That Anger Management Crap

That Anger Management Crap
Real help for real anger.

12: The Myth Of Growth
Jun 6 • 8 min
The idea that personal growth is this easy, straight line process. We will all fall back. We will all have a moment we take a step or two back. On this episode, I talk about my big step back last year. Then I offer what that step back has to teach…
Announcement Of Monthly Meeting
May 28 • 3 min
A quick bonus announcement about a new online Group I am starting. We will meet once a month via video chat and just talk all about what we are struggling with and areas you all would like more information.Support That Anger Management Crap
11: We All Have Needs
May 24 • 9 min
It has been a while but I'm back with a new episode. We all need something. We may not always know what that is. Listen this week as I talk about what it means to have needs. I also talk about a change in the show that I am work on. Sit back and enjoy.…
10: Using The Idea Of Non-Self To Help With Anger
Apr 17 • 7 min
I used "The Egg" by Andy Wier to find a new way to see my anger. I love this short story as it is a perfect way to understand the idea of non-self. With this concept applied to our anger management, we see why getting angry or violent with others always…
9: The Seed Of Anger
Apr 10 • 9 min
Anger can seem to come out of nowhere at times. The smallest things can set us off. We struggle to find the answer. What if the answer is that seed of anger that we allow to grow until the smallest thing sets us off.Support That Anger Management Crap
8: Chrissy and I Talk
Apr 3 • 31 min
I talk with a very special guest, my wife. She shares her take on the person I was before we got married. She then talks about how the relationship changed to one of control and abuse for many years. We end with how things are different now and a word of…
7: You Do Have A Choice And You Made It
Mar 27 • 7 min
We all have a choice to make. When our emotions are growing. When a situation seems outside of our comfort zone. We can choose how we will react. We are the one in control of our actions. If we choose to see life and its outcomes as outside of us anger is…
6: Jay Cole Interview
Mar 20 • 23 min
I talk with Jay Cole about his new book.Special Guest: Jason Cole.Support That Anger Management Crap
5: Eww, Emotions, Who Wants To Talk About That?
Mar 13 • 10 min
"Emotions, I don't have no stinking emotions!" Ah but you do! We just keep them buried deep down where we can forget they exist. It saves us from feeling vulnerable. It is time to bring our vast array of emotions to light and allow ourselves to be human.…
4: It’s Your Fault I’m Angry
Mar 6 • 8 min
Is there ever a time when you are not responsible for your anger? When someone pushes your buttons does it then become their fault you got angry? Found out the answers on this episode. Anger is always within our control.Support That Anger Management Crap
3: Aggressive Release Of Anger
Feb 27 • 6 min
TheremanageThere are so many myths out there about how to manage your anger. I tackle one of those myths on this episode. I will explore what physiology says about the aggressive release of anger. Does it really help to vent our anger? Are we doing more…
2: Expectations And Anger
Feb 20 • 6 min
Expectations are something we all have. They can help us push farther. What happens when our expectations don't align with reality? I take a quick look at how unrealistic expectations can lead to anger. (Music is original with thanks to: Produced by Chad…
1: What Is Anger
Feb 13 • 8 min
Welcome to episode number one! Here I will offer a brief intro into who I am. I will also share a definition of anger and some of the cost we can suffer. It is a growing idea so please excuse the rawness of this first episode and I promise to work to…