The Athlete's Secret Weapon

The Athlete's Secret Weapon
As an athlete, you have incredible benefits by tapping into the power of your mind. We have always known that the elite have that ‘something different’ and this is it!

Why I decided to crash.
Jul 23 • 30 min
The title eludes to the control we have with everything in life. We choose out actions, reactions, behaviours and beliefs. So why did Porsche Junior Factory Driver, Jaxon Evans, choose to crash? Having grown up around motorsport, you can see why Jaxon…
The Best Coach to make you Better!
Jul 9 • 44 min
What a pleasure this interview was… Talk about passion in sport, Brant Best is a swimming coach with a difference. He was the swim coach to James Magnussen, former World Champion, Olympian and the fastest swimmer in history at the time. Brant is…
Never die wondering
May 20 • 45 min
Michelle Lee, is an amazing lady who should stop reading! This podcast interview is result of reading a book, Rowing the Atlantic by Roz Savage. Having never rowed before, Michelle thought she would tackle of of the most extreme rowing races in the world.…
Aspire Beyond Greatness
Apr 30 • 37 min
Imagine at the age of 18 you win a World title… What do you do next? What could possibly inspire you for the rest of your life? This week’s Podcast Athlete is Anna Kaszycki, a Junior World Rowing Champion and awesome human being. PLEASE NOTE… we lost the…
You don’t reach the pinnacle by accident.
Apr 9 • 28 min
Dave Nilsson is a very humble family man with a passion for sports. For those not around baseball, this man would walk past you and you would never know the man, the story and the success he has to date. Retired now from a Professional Baseball career in…
“I face death every ride… “
Mar 10 • 50 min
Leighton Silva, a Professional Bull Rider from Riverside, California is my guest in this episode. This will make you re-think nerves in your sport. This will get you thinking about survival, persistence and belief. Leighton was focused on #1 World this…
The Athlete’s Secret Weapon Podcast Inroduction
Mar 4 • 13 min
Thank you and welcome to my podcast. I am Stuart Walter, or as my clients call me, the Athletes Secret Weapon. I am passionate about sport and even more about peak performance. I have the honour of working with some of the finest athletes in the world and…