Design the Sale

Design the Sale
Success in complex B2B sales isn’t an accident — it’s by design.

“People want to buy from people in their neighborhood”: Ian Markowitz (The Grommet)
Mar 25 • 33 min
Building a two-sided marketplace is one of the toughest jobs out there. Ian Markowitz and the rest of the sales team at The Grommet has managed to pull it off by building deep relationships with both the buyer and seller sides of the aisle. On this…
“These people know a lot about pillows”: JH Forster and Erin May (
Mar 18 • 34 min
John-Henry Forster and Erin May join us from to talk about the role of customer interviews in designing a great sales process. John-Henry reveals his top online pillow company as we discuss how sales can trust product, product can trust…
“Put your face in front of your customer’s face”: Networking and knowing your customer with Nicolas Warren
Mar 11 • 36 min
Over his career, Nic Warren has sold software, services, investments, and… chocolate. He joins us to explain how the real value of “networking” isn’t about collecting business cards; it’s about building trust, and getting to know your customer on a…
“We’re gonna sell our way right to the apocalypse”: AI in the sales process with Adam Honig (
Mar 4 • 29 min
Adam Honig from Spiro joins us to talk about AI, CRM, and Scarlett Johansson. We discuss how sales organizations are adapting to the emerging trend of using artificial intelligence to support the sales process, how Spiro is trying to replace the classic…
“Put it in Jira please”: B2B selling in a fast-moving startup with Ryan Fennerty (General Assembly)
Feb 25 • 61 min
Ryan Fennerty from General Assembly joins us to talk about selling to the enterprise when your own offerings are evolving quickly. We discuss how can the sales team can keep up, how they can evolve their sales process itself by learning and iterating from…
Introducing Design the Sale
Feb 20 • 1 min
In the design world, when we don’t understand something, we talk to people, we observe their behaviors, and we create prototypes to test their reactions. What if we could bring the same approach to designing a sales process? What if we could use design…