The CU2.0 Podcast

The CU2.0 Podcast
This podcast explores contemporary, critical thinking and issues impacting the nation’s credit unions. What do they need to be doing to not just survive but prosper?

CU 2.0 Podcast Episode 47 Randy Karnes CU*Answers for Small Credit Unions
Aug 14 • 34 min
Randy Karnes Tells the Small Credit Union Guide to Succeeding in Turbulent Times
46 Kirk Kordeleski on Doubling Your Size and More Good News
Aug 7 • 43 min
Kirk Kordeleski Tells How to Double a Credit Union’s Size Every Five Years - and How to Thrive in Turbulent Times
45 Gary Oakland BECU
Jul 31 • 40 min
Call this the credit union oral history sequence - Blaine, Bucky Sebastian, now Gary Oakland who took over BECU, with around $700 million in assets, in the mid 1980s and when he left in 2012 it had become a $10 billion+ credit union, one of the nati…
44 Wendell “Bucky” Sebastian - a Credit Union Life
Jul 22 • 52 min
A state regulator in Illinois. General counsel at NCUA. A co-founder of Callahan Associates. Longtime CEO at GTE Financial. Head of the National Credit Union Foundation. Guess who.Meet Wendell
43 Caroline Willard Cornerstone League
Jul 16 • 31 min
Cornerstone’s Caroline Willard on Credit Union Existential Questions, from Cannabis to Taxation
42 Walt Laskos, CCUA, on Credit Unions Fighting Elder Fraud
Jul 9 • 26 min
How credit unions are combating elder fraud - the CCUA case study
41 Sherri Davidoff on Cyber Insecurities and You
Jun 27 • 28 min
How credit unions can defend against the epidemic phishing attacks targeting front line employees: Self defense starts with knowledge
CU2.0 Podcast - Episode 7 - Vasilios Roussos, DCU Fintech Innovation Center
Jun 20 • 30 min
Inside the DUC Fintech Innovation Lab in Boston: How a credit union nurtures new technology
40 the Jim Blaine Marathon
Jun 20 • 57 min
Credit union legend Jim Blaine tells how to keep credit unions relevant - and how many are going astray.
39 Futurist Chris Skinner
Jun 12 • 31 min
Futurist Chris Skinner tells the how to of making a credit union truly digital to compete in the 21st century.
38 Futurist Thomas Frey on Credit Unions Tomorrow
Jun 4 • 29 min
Futurist Thomas Frey talks about the future of banks and credit unions - and a lot more stuff in this provocative, lively podcast.
37 Cliff Rosenthal on CDFIs
May 29 • 38 min
Exploring Community Development Financial Institutions and the Future of Credit Unions with Cliff Rosenthal
36 Millennials Talk Credit Unions
May 22 • 50 min
Millennials tell what they want from financial institutions, how credit unions fail, and what credit unions can do to win their membership
17 Victor Corro on Hispanics and Credit Unions
May 20 • 28 min
Hispanics and US credit unions: a case of mutual need.
35 Gen Z Talks Up About Credit Unions
May 15 • 38 min
Gen Z tells the good, the bad and the ugly about credit unions.
34 Ben Premo TrueFees on Fee Transparency
Apr 24 • 27 min
TrueFees helps consumers find the lowest fees - and that just may steer plenty of new members to credit unions.
33 Erin Coleman Filene on Thinking Big and Better
Apr 24 • 35 min
How to think strategically, credit union style.
32 Mike Edwards WOCCU on International Trends
Apr 24 • 28 min
Talking about international credit union trends and how they impact US institutions
20 Up in Smoke, Credit Unions and Cannabis, Part 2
Apr 24 • 46 min
The promise and dangers of cannabis banking - the credit union viewpoint.
31 Mike Reuter Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions
Apr 9 • 23 min
Credit unions helping each other around the world: information sharing, technology pooling, and charitable giving.
30 Brett King on Banking Tomorrow
Mar 29 • 24 min
Futurist Brett King paints a dystopian picture of banking tomorrow where digital rules and fintechs are rising.
28 Patrick Conway PCUA on Lobbying and Much More
Mar 27 • 33 min
Patrick Conway on credit union leagues and lobbying today.
29 Teresa Freeborn on Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union
Mar 27 • 34 min
Teresa Freeborn on the $100 million CUNA credit union awareness campaign
Hakan Nordfjell Gemalto on New Account Fraud
Mar 20 • 28 min
Call this podcast The New Account Opening Wars - How to win against today’s cybercriminals.
Carl Memnon, COO Grain Technology on an End to Overdraft Fees
Mar 20 • 31 min
Talking with Grain Technology about a new tool for helping consumers avoid overdraft fees and build their credit history.
Ron Shevlin on Is the Party Over
Mar 14 • 24 min
What’s trending in credit unions: Shevlin knows and he tells in this podcast.
Up in Smoke, Credit Unions and Cannabis, Part 1
Mar 14 • 47 min
What credit unions need to know about cannabis banking.
Joe Bergeron on Credit Union Leagues
Mar 14 • 33 min
How the Vermont credit union league stays relevant in the 21st century