Alewives Podcast

Alewives Podcast
A podcast about beer, history, beer history, and celebrating the women who make them.

18 – Quarantine Porters
Apr 20
Karma and Fury are back and this week we talk about the origin of porters and being in quarantine. Grab a beer and join us!
17 – History of Alewives, Part 1
Jan 27
It’s finally time to get into the history around the name we chose for the podcast. We also discuss Fury’s adventures in Dry January and taste something from one of our local brewsters (and former show guest).
16 – Winter Warmers
Jan 13
Karma and Fury are back! We came out of winter hibernation to talk about winter warmers and what makes them… well, them!
15 – GABF
Oct 22, 2019
In this episode, Karma shares her adventures at GABF. Fury talks a little about her visit to Martin House and the weird beer flight.
14 – Beer & Body – Craft Beer Girls
Oct 8, 2019
This week, Karma and Fury talk to creator Kate, and admins Cassie, and Shawna from Beer & Body - Craft Beer Girls.
13 – Märzens and Oktoberfest
Sep 23, 2019
It’s the first day of fall, so it’s only fitting that we are talking about Märzens and Oktoberfest, the festival AND the beer. Crack open your favorite märzen and drink along with us!
12- Beerded Hops Crossover
Sep 9, 2019
A special crossover episode with the guys from Beerded Hops! Get to know us and these guys a little better, as we talk about our favorite topic: BEER!
11 – Water Chemistry
Aug 26, 2019
In this episode, Fury talks about water chemistry, and we try “the original Pilsner” known for its taste, specifically because of where it came from and the water used to make it.
10 – Interview with Jasmine from Sweet Cup
Aug 13, 2019
Jasmine Chida of Sweet Cup Gelato Originale joins the Alewives to talk gelato and beer and the marriage of the two. We also get serious talking about what it is to follow your passion, and to be a female business owner. Also: Alewives Joyful Almond…
9 – What’s a Session Beer?
Jul 30, 2019
What does “sessionable” even mean? This week, we try to demystify this commonly used beer phrase. Grab a session beer and join us.