The Two Thousand Feet Aviation Podcast

The Two Thousand Feet Aviation Podcast
A bi-weekly show about light aviation and private flying. Artyom Liss, a journalist and pilot, shares flying-related tips, news and reviews; and introduces listeners to fascinating people you meet around airfields.

What if the LAA and the BMAA merge? And landing in Downton Abbey (almost)
Nov 15 • 13 min
LAA/BMAA merger; a visit to Charlton Park Airfield.
Going pro: Beyond the glossy brochures; How to beat the French at aerobatics
Nov 2 • 20 min
Professional airline training; aerobatic competitions
Aviation fix in the rain: model flying and aviation books.
Oct 18 • 14 min
Radio-controlled models, aviation bookshop
James Ketchell’s Gyro Around the World project; Flying a vintage Gnat jet for fun.
Oct 4 • 19 min
James Ketchell’s flight around the world: could you or I do it? And Edwin Brenninkmeyer on flying a vintage jet for fun.
Start Here: What is The Two Thousand Feet Aviation Podcast?
Sep 26 • 2 min
Start here to get an idea of what to expect. This is a selection of what The Two Thousand Feet Aviation Podcast is all about. We love stories about flying, - told by people who love flying.
Do Flexwings Have a Future; How to Deal With Motion Sickness
Sep 20 • 20 min
Do Flexwings Have a Future; How to Deal With Motion Sickness
The best of LAA Rally at Sywell; Flying the Catalina
Sep 6 • 22 min
LAA Rally at Sywell; Polishing a Luscombe; LAA and CAA on Brexit; Ivan Shaw’s latest design; Operating and Flying the Catalina
The Future of Old Sarum; Meet The Flying Reporter
Aug 10 • 14 min
The future of Old Sarum; running an aviation YouTube channel.
A Day With Aerial Cyclists; What Men Don’t Understand About Microlighting
Jul 26 • 15 min
I get up in the middle of the night to see some flying bicycles; and Nushin Ilahi explains why women sometimes feel uncomfortable in the macho, spanner-wielding world of microlight flying.
Behind the Scenes at an Airshow; The Thruster Post-Mortem: What Killed a Microlight Brand
Jul 12 • 18 min
Behind the scenes at an airshow; the death of the Thruster brand
Learning To Fly Professionally; A Museum of Petrol Pumps
Jun 28 • 16 min
Commercial/airliner flying and ATPL training; petrol pump museum at Rochester airfield.
Crosscontinental Special: From Western Ireland to Alaska
Jun 17 • 19 min
Centenary of the first non-stop Transatlantic flight; a PPL flying a 737 simulator; gyrocopter around the world.
Vintage Aircraft: from the Beagle Pup to the Spitfire
May 31 • 16 min
In this episode, we meet people who restore and fly vintage aircaft.
Worst Place for an Engine Failure: a Forever Jodel
May 17 • 15 min
Engine failure with nowhere to go; aviation as art.
Episode Five: A Tale of Two Airshows
May 4 • 18 min
A special episode recorded at two aviation events. The future of GA and microlights, flying around the world at 80, and why aren’t there more female pilots?
Cheaper Flying, Cheaper Runways; Piloting for the Disabled People
Apr 19 • 14 min
Cheaper Flying, Cheaper Runways; Piloting for the Disabled People
Spring As Seen By An Engineer; Microlighting Around Mt. Everest
Apr 4 • 18 min
Preparing aircraft for the flying season; flying a flexwing around Mt. Everest.
Learning Abroad and Inventing New Words
Mar 21 • 19 min
Learning to fly abroad and the career of Gerry Breen, the pilot who invented the word “microlight”
Out With The Cobwebs; A Pilot’s History in VR
Mar 7 • 14 min
Returning to flying after the winter break; recreating family history in virtual reality