The Human Together Podcast Show

The Human Together Podcast Show
The Human Together Podcast Show is hosted by Jayson Floyd, PhD. The show is ultimately about humanity and shared experiences. The show highlights people from various cultures, religions, ethnicities and backgrounds to help gain a deeper understanding a…

Veteran’s Day Special: Tribute and conversation with General Ben Robinson
Nov 11 • 32 min
A tribute to the men and women of the armed forces and a discussion with retired General Ben Robinson
Understanding Islam Part 2: Women’s Perspective
Nov 4 • 16 min
Dr. Floyd interviews Dr. Shabana Mir about issues faced by Muslim women.
Bringing Hope: Blessed Stanley Rother
Oct 28 • 28 min
Dr. Floyd has a conversation with the archivist from the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City about the life and influence of Blessed Stanley Rother.
A Narrative Short: The Last Straw!
Oct 21 • 5 min
Dr. Floyd discusses banning the use of single use plastic straws
Benevolent Organizations: FOCUS
Oct 15 • 13 min
Dr. Diane Floyd discusses the FOCUS ministries with Rae Grellner- Missionary
Benevolent Organizations: Unbound
Oct 14 • 40 min
Dr. Floyd discuses the Unbound Organizations with Community Outreach Director, Andrew Kling.
SkillsUSA: Q & A with Executive Director- Tim Lawrence
Oct 7 • 17 min
A Q&A Session with SkillsUSA Executive Director - Tim Lawrence
The Muhammad Ali Center
Sep 30 • 33 min
An conversation with Jeanie Kahnke from the Muhammad Ali Center
A Narrative Short: Black Dog Syndrome
Sep 23 • 5 min
Dr. Floyd shares a humorous and compelling narrative about Black Dog Syndrome.
Season 2 Introduction
Sep 16 • 2 min
Season 2 of the Human Together Podcast will premiere on Monday, September 23, 2019 at 8:00am. This season will highlight groups and individuals who are thought-provoking and influential. The season has a wide-range of topics that center on soc…
A Narrative Short: The Influence of Teachers
Jul 8 • 7 min
Teachers, disabilities, writing, human together
The Positive Truth
Jul 1 • 11 min
Dr. Floyd has a discussion with the hosts of the Positive Truth Show
The Jewish Faith: Silence is our greatest enemy!
Jun 20 • 20 min
Dr. Floyd reflects on a Holocaust Remembrance Day and has a conversation about the Jewish Faith with Roberta Clark, the executive director of the Jewish Federation of OKC
SkillsUSA: A Round Table Discussion
Jun 17 • 13 min
A round table discussion about the student leadership organization- SkillsUSA
Little Free Libraries
Jun 12 • 13 min
Dr. Floyd discusses Little Free Libraries with Branden Pederson
A Narrative Short: The deadCENTER Film Festival
Jun 3 • 7 min
Dr. Floyd gives a narrative account of the origins of the deadCENTER Film Festival.
A Narrative Short: Hilarious, but not funny.
May 27 • 3 min
Dr. Floyd shares a tale from a local newspaper about an individual who was charged with crimes of driving under the influence, damaging property and incident exposure among others.
Understanding Islam Part 1
May 20 • 21 min
This is part of one of a two part series focusing on the Islamic religion. In this episode, I have a discussion with Adam Soltani, the executive director of CAIR Oklahoma.
A Narrative Short: The Whitest Guy You Know
May 13 • 4 min
Dr. Floyd gives a humorous account of his own heritage.
May 6 • 15 min
Learn about Dyslexia and how individuals overcome the learning disability.
A Narrative Short: The Power of Prayer
Apr 29 • 7 min
Dr. Floyd shares a narrative that exemplifies the power of prayer.
A Narrative Short: Mrs. Dubose
Mar 15 • 6 min
A short story about Mrs. Dubose. There is more to her than you will ever know.
Human Together Introduction
Mar 14 • 4 min
This is a brief introduction of The Human Together Podcast Show. The show is ultimately about humanity and shared experiences. The show illuminates different social issues, people with various cultures and backgrounds to create a deeper understandin…