The Printmaker Podcast - A Business Podcast for Professional Photographers

The Printmaker Podcast - A Business Podcast for Professional Photographers
The question is this: How are photographers like you who are tired of giving away all of their hard work at rock-bottom prices, who long to stand out in markets that are getting more and more crowded by the day and want to run businesses that serve them, their clients and their families… How can those photographers pull all of this off, without sacrificing their family time, their clientbase and their integrity? If that’s the question… then this podcast has the answers.

015 - 11 Ways Photographers Can Maximize Mini Session Profits
Oct 29 • 12 min
Photography Mini Session season is upon us! Feel like you’re spinning your wheels with mini sessions or only offering them because “everyone else does and I’m just supposed to”? In this episode we’ll cover 11 simple ways to increase your mini-session…
014 - Should Your Photography Business Offer Digital Files?
Oct 25 • 12 min
Digital Files… bringing these up with your photographer friends is like talking politics and religion over Thanksgiving dinner. In this episode, we’ll talk about three ways digital files can (and should) fit into your print-selling photography business……
013: Want Referrals From Your Photography Clients? Do this…
Oct 21 • 10 min
Want photography clients who will rave about you to their friends and family? Add this one little thing from The AEDD Framework to your process and watch the referrals come pouring in! Learn more about the full AEDD Framework at!
012: The Anatomy of a Six-Figure Photography Sales Meeting
Oct 2 • 11 min
Learn the entire AEDD Framework for FREE at We’ve done the work through the Attract and Excite steps of the AEDD Framework… it’s time to reap the rewards with a sales experience that feels nothing like sales… In this episode,…
011: How to Sell Prints To Every Photography Client (Without Ever Feeling Like You’re “Selling”)
Oct 1 • 16 min
Learn the entire AEDD Framework for FREE at In this second step of the AEDD Framework (Excite) we’re going to dig deep into how to naturally build excitement for printed products throughout your process. In this episode, we’ll…
010: How to Attract Photography Clients Who Want Printed Products (And Are Happy to Pay for Them)
Sep 4 • 8 min
Want more photography clients to buy prints instead of files? Follow along as I walk you through our simple AEDD Framework for selling prints! In this first step of the AEDD Framework we’ll talk about the 3 core expectations you NEED to set everywhere…
009: 8 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Professional Photo Print Lab
Aug 28 • 12 min
Stuck trying to figure out which professional photo lab is best for you and your clients? In this quick episode I’ll give you the top 8 factors you should consider when choosing your print lab so you can find your perfect lab and move on to serving your…
008: How to Set Your Photography Print Prices (in 30 Seconds or Less)
Aug 20 • 5 min
Just starting out selling printed products to your photography business clients? In this episode I’ll give you a (very) quick shortcut to setting your print product prices so you don’t get bogged down in trying to figure out the perfect prices for your…
007: How to choose photography print products to sell (without getting overwhelmed)
Aug 12 • 7 min
One of the biggest stumbling blocks for many photographers who are switching to selling printed products is choosing the products they want to offer their photography clients. The sheer number of options available to you is incredibly overwhelming! In…
006: IPS, Redefined
Aug 7 • 11 min
I’m starting a new series on The Printmaker Podcast this week that I’m calling IPS, Redefined. Join me over the next few months as I dig deep into what it takes to start, run and grow a thriving In-Person Sales process in your photography business.
005: Amanda’s Trick for Increasing Sales and Repeat Clients with Framed Prints
Apr 9 • 24 min
I’ve got a little special episode for you this week, it’s an interview with Amanda Waltman, a portrait photographer, Certified Printmaker, and good friend of mine from Seattle, WA. Amanda is doing some really cool stuff to not only encourage print sales,…
004: Streamlining Your Photography Business Workflow with Victoria Mullaley
Apr 2 • 20 min
As a mother of 6 kids, Victoria needs to be able to work as efficiently as possible in her photography business. So, in today’s episode, we dive into some practical, actionable things Victoria can implement in her business immediately to streamline her…
003: Photography Print Pricing with Victoria Mullaley
Mar 28 • 19 min
Photography print pricing, time costs, cost of goods sold, digital files, handling terrifyingly high print prices - we’ll dive into each one of these topics in this episode, which is the continuation of the conversation I had in EP 002 with Texas…
002: Choosing Print Products to Sell with Victoria Mullaley
Mar 27 • 27 min
This week we pick back up where we left off with San Antonio area portrait photographer Victoria Mullaley. In today’s episode we’ll dig into the exact products she’s going to offer, why she’s chosen those products and how she can best structure her…
001: The Perfect In-Person Sales Process with Victoria Mullaley
Mar 19 • 36 min
Today we’ll look at Victoria’s current business before diving into specific changes she can make right now to start attracting clients who want printed products and to build their excitement for those products throughout her entire process.