The Refreshed Life Podcast

The Refreshed Life Podcast
Entrepreneur Moms Deanna Mason from Refreshed Moms and Kelly Burton of Kell of a Story have coffee chats around their approaches to time management, self-care, emotional wellness, relationships, and business building while momming in order to help othe…

Episode #129 - My Journey to Monetization with Dominique Young
Nov 26 • 45 min
Dominique Young, Founder of the Faith Mamas, is sharing her journey of how she learned how to monetize her free online virtual community for moms.
Episode #128 - Making FB Marketing Work Through Storytelling with Joshua Noonan & Enrika Greathouse
Nov 19 • 63 min
We’re chatting with Joshua Noonan and Enrika Greathouse of Small Gorilla about creating deep connection with your Facebook followers through storytelling.
Episode #127 - Our 2019 Time & Money-Saving Holiday Hacks
Nov 12 • 57 min
Thanksgiving and Christmas are (basically) here, so we’re chatting about ways to save time and money this holiday season as we juggle business and family.
Episode #126 - Making Direct Sales Work on Instagram with Sallie Maupin
Nov 5 • 39 min
In this episode, Kelly and Deanna are joined by Instagram Marketing Coach Sallie Maupin to discuss how direct sales and network marketing entrepreneurs can leverage the platform of Instagram to grow their businesses.
Episode #125: Why & How To Make a Quarterly Plan
Oct 1 • 59 min
In order for busy moms to successfully reach their business goals, planning is a top priority - and quarterly planning is a tool Deanna and Kelly believe in and use in order to forecast important family events, personal seasons, project tasks and…
Episode #124 - Steps to Creating a Beautiful Visual Brand with Brandilyn Davidson
Sep 24 • 51 min
In this episode, Deanna chats with the amazing Brandilyn Davidson of Brandilyn Davidson Photography about the importance of your online visual brand and the steps to take to developing a beautiful and professional look for your business.
Episode 123 - Tips for Starting Your Podcast
Sep 17 • 57 min
After working on our own podcast for over a year, in this episode, we’re discussing our top lessons learned, favorite resources, and best practices in order to give you the extra push you may need to jump in with two feet and start your own podcast!
Episode #122 - Getting Unstuck with Alicia Michelle
Sep 10 • 52 min
In this episode, Alicia Michelle of Vibrant Christian Living talks about how our mindset plays a huge part in taking small steps towards achieving our goals, and is the secret sauce to getting unstuck in our lives, our self-care, and our businesses.
Episode #121 - Favorite Low-Budget Date Night Ideas
Aug 29 • 43 min
Mompreneurs need love - and so do their partners! On this episode, we’re sharing some great ideas for date nights, date days, and date mornings - and to add to the fun, these connection-focused escapades can be enjoyed for around $30 or less.
Episode #120 - 6 Things To Think About When Turning Your Hobby Into a Business
Aug 26 • 72 min
Deanna and Guest Host Nickie Snyder offer 6 tips to consider before turning the hobby that you love into a business.
Episode #119 - Backing Out of Commitments Gracefully, with Ashley Conway
Aug 19 • 59 min
Blogger and mom of littles Ashley Conway joins us for a look at how to gracefully back out of commitments, how to weigh whether a commitment is good for you in the first place, and how to decipher most urgent versus most important tasks when pursuing…
Episode #118 - Living the Balanced Boss Mom Life
Aug 12 • 57 min
Deanna and Kelly share about the unique journey of mompreneurs and their work-life balance as the talk about The Balanced Life Business Mastermind and how Deanna uses community to help moms integrate their business, family, and self-care in order to make…
Episode #117- Creating a Fantastic Freebie
Aug 5 • 60 min
If you have been looking for the perfect lead magnet to grow your email list - indeed, a fantastic freebie, this episode is for you, as we take you through the necessary components of your free offering and offer many ideas on how to attract your ideal…
Episode #116 - Surrendering to Your Business Journey with Dr. Claudia Cometa
Jul 29 • 80 min
Deanna and Kelly chat with Patient Advocate and Wellness Coach Dr. Claudia Cometa about the challenges of entrepreneurship, and how surrendering to our own unique journey - no matter how hard it may be - is the best and most peaceful way to get to where…
Episode #115: Summer Reading List: Great Books That May Change Your Biz & Life
Jul 22 • 74 min
Come along on a brief, informative, and fun book tour with Deanna and Kelly as we each discuss a few selections that have been important to our development as women and mompreneurs.
Episode #114 - How to Spend Less Time on Your Phone
Jul 15 • 69 min
We’re helping moms decrease screen time on their cell phones in order to increase productivity in their work and be more present in their family.
Episode #113- Boss Momming When You Have Challenging Children, with Melissa Corkum
Jul 8 • 72 min
Deanna and Kelly chat with connected parenting coach Melissa Corkum, who talks through strategies for understanding children’s behavior, staying on our kid’s team, and collaborating with our children for solutions that lead to success for the entire…
Episode #112- Why Morning & Evening Routines Work
Jun 3 • 55 min
Kelly and Deanna discuss routines and rituals as key tools in maintaining organization and work-life balance, especially in the lives of entrepreneurial moms.
Episode #111 - My Kids Are Home for the Summer… Now What?
May 27 • 64 min
Deanna and Kelly address specific challenges of mompreneurs during their kids’ summer break, and offer solutions and tips in the areas of scheduling, transitioning, childcare, and taking breaks.
#110 - How to Set Work Boundaries With Your Kids
May 20 • 55 min
Kelly and Deanna talk about some of their struggles with creating work-from-home boundaries with their children, and give tips on how to successfully and lovingly overcome them.
#109 - When to Pivot in Your Business with Nickie Snyder
May 13 • 54 min
Mompreneurs, shifting priorities in your life may require you to pivot your business goals—we discuss how to recognize and embrace when it’s time to change.
#108 - Dealing With Mom Guilt With Keli Reese
May 6 • 54 min
This week, we share a lesson that every mompreneur needs to hear: how to get rid of mom guilt once and for all.
#107 - How to Take a Break
Apr 29 • 56 min
Mom, you need a break, so we’re sharing tips for how to get the rest and relaxation you deserve to take care of yourself as well as you do your family.
#106 - Content Marketing Made Easy With Brandyn Campbell
Apr 22 • 50 min
Content marketer Brandyn Campbell joins Deanna and Kelly to discuss why content marketing is essential for everyone in our digital age and provide strategies to make it manageable, fun, and meaningful for even the busiest mompreneur.
#105 - Taking the Guilt Out of Play with Christy Thomas
Apr 15 • 59 min
We’re chatting with Play 4 Life Moms founder Christy Thomas, who discusses the importance of removing the guilt we feel about not playing with our children enough, and provides ways to seamlessly incorporate it into your life and parenting.
#104 - The Biggest Mistakes We’ve Made in Business
Apr 8 • 50 min
Deanna and Kelly get real in sharing the biggest mistakes they’ve made in their entrepreneurial journey, giving small business advice to other mompreneurs to help inform and empower them in the pursuit of their dreams.
#103 - Working Well With the Time You Have
Apr 1 • 56 min
Deanna and Kelly discuss Deanna’s step-by-step, life-giving time management system that will bring new confidence and clarity to mompreneurs as they build an online business around their busy lives.
#102 - How My Self-Care Started My Business With Faith Broussard Cade
Mar 25 • 63 min
Deanna Mason of Refreshed Moms and Kelly Burton of Kell of a Story welcome Faith Broussard Cade of Fleur de Lis Speaks, a mental health therapist and mom whose life-changing car accident transformed her outlook on her self-care and her business.
#101 - My Husband & My Dreams
Mar 25 • 42 min
Deanna and Kelly embark on a challenging conversation about their marriages and how communication with their husbands is key as entrepreneurs.
#100 - Welcome to the Refreshed Life Podcast
Mar 20 • 22 min
Deanna Mason of Refreshed Moms and Kelly Burton of Kell of a Story introduce their podcast focusing on moms finding balance in motherhood to make time for family, business, self-care, and healthy relationships.