workshops work

workshops work
As a workshop facilitator, you set the stage for success or failure of professional gatherings. It is in your hands whether the group achieves its goals and whether it translates challenges into solutions. It’s a lot of responsibility to create safe sp?

029 - Culture matters! How to apply Design Thinking across organisational cultures – with Bernhard Ferro
Oct 9 • 53 min
Although Design Thinking cannot fix a broken team, it does support the team building process by impacting the way groups behave, interact and make decisions.
028 - How to supercharge your workshops and teams with Pam Hamilton
Oct 2 • 56 min
In this episode, I talk to Pam Hamilton, the author of “The Workshop Book”, facilitator and managing director of Paraffin. Pam is passionate about collective intelligence and how to unleash collective intelligence…
027 - Beyond the spreadsheet-brain: How to invoke participants’ brains, hearts and bellies? - with Tenneson Woolf
Sep 25 • 49 min
Workshops work if facilitators find ways to create connection and invoke participants’ brains, hearts and bellies to the meeting or workshop.
026 - How to design meetings that we love to attend - with Gustavo Razzetti
Sep 18 • 62 min
To design meetings we love to attend, the leader needs to create space for information exchange and for connection on a more personal level.
025 - How can we foster positivity in vulnerable contexts? - with Paulina Santos Alatorre
Aug 21 • 50 min
We can foster positivity in workshops on painful topics and in vulnerable contexts by creating meaningful exercises and teach effective communication.
024 - How to find comfort in uncertainty - with Grazyna Frackiewicz
Aug 14 • 48 min
Learn from Grazyna how to overcome uncertainty by combining skills from sales, marketing and acting to understand the bigger picture and stay in the moment.
023 - Create FOMO for yourself: how to increase your workshop’s visibility - with May King Tsang
Aug 7 • 53 min
Facilitators, coaches and trainers can massively increase the visibility of their own events but using social media more strategically and create FOMO.
022 - Conversations matter! How to design group conversations - with Daniel Stillman
Jul 31 • 49 min
Conversation designers help groups to get where they need to go through series of activities. The process is based on insights from user experience design
021 - How to use Liberating Structures to translate the purpose into a process - with Max Brouwer
Jul 24 • 48 min
The core of our conversation is the method of “Liberating Structures” and we dig deep into different exercises (so-called “structures”) and how to effectively apply them in different contexts.
020 - Create experiences for your audience to achieve results - with Rein Sevenstern
Jul 17 • 57 min
The core of our conversation is the question of how we can create experiences in various workshop contexts and how we can take participants out of their comfort zone while protecting the safe space.
019 - Workshop tactics: Can we design workshops without experience? - with Charles Burdett
Jul 10 • 52 min
In the show we discuss the needs of newbie and professional facilitators in terms of tools that make workshops work, what we can learn from UX Design about workshop participants.
018 - How to use scientific insights to design powerful workshops - with Myriam Hadnes
Jul 3 • 50 min
In my first solo show, I share how I use insights from behavioural science to design and facilitate powerful workshops that assure meaningful progress within a safe space.
017 - Master the room! How to create engagement with your audience - with Derek Bruce
Jun 26 • 55 min
Derek Bruce shares his experience as HR consultant and key note speaker on how to engage the audience whether it is a meeting, workshop or conference.
016: Why every facilitator should take improvisation theatre classes - with Tamar Broadbent
Jun 19 • 52 min
Improvisers and facilitators have to master similar skills to be successful “on stage”: they have to listen, accept what is without judging, create connection, and create a safe space.
015 - How to use workshops as solution development tool - with Wouter Smeets
Jun 12 • 49 min
In this episode Wouter shares how we can use workshops as a framework to apply innovation principles for solution development.
014 - What it takes to be an authentic facilitator - with Lily Gros
Jun 5 • 50 min
We talk about “authenticity 360 degrees” which includes the facilitator and the participants. And, we talk about mindful facilitation which becomes crucial as soon as challenges come up.
013 - How to make meetings better by using workshop techniques - with Alison Coward
May 29 • 47 min
We talk about “workshop culture” and the fact that not every professional gathering must turn into a workshop. Instead, we can use workshop elements that will help boost team collaboration and creativity in meetings and everyday business.
012 - Put your meetings on the wall: The power of visual facilitation - with Mathias Weitbrecht
May 22 • 40 min
Visual facilitation is not about drawing. It is about problem solving and value creation.
011 - How to design brainstorming sessions for huge groups - with Frans Scheepens
May 15 • 53 min
In this episode, I talk to Frans Scheepens about conducting brainstorming sessions with very large groups as he has designed and facilitated groups with up to 650 participants.
010 - Design and facilitate successful strategy workshops - with Dirk Verburg
May 8 • 44 min
Successful strategy workshops ensure two elements: (1) a concrete plan with deliverables, deadlines, and responsibilities, (2) the buy-in from all members of the group.
009 - Make conflict your ally in workshops - with Meg Mateer
May 1 • 48 min
Meg and I talk about conflict in group settings and how to use conflict as an opportunity for insight, clarity and connection in the context of workshops.
008 - How to handle ineffective power differences in meetings - with Marcel van de Hoef
Apr 24 • 49 min
Everything Marcel does has to do with communication, so we talk about power structures in conversations and namely in meetings and workshops.
007 - Mindset Management - with Jeremy Akers
Apr 16 • 47 min
The facilitator has the most impact on the workshop’s results if he or she can be present with all senses. To be present, apply a beginner’s mindset and remain aware of what happens in the group context.
006 - What managers can learn from the clown - with Steph Kinsch
Apr 10 • 42 min
Steph Kinsch and I talk about similarities between the circus and meetings and what circus directors can teach managers and facilitators about structuring effective working sessions.
005 - Artistic Intelligence: The new Design Thinking? with Romas Stukenberg
Apr 3 • 46 min
“Creative” is an overused word in the business and innovation context. While most creative sessions remain gamified approaches to traditional style of doing business, the artistic approach focuses self-leadership.
004 - How to keep office politics out of the workshop space - with Mark Lambertz
Mar 27 • 36 min
A coach acts like an external disturber who is not afraid to contradict, not afraid of conflict and silence. You cannot keep politics out but you can control it.
003 - What facilitators can learn from story telling - with Christopher Marks
Mar 20 • 37 min
A workshop can be designed like a story. To make it compelling, build it around a conflict or tension, have the end state in mind.
002 - How NLP can help you become a better facilitator - with Margreet Jacobs
Mar 20 • 38 min
Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) can help us to deliver speeches that resonate and workshops that work.
001 - Getting it right by starting it right. The power of connection - with Patrick Cowden
Mar 20 • 41 min
Every business challenge can get fixed in a meeting of ten minutes if everyone in the room is connected, aligned and committed.
000 - Introduction of the workshops work podcast
Mar 13 • 2 min
workshops work podcast introduction