Campfire Hour

Campfire Hour
30ish hot minutes of life and leadership lessons from three young entrepreneurs. Sharing their own experiences and growth and interviewing bold business owners, this is Campfire Hour. Raw, real and entertaining, where the roasts are as hot as your mom!

A1 Since Day 1 with Cole Evans
Aug 16 • 35 min
Cole Evans, keeping Kellan in line since 1987
Be the Bison! with Bert Kuntz
Aug 9 • 61 min
Taking over Sheridan, WY, being the Bison
…And Then There Were Three
Aug 2 • 15 min
Big changes are happening with the Crew!
Huntin’ Fishin’ and Fencin’ with Danny Wyrwas
Jul 26 • 38 min
He kinda looks like Joe Rogan, but smaller.
Catfished with Austin Schlosser
Jul 19 • 34 min
An insightful episode with a catfishing barber.
Hard Rocking the World with Johnny Angel
Jul 12 • 37 min
Johnny Angel is Hard Rocking the World, one patio at a time!
Topz Notch
Jul 5 • 38 min
“The Spicy Pickle?” That sounds like a bad STD
PokéMOM Go! with Jacie Fields
Jun 28 • 37 min
Our mom, Jacie Fields talks all things Pokémon, real estate and how she moms so hard.
The Secret Singh Along with Harvey Singh
Jun 21 • 38 min
He’s down to earth, has built multiple seven figure business and balances life as a single dad and entrepreneur!
Rebels Gone Wild
Jun 14 • 39 min
Barber Club banter with boss babes Sam & Addy, owners of Rebels & Razors Barber Club
Beavers & Bear Snacks with Thomas & Jonna Cox
Jun 7 • 40 min
A hilarious episode with our own Spartan Race trainers, stuffing beavers and becoming bear snacks.
This Was Worth, Probably, My Time with Jeramie Meadows
May 31 • 36 min
DJ turned Financial Advisor, he’s spinning some hot roasts and solid career advice
Duck Lips & Deadlifts
May 24 • 33 min
The master of selfies, Leif Welhaven is serving up some real life advice and encouragement, in this LIVE episode.
If you make it to the end of this episode… Good for you!
May 17 • 38 min
We’re checking in… if you can make it to the end of this episode, then good for you!
Whitelabeling with William Henry
May 10 • 42 min
This episode is full of accidental racism, anti-bullying and a whole bunch of other oxymorons.
A Body for Radio with Clint Hull
May 3 • 37 min
What’s longer and harder than a crossfit workout and full of seamen? This episode.
Make Billings Great Again with D’Vaughn Hayes
Apr 26 • 31 min
DLH is dropping some hot life lessons in leadership and starting a business.
I Did NOT Have a Good Time with Nick Mauceri
Apr 19 • 34 min
He knows how to contour and he did not hold back the sass, don’t miss this episode with guest Nick Mauceri.
Custom Taylored with Kyle Taylor
Apr 12 • 32 min
Catch this fully involved episode with Kyle Taylor, Board President of the Worden Fire Department
Campfire Hour: Our First Time
Mar 13 • 62 min
Meet the Campfire Crew is and listen to the producer sort of get roasted.
Campfire Hour: Coming Up Short- Get to Know Kelli Maxwell
Mar 13 • 35 min
Kelli gets roasted. Over. And over. And over.
Campfire Hour: Mediocre at Best - Get to know Andrew Zimmermann
Mar 13 • 32 min
Learn all about Campfire Crew’s resident Fire Fighter, Andrew Zimmermann
Campfire Hour: This Story is Nuts - Get to Know Kellan Evans
Mar 13 • 33 min
Kellan Evans, Roast Master of the Campfire Crew