Dad-Preneur Journey of Fatherhood and Entrepreneurs

Dad-Preneur Journey of Fatherhood and Entrepreneurs
Join Eric and Brandon as they discuss their experiences as being Fathers and Entrepreneurs. Both Eric and Brandon are business owners in Tampa, FL, married with 3 kids each. They share an office in Tampa and like many business owners they have goals to…

19 “Keeping the fire lit”
Jul 12 • 35 min
Eric & Brandon discuss this week how to keep the fire lit both professionally and personally. The importance of motivation and having a mentor along with Rule #1.
18 “Independence Day”
Jun 28 • 31 min
Eric & Brandon dedicate this episode to 4th of July and share fun, easy and inexpensive activities to do with the family. While on the topic of inexpensive they share how to bring extra income into the household.
17 “What it takes to be a Superdad!”
Jun 21 • 37 min
Eric & Brandon talk about being a Superdad, what it takes and how to be considered a superdad. Contrary to belief it is easier to accomplish then you think!
16 “Father’s Day Special”
Jun 14 • 35 min
Eric & Brandon talk about the top gifts and activities to do or get a dad. They also talk about how to start getting healthy and a new rule to daddome is revealed.
15 “What Business Owners Need to Know”
Jun 7 • 38 min
Eric & Brandon speak to business owners about their first years in business while dropping valuable tips.
14 “Last Day of School, Ideas for Summer”
May 31 • 34 min
Join Eric & Brandon on today’s episode as they discuss the last day of school here is Hillsborough County and they recorded at Eric’s House. They came up with great ideas for Dad-Preneur’s out there that are easy to arrange to entertain the kids…
13 “How to Handle Situationals”
May 24 • 49 min
Join Eric & Brandon with their special guest “Snipes” on this episode where the opening topic is “How to Handle Situationals”. With a special tribute to the inventor of hamburgers, a new rule to daddome regarding food and self control. Also they…
12 “Questions to ask on a 1st Date!”
May 17 • 44 min
Join Eric and Brandon with their guest Doug as they discuss common questions to ask during a 1st date. They also call a few special guests of the opposite sex to ask what they want to hear. This is truly one of our most unique episodes yet so don’t …
11 “Ghost Stories with Doug”
May 10 • 46 min
Join Eric and Brandon with their guest Doug Tomlinson as they discuss Paranormal Investigations. Doug is a trained paranormal investigator and will be building a team that Eric and Brandon will be on for a investigation. Stay tuned for their Faceboo…
10 “Top 10 Super Heros”
May 3 • 41 min
Join Eric & Brandon this week as they discuss Super Heros. With The Avengers Endgame being released recently they discussed the Marvel movies and the history of all Super Hero Characters. They also released their new segment called the DS Report…