The Key

The Key
Achieving Peak Performance

The Key to Achieving Elite Level Performance
Aug 19 • 37 min
Most people believe getting to the top of their field is all about doing more than the person next to you. It’s not. Most people focus on too many areas which dilute their effort. Those who achieve elite level performance have a very narrow focus and a…
The Key to Finding the Perfect Coach or Mentor
Aug 12 • 59 min
*Caution: This episode may piss off a few coaches. Sorry. When should you hire a peak performance coach and what should you look for in that coach? The right coach isn’t just an expert in a specific field. There are quite a few qualities you’ll want to…
The Key to Intense Focused Effort
Aug 5 • 36 min
Sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking we’re being productive by working on tasks that aren’t the most important at this moment. We help you discover and stay focused on the “main thing” you need to finish right now.
The Key to Achieving Your Flow State
Jul 30 • 47 min
Discover the simple steps you can take right now to put yourself into a flow state where your effort isn’t noticed and you’re focused on the present task. This is The Key to achieving peak performance for anyone, whether you’re an athlete, entrepreneur,…
The Key to Surviving The Daily Grind
Jul 21 • 44 min
High achievers know success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes dedication & determination, but how do you stay motivated and not lose your drive? Listen to find out The Key to Surviving the Daily Grind
Why Creativity Trumps Competition
Jul 8 • 33 min
When you focus on being better than the others around you, you limit your ultimate potential. However, when you focus on creating the very best version of you can create, you will always exceed your competition and do it almost effortlessly.
It’s Not Too Late for Your Success
Jul 2 • 46 min
As we age or move out of different stages in our life, we can find ourselves overcome with a fear that we’ve missed our best opportunity for success in an area in which we’re very passionate. In this episode, we talk about what drives that fear and how…
ADHD - A Completely Different Perspective
Jun 24 • 42 min
If you’re an adult trying to work through your ADHD or Attention Deficit Disorder, you may think “it’s just the way you are” and your best bet is to take the recommended medication. That’s not always the case. In this episode, we look at the role of…
How to Stop Worrying About What Other People Think
Jun 17 • 47 min
One of the biggest obstacles standing between where you are now and where you want to be is your worry or concern for what other people think about you. When you can overcome your fear of being ridiculed or shamed for doing something out of the ordinary,…
The Root Cause and Recovery From Burnout
Jun 10 • 60 min
Discover the hidden force that drives us to overwork ourselves and ultimately burnout before we reach our biggest goals. If you don’t take the time to figure out what is driving you to overcommit yourself you’ll always fall short of your goals. Getting to…
What It’s Like to Have a Fear of Success
Jun 4 • 47 min
If it seems “something always happens” that keeps you from your biggest goals no matter how hard you try or if it feels like God doesn’t want you to be successful, you may be dealing with a fear of success.
Shift Your State to Overcome Your Blocks to Success
May 27 • 54 min
Blocks to your success come in many forms. From procrastination to overwhelm as well as fear and anxiety, we all struggle overcoming internal blocks to our success. In this episode, you’ll discover methods for overcoming those blocks through a permanent…
The Unseen Force Holding You Back
May 20 • 44 min
Discover and overcome this force and peak performance will flow from you. Success doesn’t have to be a battle, it can truly be a pleasurable journey. But you must know what you’re up against and why it’s there.
Master This and You’ll Be Unstoppable
May 13 • 47 min
This episode will explain why most people struggle to perform at your very highest levels. If you’re struggling to reach your full potential in any endeavor and you keep facing unforeseen setbacks, the topic of this episode is most likely the issue. It’s…
Do You Have a Dirty Why?
May 6 • 49 min
We all know, in order to achieve success, it’s vital to have a “clear why.” But just being CLEAR isn’t enough. You also must have a CLEAN why if you want true satisfaction in your success.
Are Your Decisions Based on Fear or Wisdom
Apr 29 • 46 min
What is it that’s controlling you and the toughest decisions you need to make in your life? In this episode, you’ll discover the critical element that will direct you to the wisest decisions in all areas of your life.
How to Avoid Shaming Others
Apr 1 • 20 min
Shame seems like it should be a natural consequence to our harmful or hurtful actions, but when we impose shame on others, we do more harm than the original action itself.
Overcoming The Shame You Feel in Your Life
Mar 25 • 59 min
Completely Deshame Yourself So You Can Live Free Again
Shame: The Cause of Most of Your Struggles
Mar 18 • 39 min
Ep. 002 - Whether you’re struggling with perfectionism, fear of failure, social anxiety, or any number of performance challenges, there is almost always shame at the core of the issue. Understand how we encounter shame, even by those who love us, and…
Why Secure Attachment is Vital to Your Success
Feb 18 • 38 min
001 - Those who are the healthiest emotionally always have strong secure attachments. When it’s not there, we are insecure, suffer through bad relationships, and seem to never be at our best in business. Learn more about secure attachments and the…
How The Key Podcast Will Dramatically Change Your Life
Feb 18 • 43 min
Understanding why most personal development resources don’t have a lasting impact in your life.