Living a Bad Ass Life

Living a Bad Ass Life
Living a Bad Ass Life is all about how you show up everyday. Learn as I share my personal life experiences, what I’ve learned from them and how I’ve grown. Join me on my life journey while learning how to live a bad ass life! Topics: mindset, health, personal development, relationships & more!

Goals vs Priorities
Nov 11 • 13 min
In this episode I break down the difference between goals and priorities. I also share with you to make sure you achieve your goals and actually make your priorities a focus.
My Life: Update
Jul 19 • 13 min
I’ve been MIA lately but I’m still here! Here’s what I’ve been up to!
People That You Bring into Your “Home”
Jun 13 • 4 min
A very breif episode about who you allow into your life.
Dating & Relationships: Being Ghosted and How That Makes You Feel
Mar 31 • 13 min
In today’s dating scene ghosting is a normal part of it. how dows that make us feel? how can rewire our brain so that we don’t feel that way? In this episode I talk about some of my experiences,thoughts and what I’ve learned about ghosting.…
When You Know You Need to Take a Break
Mar 28 • 13 min
When you are overwhlemed, tired and irritable, it’s time to take a break. Even if you don’t have the finances to get a way. In this episide I share with you what I’m going through and what and how I’ve planned for my staycation and how you can do the same!
Following Your Passions & Being Thankful
Mar 11 • 16 min
In this episode I talk about how we stray away from our passions and what to do about it. I also talk about be thankful for where you are now in your life and for what you have.
Self Worth, Being Alone & Independence
Feb 24 • 14 min
In this episode I talk about my personal experience with self worth, being alone and independence.
Living a Bad Ass Life (Trailer)
Feb 23 • 0 min