Jesse Miles Podcast

Jesse Miles Podcast
It’s life, art, food, and Wu-Tang, as an artist from Vermont tries to figure out how to make a podcast. If you like watching car crashes in slow motion, JMP might be right for you. Support this podcast:

013. We’re all just weird looking and it’s pretty hot
Oct 8 • 56 min
In this Episode of JMP, Jesse from the future shows up to guide you through one of our most confusing episodes ever, we’ll also introduce a new segment, and you’ll get to hear 3 versions of Jesse talk about butts. —- Support this podcast:…
012. Just because you have a guitar, doesn’t mean you have to play it
Aug 31 • 67 min
In episode 12, Jesse reports late breaking news, eats ice cream while hastily reviewing 23 Wu-Tang albums, and drops more sick rhymes. —- Support this podcast:
011. Hot As Balls Edition
Jul 20 • 55 min
In episode 11, Jesse records in 95 degree heat and complains the whole time —- Support this podcast:
010. I should start like…planning these
Jun 18 • 62 min
In Episode 10 of JMP, Jesse gets up early and looks down on others for not doing so, because this is America. —- Support this podcast:
009. Eating a Lot of Food and Watching a Lot of Porn
May 24 • 35 min
In Episode 9 of JMP, Jesse shares big news that you’ve probably heard, compares doughnuts to butt holes, and gets all introspective and shit. —- Support this podcast:
008. I Don’t Know Most Things
May 3 • 52 min
In this episode of JMP, Jesse coincidentally gets his first guest, reads through his running list of complaints, and goes back to his roots by shitting on more motivational quotes. —- Support this podcast:
007. There’s No Dog, There’s No Studio
Apr 19 • 48 min
Join Jesse as he gets interrupted over and over while he talks about onions for too long and wrestles with his feelings about Post Malone and gun control. —- Support this podcast:
006. No One Ever Knows What’s Going On
Apr 5 • 41 min
In episode 6 of JMP, Jesse shits on motivational quotes, ponders whether or not anyone really likes Mardi Gras in Burlington, and asks the age old question, “is it just me, or is everyone terrible?” —- Support this podcast:…
005. We Got a Lot and We Have Nothing
Mar 28 • 48 min
In episode 5, Jesse complains about the flaky people of the art world, talks about the joys of coarse salt, and considers quitting his job. —- Support this podcast:
004. Everything is Terrible and Amazing
Mar 14 • 65 min
In this episode of JMP, Jesse complains about old white men, tries to work through his white guilt to justify making amateur hip hop music, and answers listener questions that he made up himself. —- Support this podcast:…
003. Hip Hop in a Box
Mar 1 • 41 min
On episode 3 of JMC, Jesse complains about his job, discusses hip hop with himself, raps a little, and makes empty promises. —- Support this podcast:
002. Still in a Box
Feb 22 • 57 min
Join Jesse yet again as he records at work, talking about his career path, Wu-Tang, broccoli, and continues to try to figure out what this podcast is about. —- Support this podcast:
001. Recording Live from a Box
Feb 14 • 45 min
This is the first episode of Jesse Miles Podcast. Recorded as Jesse works his day job in a parking garage booth. Jesse talks about the things he loves, the things he hates, and what’s to come in future episodes. —- Support this podcast:…