Book More Clients Photography Podcast - Build a Five Figure+ Photography Business

Book More Clients Photography Podcast - Build a Five Figure+ Photography Business
The #1 Podcast for Photographers Who Want More Consistent Clients!I’m Brooke Jefferson and I am so excited that you are here! I am going to transform your photography business so that you can scale and create a consistent client base, automate your sys?

Two Reasons Instagram Isn’t Working For You
Sep 28 • 14 min
On today’s episode, I am sharing the truth behind why Instagram may not be working for you! Tune in to find out WHY Instagram isn’t giving you the results you want.Connect with Brooke on InstagramJoin the exclusive community for Photographers on…
How to Run Profitable Mini Sessions
Sep 24 • 35 min
Today on the Book More Clients Photography Podcast, I am teaching you how to run a weekend of profitable mini sessions.While not everyone is a fan of mini sessions, I believe when they are used sparingly in your business they can be a wonderful cash…
3 IG Hacks You Haven’t Tried Yet
Sep 21 • 15 min
Ready to level up your Instagram? Well today we are kicking off the 5 Day Instagram Challenge! Today’s episode is covering 3 IG Hacks You Haven’t Tried Yet!In this episode, you’ll learn:-An Instagram feature that will help you stay first of mind to…
Behind the Scenes Roundtable: How We Run our Sessions with Theresa Sherron
Sep 17 • 45 min
Today on the Book More Clients Photography Podcast, I’m joined with Family Photographer, Theresa Sherron!We are pulling the curtain back and diving into what are sessions REALLY look like and how we run them from start to finish.What you’ll learn:How…
LIVE COACHING: Should You Post Your Business Stuff on Your Personal FB Page?
Sep 14 • 12 min
On today’s episode, I am answering the famous question: “Should you post your business stuff on your personal FB page?”Tune in to find out how you may be leaving money on the table.Today on the show I am joined by Amy from Amy Boyd Photography. You can…
How I Grew a Facebook Group to 2,500 Members in 90 Days
Sep 10 • 29 min
Today on the Book More Clients Photography Podcast, I am basically giving you a half hour workshop on how to start and run your own Facebook group.We are talking all about how Facebook groups can boost your bookings and your revenue.What you’ll…
LIVE COACHING: Pre-Planning Your Social Media Content
Sep 7 • 7 min
On today’s episode, I am giving you a behind the scenes glimpse of how I pre-plan my social media content.Tune in for tips on how to plan your social media content.Today on the show I am joined by Jenny from Jenny Kelley Photography. You can connect…
Are You Ready For Your Most Profitable Season Yet?
Sep 3 • 24 min
Today on the Book More Clients Photography Podcast, I am sharing how you can have your most profitable season yet and the key pieces you need in your business!Interested in seeing all the details of the From Broke to Booked Blueprint? Head to…
3 Steps to Land Your Next Client
Aug 31 • 22 min
Are you ready to learn how to convert your next lead into a paying client?Tune in to find out my 3 step process for landing leads!Some highlights from the episode:learn how to connect with your leads effectivelylearn when and how to send your pricing…
Two Keys to Becoming a Booked Out Photographer
Aug 27 • 39 min
Today on the Book More Clients Photography Podcast, I am sharing the two keys to becoming a booked out photographer! We are talking all about how to package your offers so that they SELL and the systems that you need to have in place.What you’ll…
LIVE COACHING: How to Promote Your Upcoming Sessions on Social Media
Aug 24 • 8 min
On today’s episode, I am giving you a social media strategy to book out your services!Tune in to find out how to promote your services on your social media. Today on the show I am joined by Emily from Wolffie Photography. You can connect with her on…
Are You Suffering From Shiny Object Syndrome? Interview With My Business Coach Stefanie Gass
Aug 20 • 34 min
Today on the Book More Clients Photography Podcast, I’m joined with my business coach, Stefanie Gass!We are talking all about shiny object syndrome and why its important to put your head down and stay focused rather than bounce around from idea to…
LIVE COACHING: Beginner Photographer? Steal My Tips for Getting Your First Clients
Aug 17 • 6 min
On today’s episode, I am giving you a strategy to book up your calendar with your first few clients!Tune in to find out how to land your first few sessions! Today on the show I am joined by Jessie from Jess Papa Photography. You can connect with her on…
The 3 Processes You Need in Your Photography Business
Aug 13 • 31 min
The episode is a good one! How can you streamline your business to work less but make more?Today on the show, I am covering the 3 processes you need to run your business more efficiently but more importantly, how to automate these processes.What we…
LIVE COACHING: The #1 Strategy You Need to be Adding to Every Conversation With a Potential Client
Aug 10 • 11 min
On today’s episode, I am giving you a behind the scenes glimpse into what it is like to be coached by me.Tune in to find out my most top secret tip on what to do when speaking to a potential client! Today on the show I am joined by Maddy from Madeline…
Birthday Special: How Kristen Went From $100 a Month to $2000 a Month in her Photography Business
Aug 6 • 32 min
It’s a birthday special! In today’s episode, I am joined by Kristen Clements who is giving you a behind the scenes look into her photography business’ transformation.Kristen Clements is a Boudoir + Family photographer in Kansas City, Missouri. She is a…
LIVE COACHING: Hit Play & Feel More Confident Instantly
Aug 3 • 12 min
On today’s episode, I am coaching YOU! Yes, you!Tune in to feel more confident instantly and do something you’ve been too afraid of!Connect with Brooke on InstagramJoin the exclusive community for Photographers on FacebookLooking for a coaching session?…
Burned out & overwhelmed? 3 Steps to Being Profitable While Working Less with Destiny Tillery
Jul 30 • 30 min
Is your business running you over? Are you burned out or overwhelmed? In today’s episode, I am joined by Destiny Tillery who is giving you 3 steps to being profitable while working less.Destiny Tillery, an award-winning, full-service photographer based…
LIVE COACHING: How to Tell Your Past Clients You’ve Raised Your Prices
Jul 27 • 6 min
On today’s episode, I am giving you a behind the scenes glimpse into what it is like to be coached by me.Tune in to find out how to tell your former clients that you have raised your prices.Today on the show I am joined by Steph from Steph Lumibao…
Making Your Website Profitable with Showit Designer Elizabeth McCravy
Jul 23 • 34 min
The episode you’ve been waiting for! How can you make your website profitable and turn more of those leads into paying clients who book you for photography sessions?Today on the show, I am joined by Elizabeth McCravy. Elizabeth McCravy is a…
LIVE COACHING: The Lie You’re Believing About Niching Down
Jul 20 • 7 min
On today’s episode, I am giving you a behind the scenes glimpse into what it is like to be coached by me.Tune in to find out the lie you’re believing about niching down!Today on the show I am joined by Rolanda from RJExpressions. You can connect with…
Photography Pricing Mistakes You’re Probably Making
Jul 16 • 24 min
Today’s episode is a re-airing of a LIVE training I did in the Facebook group. Tune in to learn tons of tangible tips and strategies!What You’ll Learn:-How to Price Yourself CORRECTLY and not off an industry standard-The mistakes you are making that are…
LIVE COACHING: Pricing Sessions, Going Full Time, + Turning Leads into Paying Clients
Jul 13 • 44 min
On today’s episode, I am giving you a behind the scenes glimpse into what it is like to be coached by me. These three photographers brought some amazing questions that I know you are asking too!Tune in to hear their questions and my advice and…
Branding vs. Marketing & How Each One Matters to Your Growth with Rachel Green
Jul 9 • 21 min
On today’s episode, I am interviewing Rachel Green on how to create a strong foundation for your brand.Tune into to learn about the specific pieces needed in order to create a strategy that will drive your brand.What You’ll Learn:-the difference between…
Steal My Strategies to Grow Your Photography Instagram Account
Jul 2 • 29 min
On today’s episode, I am sharing with you an interview I did on the Profitable Portraits podcast with Tanya Smith.Tune in to steal my strategies to grow your photographing Instagram account.What You’ll Learn:-how to get your followers to ENGAGE with…
The #1 Thing KEEPING You From The Success You Deserve!
Jun 25 • 10 min
Today on the Book More Clients Photography Podcast, we are discussing the one thing holding you back from the success you deserve. I’ve been having some tough conversations with other photographers lately. I’ve been asking the famous question “What do…
Time to Book Your First or Next Photography Client
Jun 19 • 3 min
Are you ready to book your first or next photography client? Learn how to book your first or next client with this ONE strategy! IF YOU FEEL FRUSTRATED AND WANT TO LEARN HOW TO BOOK A PAYING CLIENT…Whether you are brand new to business or are…
What is Driving and Propelling You Forward? One Photographer’s Journey You Won’t Forget
Jun 18 • 23 min
In today’s powerful episode, I am talking with Tiffany Nickle as she shares her emotion-filled experience of losing her baby at birth. I will caution you there are a lot of emotions and tears in this episode. If this is a trigger for you, please feel…
Do You Need a Community? The #1 Place for Photographers to Be
Jun 11 • 7 min
Join the Facebook Community here!
The Styling Tool All Photographers Need with Style & Select
Jun 4 • 42 min
Today on the Book More Clients Photography Podcast, I have Melissa & Holly from Style & Select. They are answering the famous question your clients keep asking “What do I wear to my session?”Tune in to learn how to answer this question using…
Growing Your Photography Business with Senior Photographer, Sean Brown
May 28 • 32 min
Today on the Frame Your Way Photography Podcast, I have Sean Brown at Sean Brown Productions with me. He has completely touched my heart with his advice that he has for growing your photography business in an authentic way.Tune in to learn hear how to…
How to Use Instagram to Funnel Your Photography Business Even If You Have Less Than 1,000 Followers
May 21 • 18 min
Today on the Frame Your Way Photography Podcast, I’m going to cover some strategies that you can put into place today to make your Instagram work for you, be more profitable and take your business to the next level - even if you have less than 1,000…
Instantly Improve Your Instagram with These Tips with Shauna Cooney
May 14 • 27 min
Today on the Frame Your Way Photography Podcast, we have Shauna Cooney. Shauna is half of the dynamic duo over at Shauna & Jordon Photography. They have used Instagram to scale their photography and photographer education businesses to new heights…
Anyone Can Be a Photographer
May 7 • 17 min
If you need a little kick in the pants and you are lacking the motivation you once had, then this episode is for you. I am about to give you the little fire you need to get up, get going and gain back the confidence you need for your business to…
Misconceptions About Owning a Photography Business with Kendra Swalls
Apr 30 • 28 min
Today on the Frame Your Way Photography Podcast, we have Kendra Swalls. Kendra and I are breaking down the misconceptions of owning your own photography business and serving up some truth! Tune in to get tips on how to set yourself apart. If you’re ever…
Growing Your Photography Business with Kayla Locke
Apr 23 • 28 min
On today’s episode, we have Kayla Locke from Locke Photography. I originally came across Kayla from an instagram friend and I immediately fell in love with her work and her personality. (Seriously, go watch her Instagram stories!) I even took a…
Moving Your Business Forward During Crisis with Marissa Boucher
Apr 16 • 30 min
Today on the Frame Your Way Photography Podcast, I have Marissa Boucher with us. She owns the Boudoir Divas Studio in San Diego. It’s a women’s boudoir and portrait studio that she started when she was about 20 years old out of her garage and it…
Coaching Call with Laci James
Apr 9 • 34 min
In today’s episode, I’m doing another coaching session. We are joined by Laci James from Laci James Photography. I am VERY excited about this episode because we cover so much goodness. You are definitely going to want to make sure that you have a pen…
The Go-To Photography Planner: The Focused Book
Apr 3 • 21 min
Today on the podcast I have Liam and Mariah Redding. I am so excited for you guys to hear their story and learn more about what The Focused Book has inside and how it came to be. Mariah is a mom and photographer who lives in West Virginia. With her…
When Dreams Become a Reality with Jasmine Star
Apr 2 • 31 min
I cannot believe it has officially been ONE WHOLE YEAR since I first launched the Frame Your Way Photography Podcast! Thank you so much for continuing to listen to the show, messaging me, leaving reviews and finding me on instagram over the past year….
Styling Your Sessions with Hailey Faria
Mar 26 • 32 min
Today on the Frame Your Way Photography Podcast, we’re hearing from Hailey Faria. She is a photographer who is now located in North Carolina, and she has been in business for 8 years.You’re going to get to hear all about how she got started building her…
Why You Are Needed in The Photography Industry
Mar 19 • 15 min
I just got back from the most amazing photography retreat that I have personally ever attended. It was not my first and certainly won’t be my last.But I just wanted to talk about the takeaways that I have from this retreat. When you invest in yourself…
Mastering Photoshop with Emily Supiot
Mar 12 • 26 min
Today on the Frame Your Way Photography Podcast, we have Emily Supiot here with us. She is a mom, photographer and Photoshop guru!We are getting an inside look at Emily’s journey and how she became a photographer, as well as learning all about Photoshop…
4 Ways to Get More Traction on Your Sessions
Mar 5 • 17 min
Today on the Frame Your Way Photography Podcast, I wanted to talk to you about how to get more traction out of your sessions. I used to post my favorite image from the session as a sneak peek, and then when the gallery was done, it was like one day of…
How Connection Has Transformed Her Business with Alyssa Hollis
Feb 27 • 27 min
Today on the Frame Your Way Photography Podcast, I am chatting with Alyssa Hollis, family photographer out of Atlanta with Chasing Galilee Photo. She’s giving us all sorts of valuable information regarding connection and how it has transformed her…
On-Air Coaching Call with Kashia
Feb 20 • 16 min
I am sharing my favorite tips for getting new clients and making their experience one they’ll ever forget!
Getting Legal in Your Business with Kailey Jacomet
Feb 13 • 37 min
Ready to get legal in your biz? We’re talking all things contracts, trademarks, entities and more!
Making Photography a Full-Time Business
Feb 6 • 29 min
Today I want to tell you my journey of how it became my full-time career and what steps you can take to do the same.
Juggling Motherhood & Business with Wedding Photographer Mikayla Chaparro
Jan 30 • 35 min
How do you balance photography and motherhood? Tune in to hear some great tips!
On-Air Coaching Call with Kerys
Jan 23 • 23 min
Our first on-airing coaching session is live!
Is Email Dead? Interview with The Creators of Flodesk (+ Top Secret Flodesk Updates)
Jan 16 • 30 min
Is email marketing dead?! Today’s episode will answer that for you!
How to Have Your Best Year Ever
Jan 9 • 19 min
Today on the podcast, I want to share with you 5 tips to have your best year ever in your business.
Simplify Your Workflows with Iris-Works: Interview with Meredith Gradle
Jan 2 • 41 min
It used to take me DAYS to schedule a session but now, with Iris-Works, my calendar is getting booked up instantly. Interview with Iris-Works Founder!
What Worked & What Didn’t for 2019
Dec 26, 2019 • 18 min
On todays episode, I want to dive into what worked and what didn’t in my business for this year.
Approaching Collaborations in Your Photography Business with Naomi Hopkins
Dec 19, 2019 • 36 min
Collaborations are a key part of marketing your photography business. Are you leveraging them correctly?
Surviving the Slow Season
Dec 12, 2019 • 16 min
What in the world do we do in our slow season? And yes, we all have them.
Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Marketing with Christie Osborne
Dec 5, 2019 • 53 min
We are talking about measuring the effectiveness of your marketing - including your website and funnels.
How Wedding Photography is Healing Her Heart with Erin Crista
Nov 21, 2019 • 29 min
Do you feel like you’re constantly worrying about where you fit in as a photographer?
What Does a Successful Photography Business Look Like?
Nov 14, 2019 • 7 min
Are you comparing your business to other photographers down the street? Snap out of it, girlfriend.
3 Ideas for Black Friday to Bring in Sales
Nov 7, 2019 • 13 min
So, how exactly can Black Friday benefit a photographer? Tune in to learn more!
SEO Strategy with Melissa McGraw
Oct 31, 2019 • 36 min
Are you wanting to get your business found on google but you’re afraid of SEO? It’s not as scary as it sounds!
How to Write a Compelling Bio with Emma Fulenwider
Oct 24, 2019 • 35 min
Do you keep putting off writing your “About Me” page on your website? Yeah, so was I. But the truth is, you can’t outrun it - and what you say on that page truly matters!
Making Your Website Work For You with Brittany Miller
Oct 17, 2019 • 28 min
Websites… Do you need one? What platforms should you be using? What are the key elements you need on your website to make it work for you and to turn those leads into clients?
Writing Copy that Converts with Patti Haus
Oct 10, 2019 • 31 min
Converting copy is key to your business! Here’s what expert Patti Haus has to say…
The TWO Funnels You Need in Your Business with Jenn Robbins
Oct 3, 2019 • 28 min
Today on the podcast i’m chatting with Jenn Robbins. Jenn is a conversion copyrighter who supports established women business owners, especially photographers, with high converting website copy and sales funnels. We’re talking all about what a sales…
Bonus episode: Buckle up, it’s about to get REAL good!
Sep 30, 2019 • 5 min
Winter is a slow season for us photographers, so here is when you should be working on all of the behind the scenes processes that are truly the foundation for your photography business.
Finding Your Niche & Birth Photography: Interview with Tavia Redburn
Sep 26, 2019 • 28 min
Tavia is an Oklahoma City birth photographer who is passionate about showing moms the beauty in new motherhood with birth & newborn photography.
The Two Tools You Need In Your Photography Business Today
Sep 19, 2019 • 17 min
Today I’m discussing the two tools you need in your photography business to help you work more efficiently and increase your bottom line.
From Burnout to Finding Her Passion: Interview with Lifestyle Photographer Cristy Cross
Sep 12, 2019 • 28 min
Interview with lifestyle photographer Cristy Cross
How I Gained Over 100 Email Subscribers In One Day
Sep 5, 2019 • 11 min
Learn how I grew my email list by 100 subscribers in just one day!
Starting A Photography Business On A Whim: Interview With Wedding Photographer, Jessi Smith
Aug 29, 2019 • 31 min
Interview with Oklahoma Wedding Photographer Jessi Smith
Stepping into Senior Photography with Heather Askins
Aug 15, 2019 • 42 min
Today I’m interviewing Heather Askins, wedding, couple and graduate photography extraordinaire. Tune in to see what value she is bringing this episode!
3 Ways to Book Clients Today
Aug 8, 2019 • 4 min
Right now is the perfect time to be outdoors and photographing your clients. But what if you’re struggling with booking clients?
Interview with Wedding Photographer Emily Watkins
Aug 1, 2019 • 36 min
Interview with Emily Watkins - chatting all things photography, client experience and branding!
Community Over Competition
Jul 25, 2019 • 10 min
It’s more than just a trendy hashtag.
3 Ways to Amplify Your Client Experience
Jul 18, 2019 • 6 min
Ready to knock the socks off your client’s feet? Let’s dive in!
How to Achieve Magazine Worthy Images Through Styling
Jul 11, 2019 • 11 min
Have you ever wondered why your sessions aren’t looking magazine-worthy?
Selfie Tips and Tricks
Jun 27, 2019 • 9 min
Is your selfie game lacking? Try these few tips and tricks when taking your next selfie!
Is Your Business Model Mcdonald’s or Chick-Fil-A?
Jun 20, 2019 • 11 min
Does your business model reflect more of a Mcdonald’s chain or Chick-Fil-A chain?
Client Inquiries That Make You Cringe
Jun 13, 2019 • 11 min
Needy. Annoying. Not pleasant at all. You just thought of that one inquiry you got, didn’t you?
How to Punch Fear in the Face and Move Forward in Your Business
Jun 6, 2019 • 6 min
Are fears stopping you from making moves in your business? Listen to find out how we are punching fear in the face.
How to Market for Free on Pinterest with Jacquelene Hayes
May 30, 2019 • 23 min
Pinterest is becoming a big trend for 2019. Now is the time to evaluate your Pinterest strategy and watch those leads roll in!
Stop Chasing Your Dreams and Start Pursuing Your Purpose
May 23, 2019 • 13 min
Are you chasing a dream, or pursuing your purpose?
How I’m Using Pinterest to Market my Photography Business
May 16, 2019 • 13 min
Have you ever thought about using Pinterest as a marketing tool? Here’s how you can use it to uplevel your photography business!
All About Mini Sessions
May 9, 2019 • 15 min
Mini sessions… when should you offer them? what kind should you offer? I’m diving into these burning questions in this week’s episode.
3 Ways to Stand Out as a Photographer
Apr 25, 2019 • 8 min
Have you ever had imposter syndrome? I’m diving into 3 ways that you can stand out as a photographer and feel confident in your work.
How to Save Yourself Hours with a Client Workflow
Apr 18, 2019 • 10 min
Save yourself hours and create a streamlined client workflow through Dubsado.
Time to Book Your First Client
Apr 12, 2019 • 6 min
It’s time to put all of the days work together and create your promotional shoot that will bring all of the paying clients in. Learn how to set up a promotional shoot in this episode.
Your Worth: Knowing How to Price Your Services
Apr 11, 2019 • 8 min
“How do I know what to charge?” That is the million dollar question we are tackling in this episode.
Your Ideal Client
Apr 10, 2019 • 3 min
Continuing on with our five day series “How to Book Your First Client in 5 Days.” Today we are diving into your ideal client.
Your Vision & Niche
Apr 9, 2019 • 4 min
Day 2 is all about figuring out your niche. You can’t do it all and will quickly find that you don’t enjoy doing it all.
Defining Your Style
Apr 8, 2019 • 5 min
Day 1 is all about your style. Before you can even start booking clients, you have to know your style.
Book More Clients Photography Podcast Trailer
Apr 4, 2019 • 11 min
Learn what Frame Your Way to Five Figures Photography Podcast is all about and how Brooke Jefferson went from Food Stamps to Five Figures.