The Mouse in the House with Garrison, Sam and Noah

The Mouse in the House with Garrison, Sam and Noah
One knows his numbers. The other, the immeasurable. The third? Absolutely nothing. Together, they attempt to solve the most difficult questions in sports.
The Night Rider Rises
Apr 14 • 114 min
This week, we talk the NBA Playoffs, Garrison delivers his 11 theses to fix the NBA, Sam tells a spooky story and gets very distracted for half the episode while watching Portland and OKC, and Noah has yet another Story in Sports in the eighth episode of…
They Had Stats!
Apr 8 • 100 min
After a longer than usual break from action, the boys discuss their March Madness brackets, Sam tries to convince us (again) that Bryce Harper is not a good baseball player, and Garrison is (as we’ve always suspected) a master of disguise. Music by…
Checks? Very Thick
Mar 29 • 70 min
This episode, we talk gruesome NBA leg injuries, athletes who can’t stop eating, Noah tells another stories in sports, and Sam is far too excited for MLB opening day. Also, Garrison needs to get his a** home. Now. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
Just Stay at Home
Mar 24 • 105 min
This week we talk March Madness, the legend of a one Chael P Sonnen, Noah introduces a new segment titled “Stories in Sports” and Garrison (late once again) shares more “Tales from the South.” Also, hats off Ichiro, your filthy-ness in Backyard Baseball…
Undefeated Vs. Snakes
Mar 17 • 61 min
In this episode, Garrison shares more tales from the south, Sam enlightens us about the hitter friendly history of baseball, and Noah talks about his struggles with chronic sleepwalking. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
Ball Don’t Lie
Mar 10 • 75 min
The boys talk the NFL Combine, Garrison’s formative years in the south as well as the Milwaukee Bucks’ apparent inability to comprehend the pick-and-roll plus so much more on the third episode of The Mouse in the House Podcast! This podcast is sponsored…
Bucks in 6!
Mar 4 • 88 min
The boys are back to talk proper poultry cooking techniques, Bryce Harper’s ridiculous contract and, for some reason, how to best use your Amazon Alexa for Home Defense. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
The Beginning
Feb 27 • 73 min
The boys talk Ja Rule, the NBA Playoff Picture as well as endure Sam trying to get Noah and Garrison to care about Ryan Howard’s apparently dismal MLB career plus plenty more in the inaugural episode of The Mouse in the House Podcast. Music:…