Department of Wizardry

Department of Wizardry
Amature Therapy for Professional Nerds

10: The Undead Episode
Oct 31 • 64 min
Holmes recalls a tale from his work as a barista. Walker is concerned about large stray animals IN THE OFFICE, WHERE PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO WORK. The Trio ruminate on their own experience with existential dread. Poems written about dead people by dead…
9: Culture Happens When I’m Not Here
Jul 12 • 66 min
The Trio discusses their obsessions this week. Holmes likes DM’ing D&D. Mark likes to create things and wishes he could create more. The Trio expound upon the creation process, choosing to create, and not being afraid to put your work out there while also…
8: Mystical! Magical! Modular!
Jun 28 • 77 min
MARK’S CHALLENGE THIS WEEK: WRITE A FIVE PAGE SCRIPT The Trio discusses their exodus from Twitter to the haven that is Discord. Fancy computers are announced and there is celebration and jubilation by all. Mark and Holmes upgrade their phones and Mark’s…
7: Join Our Scooter Gang
May 31 • 47 min
WALKER’S CHALLENGE THIS WEEK: LISTEN TO THE AUDIOBOOK “GOOD OMENS” The Trio went on an adventure to Downtown and ate food prepared by wizards. Afterwards, they rode around they city on electric scooters and relived their childhood.
6: FAANG Is Giving You Cancer
May 10 • 80 min
HOLMES’ CHALLENGE THIS WEEK: CREATE SOMETHING WITH A MEDIUM YOU’VE NEVER TRIED BEFORE Mark is grumpy at social media and himself so he decides to salt the earth; Holmes eggs him on and Walker tries to suggest moderation. Walker was stuck in a hotel for a…
5: Living with a Sword in Your Hand
Apr 26 • 73 min
HOLMES’ CHALLENGE THIS WEEK: DO NOTHING FOR 1 HOUR Walker explains the “benefits” of knocking back a pint of coffee while blasting music. Mark’s hand hurt so he buys a Wacom Tablet to alleviate the pain. Walker loves his Watch. Holmes is world-building…
4: Turning Air into Money
Apr 12 • 71 min
WALKER’S CHALLENGE THIS WEEK: LISTEN TO BACK TO WORK EP 1-10 The Trio try to address Walker’s addiction to stimulants and heavy drinking but he narrowly avoids deeper nuance by discussing theater popcorn and cotton candy profit margins. Walker is a broken…
3: Chekhov’s Garbage Truck
Mar 29 • 42 min
MARK’S CHALLENGE THIS WEEK: WATCH INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS (1978) (Spoilers from 13:41 to 38:10) The Trio buy another toy for their toy because they have have shaky hands, however they lack the upper body strength/endurance to hold a 10lbs gimbal…
2: Compromise Machines
Mar 15 • 48 min
The Trio begins with discussing shirt frockets and our wireless future: Walker is adamant about subscription based monetization strategies; Mark and Holmes hit rock bottom at an Arby’s. New cameras are bought, but they have to buy toys for their toys.…
1: In Media Res World-Building
Mar 1 • 53 min
Sometimes the very best place to start telling the story is to be dropped in the middle rather than building the world from the beginning. Thus begins the Trio’s first therapy sessions, where they discuss what they really want to do with their lives,…