, the Alewives sit down with their friend Bethany to learn what makes nitro beers different from regular ones. We taste a nitro Breckenridge Vanilla Porter and a regular one and talk about the difference, and attempt a few bad jokes, as usual.
4 – IPA Styles and #beercations
May 21
We close out our IPA series discussing the styles of IPAs and how they differ. We also talk about Karma’s upcoming #beercation and beer tourism, and then we try a Ghost in the Machine from Parish Brewing Co.
3 – Ales & Lagers at Southern Yankee Beer Company
May 6
This week, we take a break from our IPA series to talk to Sydney Porter, head brewer at Southern Yankee Beer Company about all things ale vs lager.
2 – Wait, IBUs are Just Marketing Too?!?!
Apr 22
In this episode, Karma and Fury talk about the things that make an IPA, well, an IPA. We’ll taste Pile of Face from Against the Grain and talk about IBUs, esters, and phenols and the flavors they lend to your beer.
1 – Life’s too Short, and Beer’s too Awesome
Mar 25
In our first episode, we talk about the real history of the IPA. We’ll also run through our first tasting and get to know a little more about our introduction into the world of beer.