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The GoodLion Podcast
Aaron Salvato and Brian Higgins are here to talk about Jesus, faith, and the Christian Life. A show filled with powerful interviews, fascinating theological deep-dives, and a never ending stream of questions, there’s always something to discover on The Good Lion Podcast. Check out the other great shows on the GoodLion network at

Social Media: Distraction, or Gospel Opportunity?
Sep 18 • 79 min
Aaron & Brian are back with Season 4 of the GoodLion Podcast! Is social media a distraction to Christians, or does it actually present one of the greatest Gospel/Evangelism mission fields of our time? What happens when we stop viewing social media as…
The Way Of The Peacemaker
Aug 22 • 40 min
From Aaron: Some words on something I think is very important: peacemaking in the age of online discussions. We NEED to be talking about how to navigate this. It’s SO easy for us to fly into self righteous rage in comment sections. But it’s not the way of…
People of Peace in the Midst of a Culture War
Jul 27 • 52 min
In this episode, Brian and Aaron discuss the reality of “Cultural Pharisees”. At one time, Conservative Christians were seen as the strict moralists of the day, but currently, we see some of the same legalism on the left (a concept we shamelessly stole…
The Challenges of 2020 - A recap with Aaron and Brian
Jul 21 • 77 min
Aaron & Brian are back recording together for the first time in weeks, and they have a LOT to decompress about. Life, work, COVID, Racial tensions, division in the Church, discouragements, and most importantly: hope in Christ.
The Cup Of Wrath - Understanding God’s Justice and Mercy
Jul 5 • 59 min
Why is God’s wrath often depicted in the Scriptures as a cup of wine? How are we to understand God’s wrath theologically? Who must face God’s wrath? Who will be spared? Does the Christian have to worry about wrath? And what’s the deal with Final…
How Can We Be a Light in a Politically Divided World? (With Scott Curran) | Tough Questions for the Current Crisis miniseries p4
Jun 18 • 69 min
2020 has been a politically charged year. Between Covid 19, the upcoming election, debates about health and safety vs rights and religious freedom, and now the recent murder of George Floyd and the following Black Lives Matter protests, one thing has…
When Injustice Meets Divine Justice
Jun 10 • 57 min
In light of the current unrest, division, and racial tensions in our world, Aaron shares a timely message from the book of Micah about injustice and God’s idea of divine justice. This message is from 2016, but we believe it’s extremely relative to what is…
Can Wrath Be Redemptive? | Tough Questions for the Current Crisis miniseries p3
May 22 • 72 min
As we wrestle through the tough questions raised by Covid-19, we begin to look at the topic of God’s wrath. Could God be the one behind this pandemic? Is it a sign of His wrath? What even IS wrath? We see clear examples of God judging people harshly all…
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome - With Mike Neglia
May 15 • 62 min
Aaron sits down with Mike Neglia (Calvary Cork, Expositors Collective) to discuss the struggle of “Imposter Syndrome”, a psychological pattern in which one doubts one’s accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.…
Does God Punish The World With Pandemics & Natural Disasters? | Tough Questions for the Current Crisis miniseries p2
May 8 • 37 min
When we face a some sort of big global crisis, many make statements about how this is certainly proof of God’s wrath and judgement against the world. Aaron and Brian dive into this concept, examining the Prophets’ warnings, specific examples of God’s…
Did God Cause Covid-19 in order to Punish Specific People? | Tough Questions for the Current Crisis miniseries p1
May 1 • 34 min
The Covid-19 Crisis has been the most challenging thing our world collectively has faced since WW2. For many, a part of that challenge has been the tough theological questions that have been raised about God, His Love, His Judgment, His Mercy, and His…
Does Contentment Make Us Complacent? (Bonus)
Apr 27 • 15 min
Aaron and Brian answer a question from their buddy Sam. We’ve been preaching a lot about finding contentment in Jesus, but is their a danger we can have towards growing complacent or apathetic? If we don’t push ourselves, will we just grow stale?
The Difference Between Contentment and Ambition (Bonus)
Apr 24 • 14 min
In this short bonus episode, Brian and Aaron answer a question from a listener about finding the balance between being ambitious, and finding contentment in Jesus.
What Exactly Is Spiritual Thriving?
Apr 17 • 87 min
Everyone is focused on improving themselves during the Covid-19 crisis, but how does that work spiritually? Most people think of adding a lot of spiritual habits to their daily routine. In this conversation, Aaron and Brian unpack what the God really…
Our Wives talk with us about Marriage in the Covid-19 Age!
Apr 10 • 65 min
Wives of the hosts Brooklynn Salvato and Tori Higgins join Brian and Aaron for a very special episode. We talk about what marriage is like in this crazy cultural moment, discuss how some countries like China are reporting spikes in divorce rates due to…
Content in Christ Alone - Contentment in the midst of Quarantine (pt 2)
Apr 4 • 48 min
What does scripture say about contentment? How can we find contentment in Jesus alone? And how can we be satisfied when God changes our plans? Aaron and Brian study scripture and share their personal testimonies of what God has taught them in the past 2…
Contentment in the Midst of Quarantine - Part 1
Mar 28 • 44 min
How can followers of Jesus practice contentment while living in this discouraging moment of Covid-19? Aaron and Brian discuss the vices of discontentment and comparison in creativity, ministry, and daily life.
Fear, Faith & The CoronaVirus
Mar 20 • 79 min
Brian and Aaron discuss all the chaos enveloping our lives with the outbreak of COVID-19! If God hasn’t given us a Spirit of fear… what do we do with the very real emotions of fear many of us are feeling? How can we handle conspiracy theories and fear…
Jesus’ Death: failure or victory? (With Wavey Cowper & Thomas Fretwell)
Mar 12 • 26 min
Today’s episode is a journalistic piece, a response to a clip from NPR’s “This American Life” where Professor Elaine Pagels states that Jesus’ death on the cross was an utter failure. We decided to examine the question: Was the Cross Jesus’ greatest…
What are Spiritual Disciplines?
Mar 6 • 37 min
In a world of instant, some of the best things take time. This is especially true in the Christian walk. The common Christian phrase for this steady change is “spiritual disciplines”. In this episode, you get to come behind the scenes as Aaron and Brian…
Hard Questions About Evil and God’s Judgement - With Gerry Breshears
Feb 28 • 83 min
Why does God seem violent in the Old Testament and loving in the New Testament? Why did Uzzah, Annias, and Saphira have to die? Is Greg Boyd’s cruciform hermeneutic a good way to read scripture, or does it cause some troubling issues? We ask Prof. Gerry…
Evangelism: How to share Jesus with the people you know!
Feb 21 • 47 min
Most Christians have friends who are not believers, but sharing Jesus in those friendships can be really hard. In this episode, Aaron and Brian talk through the dynamics of evangelizing from the framework of strong relationships to help bring the gospel…
Evangelism: 3 Methods for sharing The Gospel with total strangers.
Feb 14 • 47 min
Sharing the gospel is hard. No matter how much we may want to evangelizing, getting ourselves to do it can be tough. In this episode, Aaron and Brian talk through the difficulties of sharing the gospel with strangers and offer methods to ease some of the…
Helping Those Who Hurt. - Grief and Loss Mini-Series pt3, with Sarah Rylynn
Feb 7 • 52 min
In our final episode on grief and loss, Sarah shares with us some practical advice on how to help and minister to those who are hurting.
Balancing Ministry with Adulting
Feb 2 • 22 min
Brian and Aaron discuss the challenges of adulting while doing ministry. Both share their experience of formerly being full time youth pastors, who now are working full time outside of the church while still pursuing ministry and serving the Church. A…
PodClass - Ways Men and Women Can Help One Another Fight | Fighting Sexual Objectification pt 5
Jan 27 • 17 min
In today’s class I ask the men in the class, what would you want to tell your sisters in Christ that they could do to help you fight the battle against objectification. I ask the women in the class the same thing about the men. It’s a great discussion…
Grief, Depression, and learning to heal. - Grief and Loss Mini-Series pt2, with Sarah Rylynn
Jan 18 • 28 min
In part 2 of our 3 part series on Grief and Loss, Sarah shares with Aaron about the link between Grief and Depression and how hope can be found in our darkest moments.
What if my faith makes me an outcast?
Jan 13 • 18 min
What do you do when your faith makes people see you as “uncool?” Brian and Aaron field a question from a listener.
God, how could you let this happen? - Grief and Loss Mini-Series, with Sarah Rylynn
Jan 6 • 38 min
What do we do when life brings us through unimaginable grief, loss, and tragedy? How do we handle the doubts and questions that arise about God’s love and character? Sarah Rylynn, host of the Shadowlands podcast, walks us through this hard topic in part 1…
Devotions or Devoted? - a look at the purpose of personal time with God.
Jan 1 • 43 min
Should we read the Bible as a devotional, or should we read the Bible and pray in order to grow more devoted to Jesus and His Kingdom? Aaron and Brian discuss the classic Christian idea of “devotions.” Why do we do them? Is there more to it than just…
Theology: God is Incomprehensible
Dec 17, 2019 • 31 min
Aaron talks about the theological theme of God being Incomprehensible. ​God is different from us; and that’s a good thing. ​God will always hold some mystery for us because an unlimited God cannot be fully known by a limited being. But if this is true,…
PodClass - The Answer To Sexual Brokenness Is Not Sexual Liberation | Fighting Sexual Objectification pt 4
Dec 15, 2019 • 29 min
Last week we looked at the trend of men blaming objectification on the women who are victims. This week we are going to examine the other side of the coin, women blaming the problem completely on men, and trying to fix the problem through a new wave of…
PodClass - Men & The Need To Renew The Mind | Fighting Sexual Objectification pt 3
Nov 25, 2019 • 23 min
In this class we will - Examine our cultures tendency to play the blame game. - Specifically in this episode we will look at how natural and easy it is for our culture to blame objectification and even assault of women on the victims. - And how we must…
PodClass - Slaves To Objectification Culture | Fighting Sexual Objectification pt 2
Nov 15, 2019 • 29 min
In this class we will - Cover the roots of objectification found in the garden of Eden - Examine the issue of how easy it is for us as a culture to justify and downplay objectification - Contrast the Pharaoh in Exodus and his culture of Slavery with our…
Cultural Moment: Kanye, Critics, & Christianity (With Kellen Criswell & George Scanlan)
Nov 8, 2019 • 50 min
Aaron sits down with CGN team members Kellen Criswell and George Scanlan to talk about Kanye’s new album. How should we treat celebrity conversions? Should we be critical, or optimistic? Bonus features: Brian Higgins makes an epic cameo at the end, and…
Q&A: Should Christians Be Set Apart From Sex, Drugs, Music, and Politics?
Nov 1, 2019 • 53 min
Our First Mailbag Episode! Aaron And Brian Tackle The topic Of Being “set Apart” from a listener who writes in asking “Should Christians Be Set Apart From Sex, Drugs, Music, and Politics?”
PodClass - The Problem of Objectification | Fighting Sexual Objectification pt 1
Oct 26, 2019 • 36 min
We are introducing a new project for the GoodLion podcast network: the GoodLion PodClass! We gather students in a classroom environment to discuss important theological subjects. Our first subject will be fighting sexual objectification as the church.…
The Mechanics of Salvation - With Dr. Gerry Breshears
Oct 4, 2019 • 68 min
Aaron & Brian get the amazing Dr. Gerry Breshears on the show to discuss all our burning questions about Salvation. What does it mean to be saved? Can you lose your salvation? How do you know someone is saved? All this and more on today’s GoodLion Podcast!
The Importance of Confession
Sep 28, 2019 • 62 min
Brian discusses with Aaron the topic of confession. Why should christians practice confession? Does confession mean you need a priest? Should we be open with our community? How do we trust one another? All this and more on today’s GoodLion Podcast!
Depression, Suicide, and Christianity (With Wesley Towne)
Sep 21, 2019 • 83 min
In the wake of pastor Jarrid Wilson’s tragic suicide, Aaron & Brian sit down with pastor/speaker Wesley Towne to have a serious conversation about depression, anxiety, and suicide within the church. Wesley Town is a pastor and speaker who is currently…
Responding to Christian Leaders Leaving The Faith: Josh Harris, Marty Sampson, and reacting to those who struggle with grace, truth, and love.
Aug 23, 2019 • 50 min
Aaron and Brian discuss the recent news about author Josh Harris and Hillsong worship leader Marty Sampson publicly stepping out of Christianity and how Jesus followers can handle these types of situations involved friends and family who struggle with the…
Can a Christian Watch Sex Scenes? | (Pt 2)
Aug 4, 2019 • 40 min
Part 2 of our discussion on sex, violence, and nudity in media! We continue to look at what it looks like to deal with this kind of content as a Christ follower.
Can a Christian Watch Sex Scenes? | A discussion about violence, sex, nudity, and the Jesus follower. (Pt 1)
Jul 28, 2019 • 64 min
When it comes to shows like Game of Thrones and the like, many Christians are conflicted about how to handle them because of all the gratuitous violence and nudity. Should they watch them? Should they boycott them? There’s a host of opinions, but not a…
Hungering and Thirsting For Righteousness | Righteousness mini series Finale (Pt.7)
Jul 21, 2019 • 41 min
For our final episode in the righteousness mini series, Aaron and Brian discuss what they learned about this topic, and dive deeper into what it means to “hunger and thirst for righteousness.”
Pharisees, Spears, & God’s Righteousness | Righteousness mini series Pt.6
Jul 9, 2019 • 48 min
Aaron Salvato and Char Broderson discuss the key differences between Old Testament and New Testament depictions of righteousness, and what it means for the follower of Christ.
Update - Returning from Hiatus, GoodLion PodClasses, Q&A Episodes, and fresh content coming soon!
Jun 25, 2019 • 10 min
Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you an update on where Aaron and Brian have been and let you know about the exciting stuff coming upon next on the GoodLion Podcast!
The Self-Righteous Pastor | Righteousness mini series Pt.5
May 6, 2019 • 31 min
Aaron Salvato, Brian Higgins, Bryan Stupar, and Char Broderson talk about self righteousness in the life of a pastor, and practices to overcome this pitfall!
Sinners Made Righteous | Righteousness mini series Pt.4
May 1, 2019 • 55 min
In part 4, Brian and Aaron discuss how Jesus was a friend of sinners, we hear a testimony from Nathaniel Bedson, and a discussion on self righteousness and our personal struggles with this sin by a group of Calvary Pastors (Zak Shellabarger, Wavey Cowper,…
Self Righteousness and Legalism | Righteousness mini series Pt.3
Apr 23, 2019 • 45 min
What does it mean to be Self-Righteous? What is Legalism? In This episode of the Righteousness Series we take a look at the “Selective Sanctification” that comes with self righteousness, explore what Jesus meant when he said our righteousness must exceed…
#4 | Questions from first-time Youth Pastors!
Apr 16, 2019 • 28 min
Brian and Aaron answer rapid-fire questions from guys who are just getting started as youth workers. How do you balance life and ministry when you work part time? How do you lead when your volunteers are older than you? How can you empower your leaders to…
#3 | Five things we would tell our younger selves about being a Youth Pastor.
Apr 16, 2019 • 59 min
Brian Higgins and Aaron Salvato share from their combined 20+ years of Youth Ministry experience by answering the question… “What would you tell your younger self about youth ministry if you could travel back in time to your first year as a youth pastor?”
Righteousness and Sin | Righteousness mini series Pt.2
Apr 10, 2019 • 45 min
In episode 2 we explore the relationship between righteousness and sin. We look at how Jesus deals with sinners in the story of the woman caught in Adultery. Brian Higgins and Aaron Salvato discuss what Sin actually is and how it relates to righteousness,…
What Even IS Righteousness? - Ft. Tim Mackie | Righteousness mini series Pt.1
Apr 2, 2019 • 22 min
The GoodLion Podcast is launching it’s first mini series! We will be doing a deep dive into the topic of Righteousness. For episode one, we ask the question, what exactly is Righteousness? Aaron Salvato presents the topic, and we hear a helpful…
#2 | Why start a Podcast about Preaching? - Brian Higgins
Mar 25, 2019 • 51 min
We talk with Brian Higgins about preaching, youth ministry, and why he started his podcast “First Time Bible Teacher.”
#1 | Grief and Loss - An Interview With Ben Courson
Mar 6, 2019 • 27 min
In our first episode of the GoodLion Podcast, Creative-Director Aaron Salvato sits down with Ben Courson to interview him about the recent loss of his brother Peter-John. The two discuss loss, grief, coping with tragedy, and share experiences and insight…