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Leadership in construction with perspective from the job site. A podcast dedicated to the Construction industry. Construction professionals, General Contractors, Sub trade Contractors, and Specialty Contractors audiences will be engaged by the discussi…

Rocky Sethi - The Story of Adera and Growth of Mass Timber
Jul 7 • 80 min
Rocky Sethi, COO of Adera Developments, joins the show to share his personal story and discuss the growth of Adera. We discuss what drives Adera and how innovation and delivering value is at the core of everything they do. On the episode, we discuss Mass…
Jesse Unke - Navigating Change in the New Reality
Jun 1 • 62 min
On this episode we speak to Jesse about adapting to the new reality of how construction companies have to operate in this new climate of safety and uncertainty within Ram Consulting and his other affiliated roles. Jessie talked to us about his involvement…
Uptime Industrial - The Importance of Relationships for Growth
May 25 • 65 min
Reza Nazarinia, from Uptime Industrial, joins the show to discuss his personal story and the exciting growth of Uptime. We learn about what makes Uptime special and how relationships have been key to drive success for the business and for Reza.
Building Forward with Jacob Bros
May 20 • 71 min
Ryan Burns, Project Manager for Jacob Bros, joins the show to share how the civil and commercial contractor has been building forward with the new normal. We learn the story of Jacob Bros and their unique commitment to people, projects, and personnel. We…
Engineering a New Normal with the Krahn Group
May 8 • 75 min
Geoff Krahn, from Krahn Engineering, joins the show to share the story of growth, diversification and adjustments to the new normal. We learn about what makes Krahn unique and their ability to provide a “one-stop-shop” for the construction industry.
505-JUNK - A New Way to Approach Junk Removal and Construction Waste
Apr 29 • 86 min
Barry Hartman and Scott Foran, from 505-JUNK, join the show to share their story of growth, innovation, and partnership. We learn about what makes their company special and their exciting vision for the future.
Coronavirus in Construction Special Episode
Apr 13 • 59 min
On this special episode, James, Christian, and Andrew discuss what they have been hearing from connections in the construction industry regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. The hosts dig into their perspectives on the pandemic in relation to…
Abstract Developments: Leading in a Changing Marketplace
Mar 24 • 71 min
Kyle Ryan joins the podcast to share the story of Abstract Developments. As Chief Operating Officer for the Development and Construction company, Kyle shares the exciting journey of Abstract from a custom builder to a diversified development company that…
Waste Management: Innovation & Sustainability Done Right
Mar 11 • 72 min
Nic Labelle and Landon Weigel join the podcast to share the story of Waste Management. As Account Managers for the 43,000+ company, they share the different ways WM is bringing innovation, sustainability, and technology into the waste industry.
PCL Construction - 100+ Years of Building Excellence, New Project Procurement Methods and Single Sector Focus with Ryan Andrews, Manager of Civil Projects, BC Region
Mar 2 • 74 min
Ryan Andrews, Manager of Civil Projects, BC Region, PCL Constructors Westcoast. Ryan shares about the roots and founding principles of this iconic Construction company and the journey from humble beginnings to a global construction leader. While…
BUILDEX Live #7 - BigRock Built (Ben Garriott)
Feb 21 • 39 min
On this episode, we bring back Ben Garriott on the show to discuss the growth of BigRockBuilt over the past 12 months. Ben shares what his team has been up to from new processes and technology adaption, recent acquisitions, and organic growth and…
BUILDEX Live #8 - Nationwide Fuel (Andy Dhaliwal)
Feb 21 • 34 min
We bring Andy Dhaliwal on the show to discuss the growth of Nationwide Fuel and his story in building the business. Andy shares his personal story from corporate life to entrepreneurship and everything in between. Andy shares his experience in building…
BUILDEX Live #6 - Alliance Partners (Gordon Yeh)
Feb 21 • 56 min
We bring Gordon Yeh on the show to discuss the story of Alliance Partners from the early days to where they are today: a growing and successful boutique real estate development firm with exciting projects all accross Western Canada. We dive into the…
BUILDEX Live #4 - Zeemac Vehicle Leasing (Kris and Andrew)
Feb 21 • 43 min
We chat with Kris and Andrew from Zeemac Fleet Services. On the show, we learn the history of Zeemac and their growth from a family business to a diversified national fleet solutions partner. We discuss what items construction leaders should consider…
BUILDEX Live #5 - Faber Connect 2.0 (John Reid)
Feb 21 • 43 min
We bring John Reid back on the show to discuss the growth of Faber over the past year. We discuss some of the new updates and expansion Faber has executed in 2019, and what is in store for 2020. This is great episode that digs into the challenge of…
BUILDEX Live #2 - Creative Energy (Diego Mandelbaum)
Feb 21 • 45 min
We chat with Diego Mandelbaum about Creative Energy and the story of innovation and sustainability in the energy sector. We discuss the growth of Creative Energy and some of the exciting projects currently in operation and in the procurement process….
BUILDEX Live #3 - Autodesk & Plangrid (Luke Forrest)
Feb 21 • 38 min
We chat with Luke Forrest about Autodesk and the story of technology adoption in the construction industry. We discuss the growth of PlanGrid and his personal career journey in both tech and construction. This is a great episode that shares insight on…
BUILDEX Live #1 - Ryzer Sales & Contracting (Ryan Vandelft)
Feb 21 • 41 min
We chat with Ryan Vandelft about his career journey and the growth of Ryzer from a small business to a large scale construction firm serving clients across North America. We discuss the importance of people, culture and a strategic plan in driving…
The Story of a Dynamic & Growing Family Construction Company
Feb 10 • 71 min
Bryan Reid, President of Kindred Construction. Bryan shares the journey of Kindred from humble beginnings to a diversified construction company with over 100 staff and high profile projects all across Western Canada. This episode is filled with exciting…
Tools of the Trade
Feb 6 • 71 min
Colin Toop, Founder of Tools of the Trade Podcast. Colin has been an electrician, entrepreneur and project manager all across Canada. We chat with Colin about his construction journey and his passion for the industry.
Bold Construction - Delivering Innovative, People-Focused Projects with Brandon Losse, Director of Business Development.
Jan 27 • 72 min
We speak with Brandon Losse regarding the growth and momentum of Bold Construction over the past 10 years and how their commitment to values, culture, and people has led to success. We dig into Brandon’s career and also the story of Bold Construction.
The Story of Modular Construction
Dec 18, 2019 • 63 min
On this episode, we speak with Stephen Branch, President of Metric Modular. Founded in 1977 and based out of Agassiz BC, Metric Modular is one of North America’s largest commercial modular construction companies bringing innovation and quality to every…
Finding Construction Professionals when Supply is Tight
Dec 9, 2019 • 76 min
On this episode, we speak with Kyle Davis, Business Development Manager from Matchbox Consulting. MatchBox is a strategic recruitment and professional services firm that specializes in attracting top talent and delivering comprehensive recruitment…
Building Smarter with Modular Construction
Dec 2, 2019 • 69 min
On this episode, we speak with Keith Tilley, Director of Business Development for Mod-Panel Solutions. Based out of Edmonton Alberta, Mod Panel Solutions (MPS) is an offsite construction building envelope product manufacturer established to design and…
High-End Home Construction in Whistler
Nov 4, 2019 • 68 min
On this episode, we talk about the journey of starting and growing a family business in construction . From the small beginnings , to an established company. On the show We discuss company culture, the commitment to quality and what true customer care is…
The Importance of People & Culture in Construction
Oct 4, 2019 • 73 min
On this episode, we speak with Justin and Zack from Caliber Projects. Based out of Langley BC, Caliber is a Construction Management firm that specializes in multi-family residential projects. Over the past 10 years, Caliber has built over 1,700 Homes and…
The New Era of Demolition
Sep 10, 2019 • 71 min
On this episode, we speak with Brad Morrison, General Manager of Clearview Demolition. Based out of Surrey BC, Clearview is a full scale industrial and commercial demolition contractor serving all of Western Canada.
How Technology Helps Power Safety
Aug 2, 2019 • 70 min
On this episode, we speak with William Wright, Manager of Field Operations for Fusion Projects, a Design-Build Construction Company based out of Vancouver BC. We discuss with William how technology has the ability to impact safety within construction. We…
How to manage growth the right way
Jul 30, 2019 • 69 min
On this episode, we speak with Erik and Lisa Lacey. Owners of Lacey Developments based out of Mission BC. We discuss the story of Lacey Developments from the beginning in 1999, to where they are today. We discuss their 422% growth over the past 6 years…
New Delivery Methods in Construction
Jul 15, 2019 • 73 min
On this episode, we speak with Jesse Unke. The Director of Project Management for Ram Consulting. We discuss the story of Ram from the beginning in 2007, to where they are today, and where they plan to be in the next couple of years. We also dig into…
The Business of Specialized Contracting
Jul 2, 2019 • 69 min
On this episode, we speak with Brad and Riley Dornian from Brushfire Painting. In our conversation, we discuss the challenge of running a contracting company and the lessons learned in order to build a business that is specialized. We discuss company…
How to make technology decisions for your Construction Business
Jun 25, 2019 • 66 min
On this episode, we speak with Karl Sorensen from Blue Collar Labs. In our conversation, we discuss the process of how to select and onboard new technology in your construction company. We also discuss the story of Blue Collar Labs and their mission be…
Culture as a Competitive Advantage
Jun 18, 2019 • 75 min
On this episode, we speak with Shannon & Rob Mitchell from Pit Stop Portables. In our conversation, we discuss the importance of company culture and how it impacts operations, customer service, and growth.
Project Management for Innovative Construction Projects
Jun 6, 2019 • 64 min
Shane McKernan, Project Manager at Landa Global Properties, joins the SiteVisit Podcast to discuss innovative trends and changes in the construction field. From new regulations, upcoming changes in sub trade payments, and new ways to introduce technology…
The New Age of Field Management
Jun 3, 2019 • 53 min
Cam Roy, Construction Manager at Ram Construction, joins the SiteVisit Podcast to discuss the new age of field management and what makes a great site team.
How to Grow and Lead a Family Construction Company
May 15, 2019 • 64 min
Tyler VanderHoek, Vice President & GM of The GB Group, joins the SiteVisit Podcast to discuss how to grow a family construction business the right way to drive success.
The Clash of the Generations
May 8, 2019 • 59 min
Christian, James, and Andrew discuss the different generations found in construction and the impact it has on a company, project, and job site.
The Power of Being People and Technology Focused in Construction
Apr 22, 2019 • 68 min
Jesse Atkinson, Owner and President of Colony Construction, joins the Site Visit Podcast to discuss the importance of people and technology in construction.
Overcoming the Workforce Resistance to Adopt New Ideas
Apr 12, 2019 • 66 min
Jeff Chan, Vice President of Centurion Contracting, joins the Site Visit to discuss the importance of adopting change and introducing new ideas in construction.
Going Out on Your Own: How to Build & Grow a Contracting Business
Apr 4, 2019 • 58 min
Ben Garriott, Owner of Big Rock Forming & Framing, joins the SiteVisit to discuss how to start, lead and grow a contracting business.
Why Relationships Matter in Construction
Mar 29, 2019 • 71 min
Kevin Swenson, Owner of System One Floor, joins the Site Visit to discuss the importance of relationships in construction.
Faber, Disrupting Labour on Demand
Mar 13, 2019 • 62 min
The guys from Faber join Andrew, James, and Christian to talk about their awesome solution for labour on demand.
Branding and Positioning a Construction Company in 2019
Mar 6, 2019 • 63 min
Andrew, James, and Christian chat about how branding and positioning a construction company is critical these days.
Lift Off - Why are we doing this?
Feb 27, 2019 • 33 min
Andrew, James, and Christian discuss “why the are doing this”, what’s the point in making this podcast.