The Katy G Podcast

The Katy G Podcast
Welcome to the Katy G Podcast series with growth, change, and brand guru Katy Goshtasbi. Katy guides you to discover how each of us is great, how we can be greater, and how we can bring our greatness to others.

Great Brands In Action: Interview with Susie Hoffman, DC Bar President
Jul 24 • 29 min
In this podcast episode, listen to Katy’s interview with Susie. Learn from Susie how to turn your passion and purpose into a brand that resonates and creates change in your community and grows your career organically.
Katy G Podcast Episode #4: Building Confidence in Your Employees by Creating Safety in Teams
Jun 24 • 4 min
In this podcast episode, listen to Katy discuss how safety and self-confidence play a big part in having effective teams at work that are productive and support the organization to grow.
10 Minute Law Firm Podcast: Transformational Growth with Katy Goshtasbi
Jun 21 • 15 min
Listen as Katy explains the emotional side of marketing and why it plays such an important role in your personal branding.
Katy G Podcast Episode #3: Judicial Brands in Action; An Interview With Judge Scott Schlegel
May 22 • 19 min
In this podcast episode, listen to Katy interview Judge Scott U. Schlegel, of the 24th Judicial District in New Orleans.
Katy G Podcast Episode #2: Enhance Your Brand as an Artist by Setting the Right Personal Goals
Apr 25 • 5 min
In this podcast episode, listen to Katy discuss the topic and give suggestions for you to learn how to get a good start and figure this out.
Coffee with Katy on Doing Less & Harnessing Change Well in 2019
Mar 29 • 61 min
Is it possible to do less and still thrive? How? Growth comes from being nimble with change. Only through change do you and your career and business grow.If you master a brand that allows you to grow by leveraging change, then you can do les…
Katy G Podcast Episode #1: Finding Self-Worth: Developing Your Brand From the Inside Out
Feb 26 • 5 min
Katy discusses self-worth and how to develop your brand from the inside out.