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The PG Podcast
Helping parents keep their kids safe in a technology-driven world.

Digital Estate Planning - What Happens To Your Social Media Accounts When You Die?
Sep 18 • 14 min
Digital Estate Planning: Attorney Thomas Heekin discusses how to allow your kids (or other friends or family members) to inherit your social media accounts, online photo albums and other digital assets when you die.
eSports are booming, but at what cost to kids?
Jul 26 • 43 min
eSports are booming, but what are the dangers for kids, and how can parents protect their kids from these new threats?
Using Apple Screen Time to limit time and control content for parents and kids on iPhones and iPads.
Jun 2 • 53 min
How to use Apple Screen Time to limit screen time and control content for parents and kids on iPhones and iPads.
Are Free Kids’ Mobile Apps a Privacy Risk? - Josh Harris, Rubica
May 17 • 43 min
Are free kids’ mobile apps a privacy risk? Josh Harris (Rubica) talks about privacy risks in Sonic Dash, Fruit Ninja, Roblox, Angry Birds, and other free mobile apps for kids..
Regine Bonneau: Tech tips for parents and warning signs for cyberbullying
May 7 • 34 min
Cybersecurity expert Regine Bonneau talks with me about the biggest cyber-threats to kids, warning signs for detecting cyberbullying, and why “Don’t speak to strangers” remains good advice, even in this technology-driven age of computers and social media.
Nick Herbert (RespondASAP) helps parents with kids that don’t respond to texts or calls.
Mar 31 • 38 min
In this episode, I talk with Nick Herbert about his app, RespondASAP, which was designed to help parents that have kids (or other family members) that don’t respond to their text messages or calls..
Introduction to The PG Podcast
Feb 27 • 9 min
This episode includes information about me and the purpose of the PG Podcast.