The Digression Podcast

The Digression Podcast
Military history and folklore served with a lot of digression.

23. I Wanna Believe
May 15 • 39 min
The Pentagon “officially” releases three videos of UFOs encountered by US Navy F/A-18 pilots. Although these videos have been in the wild for years, the Department of Defense was always tight-lipped about the whole affair. Not surprising, really….
22. Still Talking ‘Bout the ‘Rona
May 1 • 87 min
The “I can’t believe we’re still talking about the damn virus” episode where we discuss: The jump in COVID cases in the military and growing recoveries; The “Fired-up Chief” is on the mend; Vets are dying; New military travel exemptions…
21. Cheers!
Apr 17 • 96 min
Are you sick of 24/7 coronavirus? We sure are! So, join us for HAPPY HOUR where we explore these topics and more: Corona slushies; Leadership offsites; The family doesn’t listen; Beer civilized man; Drunk around the world; The best thing about the…
20. Minicast Q&A
Apr 6 • 36 min
Since we have a little time on our hands thanks to COVID-19, we’re putting out this extra “minicast” for folks who find themselves with a little extra time for podcasts. In this episode: We salute you, NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio; Why are The Angry Cops…
19. Going Viral
Mar 31 • 94 min
Space Force completes its first mission; No movement for the military; North Korea wants help with coronavirus cases it doesn’t have; Military COVID19 cases top civilian; The Air Force opens a new boot camp; Pentagon publishes pandemic guidance for…
18. “I Was A Soldier”
Mar 20 • 53 min
The fateful day that changed the course of Sergeant Major Charles Morris’ life was June 29, 1966. On a search-and-destroy mission in Xuan Loc, South Vietnam, he came within 20-feet of a Viet Cong machine gunner and was shot in the chest. He…
17. Accommodation Medals
Mar 6 • 73 min
IN THE NEWS: Last seaman laid to rest in USS Arizona; Astronaut reenlists 800 soldiers; Air National Guard wants some Space Force action; Drone pilots get a medal; Good-bye South Korea curfew—for now; Revealing DNA tests; Pentagon sets rules for Skynet;…
16. Knuckleheads
Feb 21 • 97 min
Internet porn hits home; Basic training and intro to military discipline; M16 necklace; Marching and airplane-watching; Gun-wielding drunk-driver on base; The EEO freeze; Busted, promoted, then busted again; The man with $200 in his pocket; Honey? Did you…
15. Coffee with Stealth
Feb 7 • 79 min
IN THE NEWS: Chris plots the demise of a mouse; We have a Space Force and Space Command—now what?; The Air Force F-35 can’t shoot straight; The Army flips desert survival by sucking water out of the air; Air Force F-15’s are shedding their stealth; A…
14. Incentives with MSgt Kyle Green
Jan 24 • 81 min
In the business world, promotions and raises are important motivators, but in the military, rank and pay go hand-in-hand. Since military supervisors don’t have a direct influence on employee promotions or compensation, incentivizing these team members…
13. Did You See A Plane Crash?
Jan 10 • 41 min
The back-and-forth that inspired the show. Chris takes a winter vacation to Florida where he and Jody do some boating on the St Johns River; search for a crashed airplane; compare car-crash stories; debate irritating Prius drivers; intubate a stunt man…
12. Giant Voice
Dec 27, 2019 • 36 min
This is the story of Chris, who takes a job hauling a mobile long-range acoustic device from Florida to San Diego which results in a spiraling digression into the hilarious deficiencies of the giant voice system at Kunsan AB, Republic of Korea, with a few…
11. Bringing Out The Dead
Nov 29, 2019 • 58 min
What happens to the bodies after a battle? This is an aspect of military life that often goes unnoticed because we’re more focused on the living. Still, we can’t just ignore those killed on the battlefield. And thanks to the Grave Registration Service…
10. Haunted Military
Oct 27, 2019 • 50 min
Our military serves to project power around the globe and those who serve are often subject to extreme violence. Who knows how stress coupled with the violent nature of military work affects a soul stripped from its earthly vessel? Is the retention of a…
9. Pits: The Last Full Measure
Sep 29, 2019 • 49 min
Everyday folks probably aren’t too familiar with Bill “Pits” Pitsenbarger, but now, tens of listeners of this podcast will know him and the heroic act that earned him the Air Force Cross and eventually, after a push from some old Viet Nam vets, the Medal…
8. Recovering the Kee Bird
Aug 25, 2019 • 55 min
In 1947, a US Army Air Forces B-29, dubbed the Kee Bird, crash-landed on a frozen lake in Northern Greenland. The crew was rescued, but the Air Force abandoned the aircraft and struck it from its inventory. And there it remained, untouched, for 47 years…
7. Apollo 11 at T+50-Years
Jul 19, 2019 • 68 min
The Digression Podcast Guys were 6 and 2 when Neil Armstrong stepped down from the ladder of the Lunar Module, “Eagle”, onto the surface of the moon. Still, it’s great to be alive now to remember the day when the underdog United States came from behind to…
6. Darwin Awards
Jun 29, 2019 • 65 min
In this podcast, we share some personal stories and lessons learned from the Darwin Award-worthy antics we observed throughout our military careers. Things like, benzocaine burns your eye; never park in front of a loaded F-16; jet intakes suck…A LOT; the…
5. D-Day + 75-Years
Jun 5, 2019 • 29 min
In this podcast “Extra”, Chris and Jody discuss some key events that taken collectively ensured the Allies success on D-Day, and ultimately saved lives.
May 28, 2019 • 66 min
The Digression Podcast Guys talk about their experiences with the Inspector General. In sharing their IG insights, they find an F-4 in the ceiling, look for the “War Wagon”, learn why the amnesty box is never a good idea, dig into jet skies on the flight…
3. The Maco Light and Other Ghost Stories
Apr 27, 2019 • 44 min
A hundred years and a thousand storytellers have blurred the legend of the Maco Light and we’re not going to make it any clearer. Joe Baldwin was a brakeman and was traveling in the caboose of an Atlantic Coast Line train through the little town of Maco,…
2. UFOs Over Rendlesham Forest
Mar 17, 2019 • 46 min
In this episode, we examine a series of events that has come to be known as the “British Roswell”. So, join us as we unearth the truth behind the UFO invasion, the military coverup, the mysterious lighthouse, and rabbit scratchings.
1. The Hard Stand Monster of Alconbury
Feb 23, 2019 • 37 min
Is it a man or just a cruel joke played by the universe as a testament to man’s baser instincts? Hell, we don’t know. What we do know is that the only accounts of sightings of or encounters with the Hard Stand Monster are second-hand because EVERYONE who…
Show Trailer
Feb 22, 2019 • 2 min
Two old vets talk military history and folklore. Telling “war stories” from the unique perspective of an insider, their discussions are humorous, irreverent, and as Patton would say, colored with the “language of the barracks”. Take a break from all the…