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Unraveling the technology that affects us all but that few of us understand, in a format to give you a basic understanding in the time it takes to drive to and from the grocery store. Support this podcast:

The standard you never heard of: GlobalPlatforms… and more
Jun 21 • 40 min
This episode is packed into 40 minutes with news of the week, an interview with the director of Global Platforms and much more. This is stuff you need to know. —- Support this podcast:
Don’t trust a company to keep you safe
Jun 12 • 24 min
This is an interview I did a few months ago with Matt Rosequist, former senior security analyst for Intel. It’s a wide ranging interview that cov ers a lot of issues you may not be aware is affecting you. —- Support this podcast:…
Squirrels are the greatest threat to the internet and the power grid
May 9 • 30 min
Yes, you read that right. The biggest threat to our infrastructure are cute, furry rodents. We interview the CEO of Critter Guard who is saving the world one pole at a time. —- Support this podcast:
Ethics in tech: It is a thing
May 2 • 19 min
Government hearings are all the rage now for tech CEOs trying to justify massive breaches in privacy, security and basic trust within their markets. The discussion on how to make sure development of new tech, especially in artificial intelligence is…
A good path for STEM careers for women
Apr 25 • 19 min
A few weeks ago I met Lisa Jiggetts, founder and president of the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu, dedicated to helping young women start careers in cyber security. A fascinating and important effort. Check out the website at…
The Arrest of Assange: What is it all about?
Apr 15 • 9 min
Julian Assange was arrested last week in London. Some call it the death of free journalism, but it might be something else. And what it reveals about your personal security is probably more important. —- Support this podcast:…
A special edition of Crucial Tech: the arrest of Assange
Apr 12 • 1 min
While you won’t get into the guilt or innocence of the man, what he is accused of is important to understand. So stay tuned. —- Support this podcast:
Cyber predictions from Forresters are scary
Apr 12 • 25 min
A few weeks ago I interviewed Forresters senior analyst Amy DeMartine about her predictions for cyber security in 2019. Now that I have a chance to publish it, two of those predictions have already come true and it is just mid April. And the reasons for…
The Green New Deal isn’t as bad… or as good as you have heard
Apr 5 • 32 min
The Green New Deal in Congress is going to be debated for at least two years and I thought it was worth tying in a tech angle to the debate. We interview Evan Johnson, CTO of Hytech Power in Redmond, Washington about how his technology can actually make…
Artificial Intelligence: Good or Bad?
Mar 29 • 22 min
Artificial intelligence (AI) is a major theme in technology news, investment and science fiction and the conventional wisdom is that it can be very dangerous. Is that true? Maybe not. In this episode we talk to Axel Kloth, CTO of Axiado Corporation, about…
Applying artificial intelligence in hardware for security
Mar 22 • 19 min
It’s been a busy week with ransomware at the top of the list. How can we stop it? Maybe with artificial intelligence (AI) applied directly to hardware. We are back with Axiado’s CEO Ashok Babbar for the second in three episodes about AI —- Support this…
Creating decoys to catch and stop hackers
Mar 15 • 17 min
Dr. Prasad Calyam at the University of Missouri is working with a team of researchers to create a novel way of stopping hackers from staling data or installing malware in cloud-based systems. —- Support this podcast:
Will hardware companies survive digital protection legislation
Mar 9 • 14 min
The European Unions General Data Protection Regulations and the California Consumer Protection Act do not apply to the hardware manufacturers that suppy equipment to the companies that collect and store our personal data…yet. Eventually someone is going…
The big hole in the cloud
Mar 8 • 28 min
The last week of February was a bad one for digital security and we thought it would be a good time to start this podcast, focusing on the biggest news of the weeK: The Cloudborne vulnerability in cloud servers… all of them. —- Support this podcast:…