For Inquisitive Minds

For Inquisitive Minds
FIM or For Inquisitive Minds is a podcast interviewing top researchers, PhD students and other academics on their cutting edge research. We break down each topic so it is easy for anyone to pick up, and then build up the knowledge base so everyone can understand the respective theses and purposes of each interview. Topics covered include human rights, machine learning, cancer research, health informatics, energy storage, quantum computing and more! Cover art photo provided by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash: Support this podcast:

14 Understanding customer satisfaction
Oct 24 • 43 min
Organisations which sell services or products to mass audiences struggle to understand the reasons why their customers are happy, and especially how the preferences evolve over time. The problem of understanding reasons for customer satisfaction over time…
13 Human rights as sources of national and international criminal law
Oct 10 • 39 min
Mattio argues that in the last few years laws have increasingly become a preferred and often unquestioned means of attempting to enforce human rights. The use of human rights to mandate expanded penalty (intended as the entire “penal field”, including its…
12 Liquid biopsy and characterising tumour molecular features from blood
Sep 26 • 80 min
Prostate cancer is a very heterogeneous disease with variable molecular phenotypes and clinical outcomes. The challenges and clinical unmet needs are to understand how the tumor evolves and effectively track the disease change along the treatment.…
11 Pulminary hypertension with Mun Ching Lee
Sep 12 • 34 min
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10 Exploring the perceptions of patient safety in the NHS ambulance services
Aug 29 • 35 min
Keegan explores ambulance settings are incredibly under-researched when compared to that of hospitals and primary care settings, and so it’s very exploratory and aiming to capture perceptions of staff in regards to how they view patient safety in general,…
09: Simulating our universe using machine learning with Davide Piras
Aug 1 • 36 min
Davide is a PhD student at University College London, studying how machine learning could be applied to replicate simulations of our Universe. His main research thus focus on Astrophysics and generative algorithms, even though he published a paper on…
08: An eco-friendly solution to help prevent Schistosomiasis with Rhianna Williams
Jul 18 • 34 min
Rhianna works at Imperial College London, raising funds for research within Medicine and Sciences. She also conducts research into Neglected Tropical Diseases, such as Schistosomiasis. This study examines ecological theory and sustainable intervention…
07: The Benefits of Autophagy with Gautam Runwal
Jul 4 • 34 min
Gautam has completed his PhD from the University of Cambridge and will be moving to UCSF as a postdoctoral scholar. His current research interests encompass studying the human brain in context of neurological disorders using various cellular and molecular…
06: Optimal Solutions in 5G using Coding Theory with Rafah El-Khatib
Jun 20 • 38 min
Rafah did her PhD in Coding Theory at EPFL, Switzerland and is now a data scientist at ING in London. Her research focused on the analysis of an optimisation algorithm, called belief propagation, that is used in telecommunications and machine learning,…
05: Using Machine Learning to test drug responses with Will Bowers
Jun 6 • 40 min
Will Bowers is a PhD researcher at the institute of Cancer Research. He is focusing on defining biomarkers of tyrosine kinase inhibitor response in soft tissue sarcoma. To break that down, soft tissue sarcoma (STS) is a rare cancer category (<1% of all…
04: Why don’t pancreatic cancer cells die? Ask Caroline Haegeman
May 22 • 40 min
Caroline is a PhD student at Imperial College studying pancreatic cancer. Her research focuses on understanding the mechanisms of resistance to cell death in cancer and novel therapeutic approaches to tackle this. To do this Caroline uses techniques such…
03: Energy Storage with Oliver Schmidt
May 9 • 42 min
Oliver Schmidt has a PhD researcher at Imperial College in Energy storage. He is looking at the Future cost of electricity storage and its value in low-carbon energy systems. He analyses future cost reduction potentials using experience curves, expert…
02: A Discussion on Intergroup Conflict and Aggression/Social Psychology with Dorottya Lantos, PhD Candidate
Apr 25 • 53 min
For Inquisitive Minds is a fortnightly podcast showcasing post graduate work in all areas. The podcast seeks to identify ground breaking research and bring it to the masses. On this podcast we chat about many areas of social psychology. Why groups work…
01: Quantum Computing with Pavlos Apostolidis, PhD
Apr 10 • 36 min
For Inquisitive Minds is a fortnightly podcast showcasing post graduate work in all areas. The podcast seeks to identify ground breaking research and bring it to the masses. Pavlos Apostolidis obtained his PhD in Quantum Physics at University College…
The Introduction
Mar 10 • 3 min
Introducing FIM - For Inquisitive Minds. Check it out and learn about what we are working on! —- Support this podcast: