Earth mermaid evolution

Earth mermaid evolution
The outtakes of life- business, workplace, strategy sessions unfiltered from a conscious, educated, and awakened professional. Bunch of CBD stuff too, just throwing that out there and I hope you enjoy! Follow me on insta and check out the website too!

Know what you’re good at, and what you’re bad at
Oct 7 • 9 min
Sometimes it feels uncomfortable to be able to say what we’re good at because we may come off as cocky or overly confident. In this episode I describe the process of being able to achieve that confidence and it’s not in a way that you think.
Ask for what you want!
Oct 2 • 12 min
This episode reviews the importance of self belief, how to get there, and the importance of asking for what you want once you know -enjoy!
It’s my birthday and that’s a miracle
Sep 16 • 11 min
Month by month audits, cool realizations, commitment, perseverance, presence, and practice!
I thought I was at 99% when I was only at 85% and it was hard
Sep 4 • 11 min
Be responsible with your time and disassociate your mind and actions don’t fall into the 85% trap
If they could do it, if they were still here, they would go in a mosh pit too
Aug 30 • 10 min
Recap of a concert, moshing, death, life, and freedom
Free from feelings- objective performance
Aug 21 • 7 min
No matter how you feel your success does not have to be determined by it, good, bad, or indifferent. Find your freedom and get sh*t done!
Grocery cart drama- a day in the life
Aug 18 • 7 min
You never really appreciate the lack of grocery carts sitting where they don’t fit in until you see a grocery cart every day for almost 4 years in a row.
Snakes and personal responsibility
Aug 16 • 9 min
A few things I will never grow out of, snakes, and why you should own it and when I say own it I MEAN OWN IT!
Why objective and subjective measuring sticks do and don’t exist
Aug 7 • 6 min
Listen to the earlier episode -don’t be subjective about your objective -and then tune into this one for a little more deep digging on other examples of subjectivity and objectivity.
Don’t let your subjective outweigh the objective
Aug 7 • 10 min
Looking into subjectivity and objective measures, perceptions of the facts, and determining which is better, why, and what you can do.
I will never stop wearing….
Jul 31 • 9 min
There are a few things in life I will never stop doing and there are some very specific things that keep me going. Listen out for some strange strategies on loving life and dealing with the stress that is almost ridiculously easy but hard.
Catching up on living- really living
Jul 23 • 5 min
Catching up with everyone on the pst few weeks. Learning so much about what you give your time to and how it plays out in the long run.
Venn your life
Jul 16 • 10 min
Complacency and comfort stunts our growth in an indirect way and we sometimes don’t find it important or even realize it until it gets painful.
What the funk are you doing about your funk???
Jul 2 • 8 min
We all get in that space where we just don’t have the vigor and feel disappointed… we usually are at fault for this but what are we doing about it? Get the funk out of your funk. How I get through mine.
How to dig deep and not give up on yourself
Jun 25 • 9 min
Listen to this if you feel like nobody understands your higher achieving mindset and why you set such high expectations on yourself. It will help you persevere and relate at the same time.
How to get through a funk
Jun 15 • 4 min
Perseverance through the funks
Name your blog …
Jun 12 • 5 min
What is the title of you?
Not responding is a reflection of you and not who your ignoring
Jun 5 • 6 min
The truth is hard to hear and hard to say sometimes. This is a general episode based on my perception and experience of what’s behind people not responding to others.
If it was easy wouldn’t everyone be doing it?
Jun 3 • 7 min
Words of wisdom from… listen!
If you have a good idea stop talking about it and do it!
Jun 1 • 4 min
Stop being selfish with your ideas and put some action behind them. This podcast is all about just doing the damn thing!
How to look great even when you wake up late
May 30 • 10 min
Here are my go to staple pieces I have in my closet at all times to help me pull off a person effortless looks for the office.
Rant… Rant over.
May 29 • 3 min
People if you don’t want to be sold then don’t exploit your sales people
The Earth Mermaid Evolution journey.
May 27 • 10 min
Welcome! If your new to this show, stick with me and we are going to go on a beautiful adventure together. What’s in it for you? I can’t even describe it with the human language. Join us on this journey! These are the days…. we will laugh, scream, and…
The principal of LOVEEEEEE
May 24 • 7 min
I yell at the dog twice for the same thing in this episode … it’s about LOVE y’all
May 23 • 8 min
Fox hole humor, guitar playing, bunny grahams?! Laugh at yourself!
Determined determination
May 22 • 6 min
Principles day three; determination, enjoy!
The power and principal of choice
May 21 • 7 min
How do you choose to re….
Hope is a principal of business
May 20 • 6 min
HOPE - how do you use this principal in business and in life?
How much is a minute of your time worth?
May 15 • 5 min
How do you measure yourself and your time? Mine has dramatically shifted and I’m happy it has… join me of this terrifying journey into the passion I hold within for life and those I love.
Where was I? Starting a business
May 12 • 7 min
He’s golfing, she’s working out, I’m stuffing envelopes!
Fear no love no fear
May 8 • 4 min
See why you can do for others and not for your own satisfaction of ego based on fear CHALLENGE AND CHANGE
Tuesday truths
May 7 • 9 min
Goals and truths for you to vibe high
Florida your great UM UM UM
May 3 • 5 min
CBD enthusiasm is full force in Florida!
Good vibes aren’t the only vibes…
May 1 • 6 min
Another look at these said “vibes” and fear vs. love
The closing table!
Apr 27 • 8 min
The final steps in the closing process and getting to the closing table!
Home-buying process—-appraisal and document behavior
Apr 26 • 8 min
You made it past due diligence and now it’s time for the appraisal! Also, don’t be an anomaly of a buyer on paper….
DUE DILIGENCE and earnest money matters
Apr 25 • 8 min
Two more steps in the process for you all! Home buying is fun!
Homebuying 101- your agent and the offer
Apr 25 • 6 min
Offer like you want it and don’t ….
Entrepreneur in grade school- shoving lotion in peoples faces
Apr 23 • 7 min
How a cool entrepreneurialism fair in elementary school is reading its head in my life today and what I’m going to do about it! When you love something- you love something!
90 day review
Apr 19 • 7 min
Let’s get honest about the purpose behind a 90 day review y’all listen
What are you doing this for and why does it even matter? What is the point of all of it?
Apr 16 • 9 min
Super deep guys- not on purpose but realized it in closing. No Fbombs on this one!
Why Hard Selling is always a bad idea
Apr 11 • 6 min
My take on hard selling and what you can do about it!
Office Politics- SOLD!
Apr 8 • 5 min
Why the books your reading can tell you what’s coming next…
Chakra series- week 1 - root chakra
Apr 2 • 7 min
Ground yourself by exploring the energy that exists in the root chakra. Get connected to your sense of being and explore this modern day synopsis of how I apply the chakra energy centers in my life.
How’s your Front Line?
Apr 1 • 7 min
The importance of a good front line in business, why some may be underperforming, and how wellness can offer substantial potential solutions to unknown problems for bosses and HR professionals.
Manifestation in motion- Monday!
Mar 25 • 6 min
Vibe is high but action is everything! Hope in bad times from others help and shared success when there are good times deliver hope- happy Monday y’all!
Are you really happy with your direction?
Mar 24 • 5 min
Keep your mind open about your path.
Don’t take it personal….
Mar 20 • 5 min
The second of my all time favorite cop out phrases in business…
Positive energy and negative Nancy’s
Mar 16 • 7 min
Recap on a conversation I had with a friend on what type of personality is it hard to open up around? I know exactly what mine is and it may be different than you think!
Things I do that make me feel amazing and why don’t I do them all the time?
Mar 11 • 5 min
Wanted to shed a little light on some things I do that make me feel amazing and when I don’t do them…. I feel it!
Is that why they are …. what?!
Mar 6 • 5 min
Caught off guard by a baby question at a seniors convention…. is that why they are…. listen for more.
Just going about my day when C4 takes over my body and I save myself from jumping out of my skin!
Mar 6 • 6 min
When your be hopping along and then you feel fire. Fire everywhere and you cant make it stop! Here is my experience with C4 pre workout today. Enjoy!
Business and leadership- I feel like Management roles are…..
Mar 1 • 3 min
I can’t with sensitivity and subjective bs!