Reckless Review

Reckless Review
Reckless Review, hosted by Bitcoiners Lawrence Nahum and Udi Wertheimer, is your unapologetic, professionally unprofessional podcast, on the latest and greatest in the Bitcoin community. Get your thinking hats on, because this is going to get technical.

RR7 - Trusting Hardware Wallets With 22M Bitcoins
Jul 30 • 87 min
The boys are back!After a long break and countless fork attempts, Larry and Udi return for a glorious Reckless Review, with Ledger CTO Nicolas Bacca.
RR6 - The McCormack Threesome (feat. Giacomo Zucco)
May 22 • 107 min
The gang is back for an exclusive threesome episode! This time featuring British-Mexican podcaster Pedro McCormack (the journalist previously known as Giacomo Zucco) for an in-depth conversation on the optimal number of Bitcoins, educating and getti…
RR5 - Making Assumptions with James O’Bierne
May 20 • 69 min
We invite James O’Bierne of Chaincode Labs, a Bitcoin Core contributor and a world-renowned DJ, for an intimate three-way interview, to discuss his “assumeutxo” proposal.James on TwitterGithub
RR4 - Don’t Assume My UTXO Set
Apr 22 • 82 min
Lawrence and Udi discuss the morality of delistings, the morality of compact block filters, and the morality of “assumeutxo”. Overall a very morally challenging episode!Some links:”
RR3 - Magical Quantum Machines and the Secrets of UTXOs
Mar 25 • 41 min
Today Larry and Udi discuss P2PK vs P2PKH, and whether the latter really bring to the table the benefits that it promised. There’s also a primer on UTXOs, a discussion on dust attacks, and some thoughts on Replace-by-fee.Some links:
RR2 - Lightning Exchanges, Hardware Wallets and Gambling Your Life Away
Mar 9 • 66 min
The second episode is where things really fall into place. Larry and Udi review current and future hardware wallet solutions, including the new fad of “blockchain phones”. They also discuss Facebook’s ever-rumored stablecoin, ideas for integrating L…
RR1 - Full Nodes, Privacy, and DNA Scams
Mar 2 • 62 min
In the very first Reckless Review, Lawrence and Udi review the state of full nodes solutions for individuals, look at how people are using Lightning, and why people are leaving Coinbase - before going down the rabbit hole into the dangerous world of…