The Food Truck Scholar

The Food Truck Scholar
The Food Truck Scholar Podcast is a weekly discussion about all things in the food truck industry. Join your host, Ariel D. Smith M.Ed, a PhD student studying the food truck movement in the United States as she discusses food truck civic engagement and…

Carl & Jei Johnson: Soul Truckin’ Good (The Remix)
Oct 14 • 40 min
I may be loosing my voice but that isn’t gonna stop me from bringing another great show to your eardrums. This episode will have a familiar voice as well as a new one. Earlier in the season I talked to Carl Johnson, co-owner of Soul Truckin’ Good in…
Chef Rae: Beyond The Fork
Oct 7 • 64 min
oday we going back to The Ville, the 615. That’s right; Nashville is back in the building courtesy of Chef Rae. Chef Rae is the owner of several projects, including Beyond The Fork Food Truck. Today I learn from Chef Rae a few (remember I said that)…
Nikeisah Newton: Meals for Heels
Sep 30 • 36 min
Today’s guest is Nikeisah Newton, owner for Meals For Six Inch Heels in Portland Oregon. Recently, Nikeisah has been gaining attention for not only her healthy and delectable meals, but her activism and volunteer work in the community to support tho…
Kemi Bennings: Food For Thought Cafe/Carrot Dog
Sep 25 • 63 min
Today’s guest is renaissance woman Kemi Bennings, owner of Food For Thought Cafe in Atlanta. This summer, I stopped by her pop up to try one of her carrot dogs. Now at first I was skeptical but in the end she had me wishing I got the recipe!
Paula O’Reilly: Oh So Gelato/ Wonder Trucks Collective
Sep 16 • 68 min
We can all agree that this summer has been all types of hot and September is proving to be no different. Luckily Paula O’Reilly has some cool treats for us all. Paula is the owner of Oh So Gelato in Charleston, SC and serving creamy chilly goodness …
Ms Dianna Beasley: Ms Beasley’s Catering
Sep 9 • 27 min
Today’s guest has been honored throughout New Orleans for serving dishes and education. In fact, Ms Beasley says she serves not food but medicine. Ms Dianna Beasley is the owner of Ms Beasley’s Catering and was gifted with a food truck from Ellen De…
Shirley Wilson and Whitney Jones: Smoke on Wheels Grille
Sep 6 • 45 min
Bonus episode! Now usually I don’t hit ya twice in a week, but breaking news sometimes requires breaking rules. 205 is in the building today and we’re celebrating the addition of another truck to the 205 family. Charles and Shirley Wilson are the ow…
Chef Darrell Johnson: Nola Creations
Sep 2 • 42 min
14 years and 4 days from today. New Orleans and it’s people were changed forever when hurricane Katrina hit on August 29, 2005. While the raging waves took much: lives, homes, memories etched in photos, and so much more, the waters could never wash …
Natasha Johnson: The Beignet Bar
Aug 26 • 38 min
You know, if you’re like me, I need a little extra pick-me-up on Mondays to help me get started. This week, all I had to do was turn on Spotify and listen to the latest Missy and Rapsody and then head to the kitchen and pull out some peach stuffed b…
Case Erickson: Trucklandia Food Truck Fest
Aug 19 • 58 min
Well it’s the first day of the fall semester for me, but just because the summer has officially ended doesn’t mean the food truck fun has to! We are exactly 2 months away from Trucklandia Food Truck Fest in Austin, TX. Last year, I visited Texas for…
Pastor Alex Davis: Jed’s Pizza Truck
Aug 12 • 58 min
Faith, trust, and food trucks. Today’s guest is a Pastor that is taking going to into the highways and byways to serve others quite literally. Alex Davis is the pastor of Eastside Assembly of Believers in Tacoma Washington and is feeding his communi…
Phillip Gardner: Danville Public Schools
Aug 5 • 18 min
Well it’s back to school season and I’m sure there’s many different feelings about summer coming to an end. While many of us celebrated when school let out for the summer and headed to the closest beach, for many children in the United States, no sc…
Chandra James: The Arctic Shack LLC
Jul 22 • 37 min
Today we are going back to Sweet Home Alabama and this time we going to my hometown of Birmingham. That’s right the 205 is in the house courtesy of Chandra James. Chandra is the owner of the Arctic Shack and though she boasts everything from hot dog…
Chef Tonya Coleman: Chef TLC and Faith Food Bus
Jul 15 • 45 min
Although today’s guest is based in Fishers Indiana don’t let that fool you. You may find her and her food bus—that’s right food bus anywhere in the state. Tonya Coleman aka chef TLC caught my attention in Indianapolis with her food bus named Faith …
Leo Quinto: La Deliciosa Helado
Jul 8 • 63 min
Today’s guest is the first dessert truck featured on the food truck Scholar Podcast. And y’all after being in the hot Atlanta sun all weekend and this 10hr drive back to Indiana, I wish I could get some of his pineapple ice cream right now. Leo Quin…
Carl Johnson: Soul Trucking Good
Jul 1 • 59 min
Today’s guest is originally from Maryland but he and his wife have made Atlanta Georgia home. Carl Johnson and his wife are the owners of Soul Trucking Good and listen I’ve seen pictures of food and I believe that’s an appropriate name. I’ll give a …
July Preview
Jun 24 • 0 min
I’m just getting home after being on the road in Detroit. No episode this week but we have a lot in store for July so get ready!!!!
Detroit River Days: Jon Witz
Jun 20 • 17 min
Bonus Episode!!!! Detroit River Days is partnering with World’s Largest Food Truck Rally this weekend and I’m coming! Here from the director Jon Witz about what you can expect. Hope you can join me!!!
James Williams: The Charlotte Food Truck Guy
Jun 17 • 54 min
Today’s episode is a collaboration i have been looking forward to for a minute. All roads lead to Charlotte NC where I get to share the mic with a peer Food Truck expert who is none other than James Williams aka the Charlotte food truck guy.T…
A Year in Review
Jun 10 • 43 min
Today’s episode celebrates one year of The Food Truck Scholar brand. We’re doing a year in review to celebrate all that has been accomplished this year and discuss where we expect to go in year 2.
Tribute to Leah Chase
Jun 3 • 25 min
On this episode of #TFTSPodcast, we honor the life and legacy of the Queen of Creole Cuisine, Chef Leah Chase who presided over the kitchen of Dooky Chase Restaurant in New Orleans. She passed away Saturday, June 1 at the age of 96
Toriano & Serena Fredericks: Boricua Soul Food Truck
May 27 • 73 min
’m excited about today’s episode because for the first time The Food Truck Scholar Podcast will feature a husband and wife duo! There are quite a few food trucks owned and operated by couples but it’s not every day you get to hear from both, so toda…
Donell Creech: Soul Food Truck Fest
May 20 • 42 min
Get ready, because on today’s show all roads lead back to Austin, Texas where I have the pleasure of chopping it with Donell Creech, founding president of Griot Media which is the parent organizer of Soul Food Truck Fest. In episode 8 with Deundre Z…
Crista McCants: TraePay’s Rolling Cafe
May 13 • 48 min
Today’s guest takes me back to sweet home Alabama and all the way to this the 251. That’s right mobile Alabama is in the house courtesy of none other than crista mccants! Crista is the proud owner of TraePay’s Rolling Cafe, a food truck that will so…
Deundre Zachery: Ragin Cajun
May 6 • 79 min
oday’s guest is Deundre Zachary the owner of Ragin Cajun Louisiana Kitchen Food Truck. As former banking executive Deundre has helped countless individuals launch their dream business and 2 years ago he decided to launch his. This is an episode you …
Patrick Lanier: Lip Smacking’ Creations Food Medic
Apr 29 • 32 min
What’s up everybody welcome to The Food Truck Scholar Podcast. I’m your host Ariel D Smith I appreciate you choosing to kick it with me for another episode. Be sure to share your thoughts about today’s episode on social media using the hashtag TFTSP…
Terry Key: Drop It Like it’s Hot Wings Ft Patrick Lanier
Apr 22 • 53 min
Today’s episode is special because it’s actually the first episode I ever recorded and it was recorded live (so excuse the background noise) But besides that, this episode features not one but two food truck owners from Nashville Tennessee. Terry Ke…
Ariel The Food Truck Scholar: Taco Truck Tammy
Apr 15 • 28 min
Last week, a video went viral when a white woman threatened to call ICE on a Latinx owned and operated food truck. Social media quickly dubbed the then unidentified woman as Taco Truck Tammy, in recognition of prior experiences of white women actual…
Chef Dante: One of Kind BBQ & Tacos
Apr 8 • 35 min
Chef Dante tells how being a chef and food truck owner has made a difference in his life personally and professionally, gives us a sneak peek into what his daily grind looks like, provides insight on health and inspection scoring, and gives advice f…
Chef Jazz- Shees Cooking LLC
Apr 1 • 27 min
We start by saying RIP to Nipsey Hussle, who was a huge supporter and influence on west coast chefs and food truck owners. Our guest today is Chef Jazz, the owner of Shees Cooking Food Truck LLC in Atlanta, GA. Chef Jazz shares with Ariel The Food T…
Chef Sassy- Sassy Pans
Mar 25 • 23 min
This week Ariel The Food Truck Scholar talks to Chef Sassy, owner of Sassy Pans LLC and season 9 contestant of The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network. Chef Sassy tells Ariel how she started cooking professionally, how she landed on Food Network, …
Podcast Preview
Mar 18 • 2 min
New Podcast Alert! If you’re interested in food, culture, economics, and food trucks from any angle, The Food Truck Scholar podcast is for you.
Who is The Food Truck Scholar?
Mar 18 • 33 min
Host Ariel D. Smith shares how she became known as “The Food Truck Scholar” and discusses what you can expect in the upcoming episodes.