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Search with Candour
Working in search marketing? We’ll bring you the few important bits of news you need to know about SEO and PPC every week. No fluff, just talking about things you should know to make your life easier.
5: Google de-indexing, Discover in Search Console and Gallery Ads
Apr 15 • 19 min
What’s in this episode? Mark Williams-Cook will be discussing: Google de-indexing and other bugs A dive into the massive bug that caused millions of pages to be dropped from Google’s index and what you can do about it, as well as a look at Google’s rich…
4: Sub-site links, custom intent audiences and action extensions
Apr 8 • 19 min
What’s in this episode? Mark Williams-Cook and Rob Lewis will be discussing: - Sub-site links in Google Google appears to be testing a new category of ‘sub’ site links on mobile. Triggered on brand ads, Google offers searchers the opportunity to navigate…
3: Getting SEO results by introducing schema
Apr 1 • 22 min
The special holiday (well, Mark’s holiday at least) episode! In this episode, you’ll hear a recording from the SearchNorwich meetup of SEO expert Andrew Martin giving his talk on how to win SEO results with schema. Google told us last year that schema was…
2: Pagination problems, date published abuse and Google My Business fraud reporting
Mar 24 • 20 min
In this episode, Mark Williams-Cook will be talking about: - Pagination problems There is a significant pagination bug present in the WPEngine system and Google have updated their best practise advise regarding pagination. - Date published abuse Google…
1: Google Shopping changes, ITP and a core algorithm update
Mar 15 • 17 min
What’s in this episode? Mark Williams-Cook and Rob Lewis will be discussing: - Google Ads Shopping Updates Google is merging Google Images with the standard Search Network for Shopping Campaigns, this means you can no longer opt-out of having shopping ads…