SOS with Melissa Smallwood

SOS with Melissa Smallwood
There is power in story. Join Melissa as she interviews fascinating people and provides a platform for sharing the stories that change our lives.

Ep 9 with Denise Sultenfuss: Healing our bodies
Oct 2 • 29 min
Denise provides wisdom and insight into how to combat disease from a holistic perspective.
Podcast Ep 8 with Julianne Van’t Land: Navigating Mental Health Issues in Real Life
Sep 24 • 33 min
Melissa interviews Julianne Van’t Land, a writer, twin mom and wife of brilliant man struggling with mental illness. More conversations like this are needed as we learn to shed the stigma and focus on mental health.
Episode 7 with Dr Sherri
Sep 9 • 36 min
Dr Sherri is full of wisdom and insight about forging your own path and following your dreams. Listen in to be inspired
6 with writer, Bekah Bowman
May 6 • 46 min
Join Melissa as she talks with writer, Bekah Bowman about loss, grief and the pursuit of joy.
5 with author Sandra Peoples
Apr 29 • 33 min
Melissa interviews author, Sandra Peoples, about raising a child with special needs
4 Author Teri Lynne Underwood
Apr 22 • 34 min
Melissa talks prayer, social media and parenting with author Teri Lynne Underwood
3 with Stacey Thacker
Apr 15 • 32 min
Join Melissa as she talks with author and speaker, Stacey Thacker about thriving in times of great struggle.
Episode 2 w/Cindy Bultema
Apr 8 • 34 min
Melissa interviews author and speaker, Cindy Bultema
Podcast 1
Mar 28 • 40 min
In this inaugural episode, host Melissa Smallwood shares the heart behind the SOS Podcast and then interviews the inspiring Kristy Sutton from Join us as Kristy shares her stories of being a foster mom, running a nonprofit and being…
Introduction to the SOS Podcast with Melissa Smallwood
Mar 7 • 2 min
This intro provides what to expect from this podcast going forward as well as a way for listeners to be involved in each episode.