Not Overthinking

Not Overthinking
The weekly podcast about happiness, creativity, and the human condition.

010 - Why do we struggle with motivation?
May 19 • 38 min
This episode is all about motivation. We start by introducing our ideal state of ‘motivation is a myth’ and the idea that discipline is all we *should* need to get stuff done. But then having recognised this, we spend the rest of the episode discussing…
009 - What makes an awkward silence?
May 12 • 50 min
In this episode, we talk about awkward silences, why we think they happen, how we can stop them happening and whether we should stop them happening at all. We try and understand why we’re more comfortable with some people than others, and why car journeys…
008 - Time management, motivation, productivity etc [Inbetweenasode]
May 5 • 23 min
In this Inbetweenasode, Ali answers various questions relating to motivation, productivity, time management and that sort of stuff. It’s a bit cheeky because we didn’t record a proper episode, but given the need for consistency, we thought we’d repurpose…
007 - How should we take advice?
Apr 28 • 32 min
We all love getting advice from our audience, our mentors, our seniors, our listeners. In this episode, we discuss some of the feedback we’ve got about the podcast so far and wonder to what extent we should change things up based on advice. We then…
006 - Why do we love our jobs?
Apr 21 • 40 min
This is the first episode that features a guest! Paul Tern, a Cambridge-grad junior doctor who works in London, joins the discussion about why we love our jobs. We start off with some meandering around the history of the ‘I want to enjoy my job’…
005 - Why should you invest in a good kitchen bin?
Apr 14 • 42 min
In this episode, we explore “Measure” — a mental model for spending time and money more effectively. Based on this framework, we conclude that everyone should get a good kitchen bin and a voice coach, and that Ali probably shouldn’t get a Tesla.
004 - Why do we struggle with consistency?
Apr 7 • 37 min
In this episode we discuss how consistency in almost every domain is a super power, and come to a few conclusions about what helps us be more consistent with things like morning routines, gym workouts and writing practices.
003 - Why do we hate networking events?
Mar 31 • 50 min
In this episode, we discuss why we hate networking events but love group holidays, and we try and figure out how to better connect with our fellow human beings.
002 - Why are we scared to put ourselves out there?
Mar 24 • 43 min
In this episode, we discuss why we were (once) scared to put ourselves out there and how we overcame that fear. Send us your thoughts — [email protected]!
001 - Why do we like to be correct?
Mar 16 • 40 min
In this pilot episode of Not Overthinking, we discuss our reasons for starting the podcast, and then have a chat about why we feel the urge to be correct in everyday conversation.