Scribbler's Corner at River of Grass

Scribbler's Corner at River of Grass
Scribbler’s Corner is a podcast featuring casual conversations with writers about writing, broadcast from River of Grass Studios, where two rivers meet, and you never know who’ll tie up to the dock for a chat and a fresh cup of coffee.

Sharon Y. Cobb: Writing for TV and Movies
Oct 2 • 56 min
When Tennessee Williams tells you to write, you’d better get busy. Jacksonville screenwriter Sharon Y. Cobb talks about her writing life, the movie business, and JAX Film Bar Mondays.
Emily K. Michael: Slow Down; Quiet Down; Pay Attention
Sep 14 • 54 min
Blind poet, musician, and writing instructor Emily K. Michael discusses the musicality of words and seeing with sounds
Katy Yocom: Finding Inspiration in the Natural World
Aug 14 • 58 min
Louisville writer Katy Yocom talks about the growing field of environmental fiction
Victor Hess: Bitten by the Writing Bug
Aug 5 • 52 min
Business executive/bomb disposal instructor Victor Hess only came to writing recently, but since the writing bug bit him he hasn’t been able to stop.
Lynn Skapyak Harlin: Tough Love For Writers From Jacksonville’s Sweetest Meanie
Jul 29 • 55 min
Poet and writing coach Lynn Skapyak Harlin, talks about her workshops, writing, and her dear, departed shantyboat, which was lost in Hurricane Irma
Sohrab Homi Fracis: An Immigrant’s Perspective on Place
Jul 8 • 55 min
Award-winning writer discusses how his youth in Mumbai, and emigration to the United States shaped his writing
Hope McMath: Art as Activism
Jun 24 • 58 min
Artist, activist Hope McMath, talks about the importance of diversity, the power of collaboration, and why she will never, ever leave well enough alone.
Yvette Angelique Hyater-Adams: Transformative Narrative - Unpacking Core Truths
Jun 10 • 61 min
Poet, artist and writer Yvette Angelique Hyater-Adams talks about how stories can change lives.
Fred Zara: Life as Art – Making Movies From Memoir
Jun 3 • 61 min
A high school dropout from New Jersey becomes a successful Florida filmmaker, after watching a good friend die of a heroin overdose
Jenn Chase: Bad Choices and the Gift of Failure
May 22 • 51 min
Playwright, musician, professor, Jenn Chase shares how bad choices can be great teachers.
Nikesha Elise Williams: The Power of Passion
Apr 29 • 43 min
Motivation, inspiration, representation, and how to keep writing, no matter what life throws at you
Andres Rojas: Firing Your Inner Critic
Apr 15 • 52 min
Award-winning poet Andres Rojas talks about overcoming self doubt, and his chapbook, Looking for What Isn’t There, published by Paper Nautilus
Tricia Booker: Writing About Family Without Losing Your Family
Mar 25 • 51 min
Author, professor, mother, wife, and darn-good boxing instructor, Tricia Booker delivers a mean left hook
Tim Gilmore: Psychogeography – The Personality of Place
Mar 10 • 54 min
Jacksonville’s haunted historian stops by to talk about why Jacksonville stories are America’s stories.