Travel to Iran

Travel to Iran
Searching about travelling to Iran and gathering all the great information for a trip can take a while. I’ve been the guide of Tehran Tours since September of 2015. After all these years of experience and studying about Iran I can give you the best information you need. Each episode is about a different topic and it’s dedicated to a specific country so that I can explain the common aspects between the two countries. I’m Abbas, the guide of Tehran. I will share my experiences and notes so you can enjoy Tehran and Iran Like a Local! If you need any more information contact to [email protected]

Episode 2: Bobby Sands - Streets of Tehran 🇮🇪
Mar 18 • 20 min
In the Second episode of Travel to Iran podcast I tell you about Airport access to the city, Transpiration in Tehran, The main areas of city. Also I tell you about Bobby Sands and Why dedicated to Irish people. I have some recommendations for airport,…
Episode 1: Introduce Travel to Iran Podcast 🇮🇷
Mar 16 • 18 min
I’m Abbas, a guide of Tehran city. I started to be a guide on Sep of 2015. In This podcast, I will tell you about Iran, Why Travel to Iran and give you the most important information about the country for dear travelers. In the First Episode I talked…