The Glenn Mackintosh Show - A Health Psychology Podcast

The Glenn Mackintosh Show - A Health Psychology Podcast
Welcome to the Glenn Mackintosh Show - A fun EVIDENCE-BASED health psychology podcast where we talk everything eating, exercise, weight & body image! You won’t find weight loss hacks or other fictional tales here! You will find MIND-BENDING interviews, Glenn’s YouTube Q&A Thursday Therapy Podcastified & so much awesome stuff to help you make peace with food, love moving your body, embrace body positivity & generally kill it at life! Subscribe & let Glenn regularly bring YOU stigma-busting therapy! Learn more & get show notes & transcripts at

Dr. Gina Cleo - Creating Healthy Habits
Oct 23 • 84 min
Research suggests that half of everything we do is habitual. But most attempts to improve our health actually focus on changing behaviours rather than habits, meaning we still need to consciously use effort and willpower in order to continue our…
Lyndi Cohen – From Shame to Fame - A personal story of non-dieting
Sep 3 • 72 min
Do you like the sound of body positivity and intuitive eating, but struggle to make them work for you in real life? Living in a crazy culture of weight obsession makes it pretty hard. But today’s guest has overcome her own personal struggles with food and…
Dr. Julie T. Anné - Stop self-sabotage and end binge eating
Jul 31 • 96 min
Working on mindset and developing the ability to intuitively eat are so important for cultivating a healthy relationship with food. But research suggests they are only 50% of the puzzle for people who have deeper issues underlying their eating struggles.…
Dr. Peta Stapleton - The Science Behind Tapping
Jun 11 • 71 min
Emotional Freedom Techniques, often called EFT or Tapping, is an amazing therapy that’s been scientifically shown to reduce food cravings, improve emotional wellbeing, and lead to weight loss without dieting. So what is tapping, why does it work, and how…
Taryn Brumfitt - How to EMBRACE body positivity
Apr 16 • 85 min
Today’s episode features probably the biggest name in body image today - the dynamic, authentic, sparkly powerhouse and Director of the Embrace Documentary Taryn Brumfitt. Taryn vulnerably shares her personal story, we explore the often missed “how-tos”…
Louise Green - Unleash your inner athlete at ANY size!
Mar 14 • 55 min
Many people feel they’re too fat to get really fit…which is what Louise Green believed until she had a transformational personal experience. Her journey lead to authoring the book Big Fit Girl and helping women all over the world of ALL shapes and sizes…
Intro - Why I Created The Podcast
Mar 14 • 4 min
Welcome to the Glenn Mackintosh show, I’m Glenn Mackintosh - a psychologist who is super-interested in eating, physical movement, weight, body image and holistic health in general, I’m talking – physical, mental, emotional, social, existential and even…