Autism Grown Up Podcast

Autism Grown Up Podcast
The Autism Grown Up podcast is hosted by Dr. Tara Regan, an autism sibling as well as coach and educator for the past decade. This is the place where we share stories and strategies for preparing and navigating adulthood. The Autism Grown Up podcast is…

37. Stirring In Employment Training + Community Goodness with a Coffee Shop (Interview with DeeDee Ungetheim and Terri Ramsey from A Special Blend)
Nov 7 • 51 min
In today’s episode, I sit with members from A Special Blend a non-profit business and coffee shop located in Greensboro, NC. DeeDee Ungetheim (President of the Board) and Terri Ramsey (Board Member + Volunteer Coordinator) join us as they share abou…
36. October Q+A - LIVE in the Autism Grown Up Community
Oct 31 • 18 min
It’s the last Thursday of October, and you know what that means! It’s the October Q+A episode! This week, we recorded live in the Autism Grown Up Community and briefly answered a couple of questions there.Resources & References Me…
35. 3 Ways We Can Work It Out: Promoting Autism @ The Workplace Today
Oct 25 • 34 min
At the start of this episode, we get into some personal and family updates as well as some Autism Grown Up at-large updates - and we’ve got some great ones! I’m so excited that Autism Grown Up is now a non-profit! More info to come on how you can he…
34. Connecting and Building Relationships Through Fitness (Ryan Bost, RyzAb0ve FitClub)
Oct 17 • 44 min
A common challenge that many autistic individuals face as well as their families is staying active, more especially, staying physically active. A few years ago, the CDC reported that adolescents on the autism spectrum have a higher likelihood of obe…
33. Employer’s Experiences and How We Can Work Together to Shift Workplace Attitudes
Oct 10 • 20 min
Did you know that October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month? To mark the month, for our solo podcast episodes I’ll be diving deeper into some of the latest findings when it comes to the autism @ the workplace movement.This in…
32. Helping Families Begin Thinking and Planning for Adulthood with Kenzie Clark from Able Transition Consulting, LLC
Oct 3 • 40 min
Today, I invited Kenzie Clark from Able Transition Consulting, LLC to share her work in helping families and individuals with disabilities transition to adulthood here in the Triangle in North Carolina.Through her services, she helps pave a …
31. September Q+A - What Should We Focus on for Success in Adulthood?
Sep 26 • 21 min
This month’s super Q: What Should We Focus on for Success in Adulthood?I realized we have this information stored in our AGU community - under workshop tabs.For more information, check out NTACT’s resources and our free workshop in t…
30. Turning Your Own Special Interests Into a Career with Autistic Data Scientist Bill Dusch PhD
Sep 19 • 44 min
Bill Dusch, Ph.D. is #ActuallyAutistic, a Physics Ph.D., and a data scientist. He’s also a really great friend of mine whom I really appreciate stopping by to have this conversation with me to share with you.We discuss his path to his chosen…
29. Big Picture of ASD Employment
Sep 13 • 14 min
Let’s get into the big picture of ASD employment.I’m hoping for this episode to be the beginning of a discussion here on the podcast and in our Autism Grown Up community. As you listen to this episode and what I share, I want you …
28. Focusing on the Skills to Help Later in Life Through Early Intervention with Occupational Therapist Elisabeth Rubin
Sep 5 • 53 min
Elisabeth Rubin is a NC-based Occupational Therapist or OT. She currently works in early intervention with little ones referred to her through the organization she works in.She began her autism training at Camp Royall (a summer and year round…
27. August Q+A
Aug 29 • 22 min
It’s the last Thursday of the month, which means that we’re doing a Q&A! This is our first one ever, so thank you very much to those who submitted questions.We’ve received a few questions and today I’m picking one from one of our members …
26. Autism Sibling Relationships as a Young Adult with Tasha Regan
Aug 22 • 50 min
My sister Tasha Regan is on the podcast today!In this episode, we give you a glimpse of another autism sibling’s life. Which is also very different than my experience, and also goes to show that no two autism siblings are the same as well.
25. Interviews Are Coming!
Aug 15 • 6 min
Resources & References Mentioned:Submit a Q+A question: website: Pod…
24. Back to School Season
Aug 8 • 23 min
We’re quickly approaching the back-to-school season! It’s a big change for everyone, and returning to school every fall is one of the biggest annual transitions for autistic children and teens. There’s a lot up ahead to adju…
23. Summer Series Part 5 - Staying Active This Summer
Jul 25 • 17 min
In today’s episode, I’ll recommend a few ways you can avoid the summer slide, keep your child on track, and get them ready for the upcoming school year by the end of the summer.Resources & References Mentioned:Visual schedu…
22. Summer Series Part 4 - Making Summer Fun and Relaxing
Jul 18 • 14 min
Resources & References Mentioned:Visual schedule: website: h…
21. Summer Series Part 3: Trying New Things This Summer
Jul 4 • 15 min
Let’s get into another major question parents have during the summer: How can I get my child to try something new?Links mentioned:Autism Grown Up Podcast Episode 21
20. Summer Series Part 2: What Can We Do During Summer Break?
Jun 27 • 15 min
Summer is here and so is the heat! I get a lot of questions from parents when it comes to things they should do this summer with their child on the spectrum. So here is that post!Here are some tips to help you figure out what you …
19. Summer Series Part 1 - Steps to Help You Plan for This Summer
Jun 20 • 19 min
Looking for ways to support your teen on the autism spectrum with independent living skills, self-advocacy, vocational skills, and more? This post will share easy to use strategies you can put into place to teach, support, and practice all these ski…
18. 5 Tips from Autism Parents About Adulthood
Jun 6 • 7 min
As your child with autism reaches adulthood, there are a few things to consider before they graduate from high school. These topics include the transition to adult services, college, job, or living situation - all covered in this episode!
17. Autism in Puberty - 4 Ways to Prepare Your Autism Teen
May 30 • 7 min
Our kids with autism spectrum disorder are growing up. Just like every other kid. In a way, that is definitely one thing you can expect to occur in your very busy life as a parent. And just like every other kid, puberty seems to pop up out of nowher…
16. Benefits of Technology Use for Individuals with ASD
May 23 • 12 min
Technology is a bit of a big deal in the ASD population (and that’s an understatement). People on the autism spectrum and their families use technology for a number of uses. Sure, there are a lot of negative experiences, but the benefits can outweig…
15. Autism Resources for Parents: Navigating Your Community
May 16 • 9 min
Did your child just receive an autism diagnosis, recently move into a new area, your child transitioning into adulthood, or if you’re just looking for more resources to access in your community – this is the post for you! In this blog post, I’ll be …
14. Housing Options for Adults on the Spectrum
May 9 • 10 min
As my students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) were in their final years of high school, their parents and teachers would often ask me what their living options would be once they graduated from high school and reached adulthood. Today’s episode…
13. Organizational Strategies for Your Autistic Child
May 2 • 11 min
First of all, why is getting organized important? Organization is an often-reported issue from individuals on the autism spectrum and their parents and families. Being organized allows our children to be prepared, build independence, and lessens str…
Episode 12 | Autism Support Groups - Finding Your Community
Apr 25 • 9 min
I’ll share ways for you to discover and connect with a community of your choosing and creating.
Episode 11 | Go Ahead and Start Something in Your Community!
Apr 24 • 19 min
So many of us share time and time again that there’s really nothing in our local community when it comes to our kids, teens, and adults on the spectrum. So go ahead and start something!
Episode 10 | What Can I Do to Shift My Own Autism Awareness to Acceptance?
Apr 18 • 9 min
In this episode, we’ll be talking about some tangible steps towards shifting our own autism awareness to acceptance.Check out the show notes at…
Episode 09 | When I Realized My Community’s Limits in Autism Awareness
Apr 15 • 29 min
Today it’s story time. I share a recent experience my family and I had in my local community, specifically in response to my brothers who are adults on the autism spectrum.In comparison to other experiences that we (and others’ of course) ha…
Episode 08 | Autism in Adulthood - Let’s Talk About It
Apr 11 • 7 min
It’s Autism Awareness Month! But for many reasons (and many great reasons), there’s a lot of topics to bring to the table when we celebrate this month. One topic I feel gets overlooked pretty often is adulthood and what autism in adulthood c…
Episode 07 | Updates + Our Next Steps
Apr 11 • 4 min
I’m so excited to share some updates and let you know what you can expect from the podcast in the future…in short: it’s gonna be fun!Our new release schedule will be:Tuesdays — Current topics + events + interviewsThursdays — From…
Episode 06 | Professional Careers in Autism
Mar 15 • 15 min
In Episode 06, we’ll be covering professions in the autism field, 2) professionals who work with individuals on the autism spectrum, and 3) trajectories to work in these fields. About Autism Grown Up:AGU website: …
Episode 05 | Autism + Puberty
Mar 13 • 19 min
In Episode 05, we’ll be talking about what to expect when your child reaches puberty, 2) how to prepare for it, and 3) the types of healthy habits you can help instill today!About Autism Grown Up:AGU website:
Episode 04 | Using Peer Strategies
Mar 10 • 18 min
In this episode, we’ll be covering the types of peer strategies you can use in your classroom, 2) tips to implementing so everyone benefits, and 3) ways to generalize across settings. Check out
Episode 01 | Intro to Autism Grown Up
Mar 7 • 8 min
An introduction to Autism Grown Up as an autism resource and podcast.
Episode 02 | Figuring Out Your Needs + Support as an Autism Parent
Mar 7 • 10 min
We’ll get into a step-by-step process to help you figure out the self-care support you need as an autism parent.
Episode 03 | Using Social Stories
Mar 7 • 13 min
Let’s get into how to create and adapt social stories!